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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Bleach 59

Orihime and the others managed to climb the stairs to a forest that contains the Soukyoku on the other side. They could detect Ichigo's spirit force but not Rukia as they thought she might have died. Yachiru tells them that Rukia is still alive as Ishida thinks that Ichigo is still fighting to make them stop completely chasing after Rukia. Aramaki asks the others why they want to save Rukia so bad which they answered that she's their friend and for Ichigo, she changed his world completely. Ichigo continues to fight Byukaya who summons thousands of swords around them which he calls Annihilationscape. Byukaya only summons it when he wants to kill himself with his own hands as he summons one of the swords to his hand. Their spirit force was so immense that it was felt by the others. Ishida wanted to pull back and suggested it to Orihime but she wants to stay as it's the only thing she can do. Ichigo and Byukaya continue to fight each other as Ichigo thinks that Byakuya is becoming faster. Byakuya stabs Ichigo in the foot with another sword along with a Wave of Destruction 4 at his right shoulder.

Ichigo's body cannot move as Byakuya explains that Annihilationscape really increases the killing power of the swords which Ichigo's speed went down as a result. Byakuya salutes Ichigo for fighting well was about to give the death blow when Ichigo catches the sword and starts to form a Hollow mask. The Hollow Ichigo begins to attack Byakuya with a dark Getsuga multiple times. The real Ichigo fights off the Hollow Ichigo as he pulls off the half mask and manages to become free from the Hollow. Byakuya decided not to ask Ichigo about the Hollow and do a final attack while Ichigo asks him why he doesn't save Rukia which he will answer if he defeats him. Byukaya summons Hakuteiken while Ichigo just puts all his spirit force into the final attack. Their spirit forces collided with both of them receiving injuries from the attacks and Byukaya lost his soul slayer. Byakuya tells Ichigo the answer to his question which he must follow the law in order to be an example for everyone else. Ichigo still believes that if he was in Byukaya's position that he would still fight the laws which Byukaya realized that he was fighting the laws of Soul Society not him. Byukaya leaves with declaring Ichigo the victor while Ichigo falls down and hits Orihime on the head. Meanwhile, Hitsugaya destroys the door to the Gotei 46 and notices that the alarm isn't sounding as he realizes that the alarm was disabled to not draw attention. He and Matsumoto reached down to the main complex and discovered something shocking.

The Ichigo and Byakura is over with Ichigo becoming the victor over Byakuya. Even though Hollow Ichigo did came out for a short time to help out, Ichigo still manages to win. I liked how the battle came out animated after seeing it in the manga. It was very nice along with the Hollow transformation sequence animated. The next episode is going to be revelation time with Hitsugaya and Matsumoto finally get some answers about the conspiracy along with some things they weren't prepared for at all.


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