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Monday, December 12, 2005

Bleach 60

The Gotei 46 consists of 40 sages and six judges which acts as the judicial body of Soul Society who judge all crimes committed of Death gods in all realms and gives judgement to either the Secret Mobile Corps, Demon Magic Syndicate, or The 13 Court Guardian Squads for them to carry out. These judgements are absolute and no captain can go against them. Hitsugaya and Matsumoto find that all the members of the Gotei 46 have been dead for quite some time now which may have occured sometime before Renji's defeat since the Office was sealed off after that event. They hear Kira clapping which they chased after him while someone was observing them. Hitsugaya asks Kira if he killed the Gotei 46 which he said he did not and mentions that he should be protecting Hinamori instead. He tells Hitsugaya that Hinamori has been following him the whole time which Hitsugaya heads back to the Office while Matsumoto fights Kira. After blocking Kira's soul slayer a few times, Matsumoto's own soul slayer dropped to the ground as Kira's soul slayer doubled the weight of her soul slayer many times. She countered the effect by making her own soul slayer disappeared as she remembers Gin leaving her in the snow. Hinamori was the one spying on Hitsugaya earlier and tries to sort Hitsugaya's reactions when Gin tells her to follow him. He takes her to the Purewood Towers which is the residence of the Gotei 46 and entry to the Towers is forbidden by anyone except for the Gotei 46. She enters the tower and turns around to see Aizen who was presumed dead. She was crying on him to see him alive as he apologizes for faking his death. The happy feelings didn't last long as Aizen stabs Hinamori in the chest.

Hitsugaya arrives at the towers when Gin and Aizen was about to leave the area. He notices Hinamori's dead body as Aizen always considered Gin as his vice-captain even after he became captain. Hitsugaya tells Aizen that Hinamori always admired him and work herself very hard to become Aizen's vice-captain which Aizen used to his advantage in his scheme. After hearing enough of Aizen's bad-mouthing of Hinamori, Hitsugaya releases his bankai which icy wings and a tail are attached to his body. He stabs Aizen and encased him in ice or so he thought as Aizen appears behind him and manages to cause enough damage to make him to dispel his bankai. Unohana and her vice-captain show up at the tower which she deduced that the towers was the one place that nobody would think to enter since it's completely forbidden. Aizen explains that he didn't come to the towers to hide himself and that he didn't have a corspe figure but it was really his shikai form of his soul slayer which has the power of complete hypnosis. In order for Aizen to use complete hypnosis, the person must watch the release of his soul slayer only once and they will be affected after that. Tousen makes Renji and Rukia stop running as he's also part of the conspiracy and can't be affected by his soul slayer since he can't the release. He transports Rukia to the Soukyoku which Gin and Aizen went to as well.

This episode reveals the one thing that the manga readers knew for months that Aizen faked his own death. If you thought that was something, just wait when he gets into explaining his reasons for doing this which I found quite amazing as well. The next episode will explain Aizen's reasons as Renji and Ichigo tries to protect Rukia from the combined forces of Aizen, Gin, and Tousen.


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