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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Yakitate Japan 51

One of Pierrot's servants show him a painting of his mother, Queen Maetel Leonhart who died soon after giving birth to him 23 years ago. Pierrot notices a book in the painting which the servant said it was her favorite book which was Night on the Galactic Railroad by Miyazawa Kenji. She loved it so much that she was reading it in the original language and wanted to read it to Pierrot. The third match of the finals begins with an introduction from Pierrot who's floating in midair. Shadow shows his superhuman kneading speed which Kanmui realizes that he's making a bagal. Azuma adds some cannabis milk into his dough while Pierrot gives some free adversting to Shimokitazawa Asa which serves cannabis milk. Shadow had his dough covered in some type of rice that Pierrot didn't know what it was which Kuro-yan mocked him for it. Pierrot got angry at Kuro-yan for that and made him explain it. The rice is called metzuru which is sticky and comes from Sakata in the Yamagata prefecture but the people were clueless about it. Also, it's only grown in Sakata because it requires special conditions which only the soil in Sakata can provide. Pierrot brings up that Shadow is supposed to make a bread that expresses his homeland which metzuru isn't an American ingredient but Shadow shows Pierrot an American ingredient called Rice Dream. It's a health drink popular in America (maybe in Yakitate America but not real America). Shadow explains that America is a country of immigrants which doesn't have a long history to fall back on. The bagel does have origins in New York which Pierrot accepts Shadow's bread for the competition. Azuma adds some powder to his dough while Shadow throws his bagel in a pot of boiling tea which is the legendary British tea called Quality Season and considered to be the best in the world. Monica was amazed that Shadow could talk in his own voice while Spencer thought she meant about the tea. Shadow deep-fried his bagel to bring out the flavor of the metzuru. He finished his bagel while Azuma is still baking his bread. Kawachi knows that Shadow's bagel will produced an incredible reaction while Shadow has Pierrot tasted his bread.

Pierrot takes a bite of Shadow's Gopan bagel which he is a kid and mets a Kid lookalike named Campanella who takes him to the train. Campanella recites a page from the Night on the Galactic Railroad while mentioning that isn't the world of 999 but the conductor from 999 shows up. They arrived at Cossack which Maetal is waiting for Pierrot. Pierrot sees many faces of Maetal while in the real world, Pierrot is motionless to everyone. He tells his story to his mother which he had to repeat it since they are 50,000 Maetals or Goman Maetals. Pierrot really likes Shadow's Gopan Bagel which he gives a perfect score. Kawachi wanted to go to Spain but the Manager tells him to stay as Azuma is making his doughnut. Kirisaki calls Yuniko which he tells her to start the plan sooner even though she doesn't understand why though. Azuma deep-fries his doughnut after baking it which is more delicious than the other way around. Azuma is deep-frying it in cannabis oil mixed with sesame to get something healthy. Pierrot thought Azuma's bread was finished but he needs to bake it again which Kirisaki feared. Azuma applied cannabis flour to the doughnut in order to caramelize the doughnut. Caramelization is baking sugar to get a more delicious flavor and fragrance to it. Kanmuri thinks that Shadow's bread is still better because of the ingredients but the Manager tells him that taste doesn't just come from the ingredients. Azuma finishes with his bread and has Pierrot about to taste it.

The episode showed the power of Shadow's Gopan bagel had on Pierrot as he was sent to Cossack to see 50,000 Maetals. There are some changes and removals in this episode from the original manga version (Vol.14 chap. 117-120p111). The first scene with Pierrot seeing a portrait of his mother didn't happened just before Pierrot ate the Gopan. There was a scene where Kinoshita gets into some trouble with the crowd at the match along Azuma and Kawachi having a talk before the match which Kawachi notices that Azuma's hands were oily (I'll explain that in a little bit). Kawachi was more vocal about Shadow's ingredients throughout the match as they weren't American. The reaction was changed because of the copyrights of Galaxy Express 999. Maetal really looked like her counterpart from 999 along with Pierrot's appearance who matches the main character of 999. Also the Gopan was used as a ticket for the train which goes to Planet Maetal. There was a comment that Kanmuri said to Kawachi that Azuma stay quiet during his match which would have been funny. Kawachi realizes Azuma's oily hands came from the cannabis oil that he made at the palace. If you're wondering why I had a page number after 120, that's because the chapter continues with the next episode which I'm not going into detail because it's just something you have to watch.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

School Rumble OVA 1

The episode basically consisted of five short side stories at various points of the series. The first one consisted of a student named Yoshidayama who wanted to rule high school as a bully after experiencing three years of misery in middle school but he ended up in the same high school has Harima in it. The second story involved how Yamiko and Sarah became friends as Sarah saved Yamiko from a rabid dog while protecting Iori the cat. The third story involves Tenma's attempts to sit next to Karasuma during seat changing day along with Harima's own attempts to sit with Tenma. The next one is a little bit odd as it involves Yamiko again as she encounters a spirit after art class one day. The final story occurs after the camping trip which the girls and the guys went to a hot springs. The ending credits have Kamasuma and Tenma on a train via Galaxy Express 999 along with a short between them. Basically, the animation for this OVA is done very well and had some funny moments especially during the hot springs moments. I probably do a more typical entry on the second episode as it might be interesting as the cast in cave gear. Also, I heard there might a second season of School Rumble. So there might be a true ending after all.

400th Post and Best of 2005

I guess I should join the bandwagon with every other blogger but I timed it with my 400th post. Unlike some other bloggers, the series mentioned here will be only limited to series that started in 2005 not in 2004 where it ended in 2005. With that out of the way, let's begin with the awards.

Worst Series of 2005: Amaenaide Yo!
Runner Up: Eureka Seven

Best OP of 2005: Sakasama no Chou by SNoW (Jigoku Shoujo)
Runner Up: Daia no Hana by Yoriko (Black Cat)

Best ED of 2005: Wild Eyes by Mizuki Nana (Basilisk)
Runner Up: Yoake Umarekuru Shoujo by Takahashi Youko (Shakugan no Shana), Broken Wings by Tomoko Tane (Trinity Blood)

Best Action Series of 2005: The Law of Ueki
Runner Up: Gun X Sword

Best Comedy Series of 2005: Pani Poni Dash
Runner Up: Ultimate Girls

Best Romance Series of 2005: Suzuka
Runner Up: Shuffle

Best Sci-Fi Series of 2005: Sousei no Aquarion
Runner Up: Starship Operators, Noein

Best Drama Series of 2005: Air TV
Runner Up: None

Best Sequel Series of 2005: Full Metal Panic: The Second Raid
Runner Up: Rozen Maiden Traumend, Mai Otome

Best Remake Series of 2005: Glass Mask
Runner Up: Ah! My Goddess

Best Original Series of 2005: Jigoku Shoujo
Runner Up: Mushishi

Best Female Character of 2005: Mori Ai (The Law of Ueki)
Runner Up: Cisqua (Erementar Gerad)

Best Male Character 0f 2005: Ueki Kousuke (The Law of Ueki)
Runner Up: Abel Nightroad (Trinity Blood)

Best Overall Series of 2005: Tsubasa Chronicle
Runner Up: Futakoi Alternative, Paradise Kiss, Honey and Clover

That is the best and (worst) of 2005. Let's see what 2006 will bring in the world of anime.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The Law of Ueki 32

God, his assistant, and a random girl are watching the battle which God is enjoying Pekol and Ueki being chased by the fruits. They managed to hide but Pekol took some picture of a worm in an apple which attracted the attention of the fruits. Pekol uses his power to change pictures into sculptures which he placed the worm sculptures on the fruits to make them run away. Ueki ask Pekol why he's on Gurano's team which he said that he was weak. There's a flashback of Pekol's friend, Mepple was getting beat up by a couple of kids while he was hiding by a building scared. Pekol tries to help Mepple which he tells him that he's not his friend as he doesn't understand anything. Soon after, he met Gurano which he told him that he can be strong by joining him. Gurano's helicopter with Mori showed up which Gurano made his appearance to Ueki. Pekol tries to stand up to Gurano as he doesn't want to help Gurano anymore but Gurano forces Pekol to help with talk about he's weak and all. Pekol uses his power to make Gurano a sculpture which Gurano uses his power to make it real which is a giant robot. Ueki tries to summon his own robot called Mazin X but he doesn't have a robot and gets punched by Mori for it. He can control it with his Level 2 ability but he can carry so many sculptures but with Pekol, he's very powerful. Gurano fires his Proton Cannon at Ueki which he managed to divert the shot with Kurogane towards a mountain which completely destroys it. Ueki uses Raika to get behind the robot but the cannon can move behind the robot as well. Ueki continues to run circles around the robot but the robot's foot hits Ueki into a tree. Pekol thinks that Ueki has to give up now from Gunano's strength but Ueki won't give up at all.

Ueki uses the Wave Flower and Ranma to make the robot fall down. Then he uses Kurogane and Ressen to destroy both arms of the robot. Ueki mentions that he was afraid of Gurano's power but he won't lose to his fear and surrender as he wants to save Kobasen. Gurano makes Pekol to use his power again to make a more powerful robot. Ueki tries to get behind of the robot again but this time, Gurano gets him with the foot. Then he uses Wave Flower and Ressen to knock down the robot but it was no use. Ueki continues to attack even though his attacks weren't working at all which gave Pekol time to realize the meaning of Mepple and Ueki's words. Pekol attacks Gurano while saying that Ueki was strong because he decided to be strong from the bottom of his heart. He realized that he can't lose to his fear and didn't matter if you get beat up as along you tried. Gurano throws Pekol out of the robot which Ueki saves him with Raika. Gurano tries to use the Proton Cannon on Ueki which he use Ressen as a jump platform and got behind of the platform. Gurano tries to shoot Ueki by rotating the cannon but Ueki put two limbs into the holes so he couldn't rotate it to the back. Gurano blows himself with the cannon but he's still kicking as he uses his power to make a Ueki clone. He tries to use the Ueki clone to defeat Ueki but his justice is so strong that Gurano couldn't control the clone and they both defeat Gurano with a double Kurogane. With Gurano defeated, they got the location of the treasure which they managed to find and achieve victory with. The treasure contained pictures of God which they think that it isn't a treasure. Meanwhile, Hirou has decided to make sure that Ueki doesn't go on to the next round.

This episode ends Ueki's battle against the Gurano team as Ueki defeats Gurano. The next episode has Ueki and the others facing off against the Marylin Team who beat the Caption team very easily along with Rihou who challenges Ueki to a battle. Maybe we get to see Rihou's true power as he didn't use it when they fought the first time.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Bleach 62

Aizen blocks Komamura's attack with one hand as Komamura would not forgive him or Tousen for what they have done. The scene goes to a flashback when Komamura and Tousen first met and then when they met again when they were a part of the 5th Squad when Aizen was a vice-captain at the time. Komamura tells Tousen that he became a Death god because it was to repay a debt who saved his life but the scene cuts off when Tousen was about to explain his reason. Komamuru continues to attack Aizen and asks Tousen why he joined with Aizen but gets no answer from him. He tries to summon his bankai but Aizen surprises him with a 90 level Way of Destruction spell which manages to defeat him easily. Aizen says that he didn't even get a third of the destructive power of the spell. Before Aizen could continue his story, Orihime and the others arrived but they couldn't move because of Gin's spirit force. Aizen explains that he killed the Gotei 46 after hearing about Rukia's location. Then he use his complete hypnosis ability on the office so he could make it appear that they continue with the meetings and such. At least Gin, Tousen, or Aizen was in the Office at all times. He had Byakuya and Renji on the apprehension team to make sure that Rukia was arrested. He ordered the destruction of the faux body so he can cut off contact with the humans and ordered the execution via Soukyoku to evaporate the soul. The only times they weren't in the Office was during captain's meetings which Aizen soon faked his death in order to be in the Office all the time along with searching another way to get the Hougyoku if the execution failed. There are two ways to remove an object from a person's soul: the first way was evaporating the soul via an ultra high-temperature destructive force like the Soukyoku and the second way is going directly into the soul structure and removing it by force. Since the first method failed, he found out the second method through Urahara's research notes and got the technology to remove the Hougyoku which he uses on Rukia. After getting the Hougyoku, he decides to allow Gin to kill Rukia but Byakuya saves Rukia even though he gets stabbed by Gin's attack. Aizen was about to finish the job when Jidanbou with Kuukaku showed up as she used Way of Destruction 63 on Aizen. Then Yoruichi and Sui Fong stopped Aizen from drawing his sword.

Gin tries to help Aizen but Matsumoto manages to stop Gin from doing anything. The other captains and vice captians showed up thinking that they managed to capture Aizen, Gin, and Tousen but they got backup from the Menos Grandes. The Menos transported Gin, Tousen, and Aizen out of Soul Society as the others can't penerate the light surrounding them called Negacion. Komamura wonders why Tousen became a Death god as he thought he has betrayed his dead friend and justice but Tousen tells him that he's always had his justice as he's following the road with the least bloodshed. Utitake asks Aizen why he did the things that he did as he mentions that there's no one standing in Heaven as he's going to claim the Throne of Heaven. He slicks his hair back and destroys his glasses before he disappeared with Gin, Tousen, and the Menos. The 4th Squad is focusing on healing the various people who were injured by the chaos while Orihime heals Ichigo to health. Unohana shows up and tells the others that Hitsugaya and Hinamori are ok at the moment and tends to Byakuya's injuries. Byakuya tells Rukia that his wife died 50 years ago which Rukia told him the reason why she became a member of the clan but Byakuya tells her the real reason as his wife, Hisana was actually Rukia's older sister. When Hisana died in the living world, she was connected to Rukia who was a baby in Inuzuri but she abandoned her since she couldn't take care of her. After Hisana married Byakuya, she regretted abandoning Rukia and tried to find her but she died before finding her. She asked Byukaya to find Rukia and can't tell her that she's her sister as her final wish. He found Rukia a year after Hisana's death which the members of the house didn't want Rukia into the house as she's a commoner just like Hisana. When he had Rukia and Hisana admitted into the house, he broke his promise to his dead parents about he wouldn't break the rules anymore. He was conflicted on which promises to uphold when Rukia was going to executed. He thanks Ichigo for helping to decide to protect Rukia which apologized for his actions.

This episode has Aizen showing his alliance with the Hollows as they helped him and the others escaped. It also showed Byakuya's human side as he saved Rukia from Gin and explaining his actions to her as he cared for her older sister who was a commoner. Bleach is taking a break until Jan. 10th when it comes back with a hour long special which will wrap up the Soul Society arc which episode 65 will either start a whole new filler arc or the continuing with the manga storyline.

Canvas Two 12

Elis asks Hiroki what he wants for dinner which he says that he wants some meat so she suggests sukiyaki. She decided to clean the house which she has problems with the vacuum and goes out shopping for food. She comes back and forgot to get the meat and wanted to go back but Hiroki decides to get it instead as he wants her to prepare the rice. While being seperated, they both say that they are tired. After dinner, the phone rings and Hiroki answers the phone. It was Shouko who's Hiroki's cousin from his father's side. She wanted them to babysit her kid, Haruna who's five years old for Saturday as she has to go to a friend's wedding and her husband was out of town. They hoped that Haruna will be able to break the awkward mood between them. Shouko came to Hiroki's place with Haruna who wanted to read by herself. Hiroki didn't mind that Haruna was reading alone since it would make his job much easier. Then he ate some Zashiki Warashi that Shouko brought with her which she told him that her parents were worried about his career path. Elis tries to get Haruna to go somewhere special which Hiroki didn't want her to do that. Haruna want to go to the keep of Suttamundajampu Castle which is from Gandhara's Magic Staff. Elis remembers reading this book which she made Hiroki read it to her when she was a kid. Haruna made Elis and Hiroki play along as she's Princess Gandhara, Elis's Chao, and Hiroki is Brahman. They begin their quest with the sunset ritual which is the ritual to save Gandhara's imprisoned soul. Their first task is going to the Eastern Forest (the park) and steal the spell that the witch is saying (a couple of mothers were the witches). Elis and Hiroki went behind them which they noticed and were quite embarrassed by it. Their next task is to find the egg of the lamenting gold bird. Hiroki didn't want to do seven challenges and wanted to do three instead.

In order to the golden egg, they went to the arcade and played the Gachagacha machine. Haruna wanted to keep playing the machine until she gets a yellow egg but Hiroki didn't want to spend the money until she gets a yellow egg because the contents of the same. Then he remembers the time that Elis did the exact same thing that Haruna was doing now. Haruna manages to get a yellow egg. Hiroki was going to the book to figure out the next task which both Haruna and Elis says it at the same time which was to project your face onto the blue water and smile three times. So they go to a restrauant and do it there which Hiroki got coffee while Elis and Haruna got water drinks. They made Hiroki climbed a light post and do a karate chop on the Southern Cross. He karate chops the post which it was timed perfectly with the turning on of the lights. Then they stepped on the white parts of the crosswalk pretending it's a hanging bridge. Hiroki pretends that he's falling off the bridge which Haruna and Elis ignore him. The last challenge was to climb a hill which Hiroki carried Haruna to the top of the hill as she was tired. He was reminded of the time when Elis did this with him. They woke up Haruna to see the city which they released the princess's imprisoned soul which revealed the full moon. Then Haruna wanted Elis and Hiroki to kiss each other but Hiroki had other plans as picked up Haruna and they both kissed her on the cheeks. The next day, Shouko picked up Haruna which Elis said that babysitting her was fun. After Shouko and Haruna left, Elis tells Hiroki that she's sorry about making him worried recently.

Nothing major happened in this episode as Elis and Hiroki had an uneventful day babysitting Haruna. I was surprised that they didn't have any of other characters showing up. This was probably the first episode just to have Elis and Hiroki as the only main characters for the entire episode. I guess this episode was to have a calm before the storm as the next episode will be focusing on Kiri and Hiroki's past relationship.

Bleach 61

Renji is having a hard time believing that Aizen is alive and that he wants him to hand Rukia to him. Meanwhile, Unohana tells Inane to contact everyone about Aizen while she heals Hitsugaya and Hinamori. Ichigo doesn't believe it's true until Ishida's mentions the presence of Rukia at the hill. Aizen decides to take Rukia by force but Renji defends against his attacks as he asked why he kill Hinamori. He wanted Hinamori to die since he realized that she couldn't live without him but he couldn't kill her himself. He tried to have her killed by either Kira or Hitsugaya but in the end, he had to kill her himself. Aizen tells Renji that the Aizen that he knew never existed in the first place. Renji attacks Aizen with his shikai which he was able to stop very easily with one hand. Aizen tells Renji that he was certain that he could use Kira, Hinamori, and Renji in his plans which he had them joined the 5th squad once they graduated from the academy. He realized that Renji would be the most troublesome and transfer him to another squad and had Kira and Hinamori as their vice-captains. Aizen was about to kill Renji when Ichigo blocked Aizen's sword with his bankai.

Renji tried to apologize to Ichigo for unable to protect Rukia but they ended up getting into an argument while Rukia punched Renji for almost suffocating her. They both realized that they can't run away from them and decided to fight them. Renji uses Higa Zekkou which allows him to control the seperate pieces of his sword to distract Aizen while Ichigo attacks him. Ichigo's attack was blocked by Aizen's finger and got stabbed. Then Aizen slashes at Renji and goes down. Rukia could not run away from Aizen as his spirit force made her unable to move. Aizen tells Ichigo that he knew that he and the others would come from West Rukongai which he had Gin covering that part. He wanted them to use the cannon to get into the Court so he could divert everyone's attention to them while Aizen's "death" didn't raised much suspicion. Ichigo asked how he knew that they would end up in West Rukongai which Aizen thought it was an odd question to ask. He tells him that West Rukongai is Urahara's power base which the Senkai Gate he created ends up at West Rukongai. Aizen thought they came to get Rukia under Urahara's orders but that wasn't the case so he explained the reason for his actions. He mentions the four techinques of combat in Soul Society: cutting techniques, barehanded attacks, step methods, and demon magic but there's a limit to them by the wall of soul power from being a Death god. So Aizen wondered if there was a way to break that barrier which was a Hollowization of a Death god or a Death Godification of a Hollow. Aizen tried various experiments with Death Godifications of Hollows like ones with the ability to conceal their spirit force, the ability to destroy a soul slayer, or the ability to possess a Death god. Aizen was disappointed in those results but Urahara did find the way which he created the Hougyoku which has the ability to erase the line between Hollow and Death god. Urahara realized the danger of the Hougyoku and tried to destroy but could not. Instead, he decided to hide it by putting a protective barrier around it and buried it deep inside of a soul. The hiding place of the Hougyoku is Rukia herself which he realized after she gone missing in the living world. Then he mentions about a spirit substance that no spirit particles which Urahara used for a faux body in order to make it impossible to track and thus was exiled from Soul Society but that's wasn't the only reason. That faux body eats up the spirit power of a Death god inside it to the point which they couldn't recover its power and make them human. A few months later, he heard that Rukia was seen in the living world and went to the Gotei 46 but before he could continue with his speech, Komamura shows up and attacks Aizen.

Aizen's grand plan was mostly revealed as he wanted more power than he already has. He setup the entire series of events in order to get the Hougyoku inside of Rukia. I really loved those plans where everything was setup by him to achieve his ultimate goal. It's not good for the good guys as Ichigo and Renji were defeated very easily by Aizen. Before I go on to the next episode, it's coming close to the end of the Soul Society. The next arc is not even being close to be complete in the manga. So in the next few episodes, the anime will go in two possible directions: the first will be continuing on with the manga storyline and having a completely different ending to the manga or have a filler arc in order for the manga to create a gap for the anime and once the filler arc ends, it will continue the manga storyline. The next episode will have Aizen continuing with his plans along with the aftermath of Aizen's appearance had on everyone.