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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Bleach 61

Renji is having a hard time believing that Aizen is alive and that he wants him to hand Rukia to him. Meanwhile, Unohana tells Inane to contact everyone about Aizen while she heals Hitsugaya and Hinamori. Ichigo doesn't believe it's true until Ishida's mentions the presence of Rukia at the hill. Aizen decides to take Rukia by force but Renji defends against his attacks as he asked why he kill Hinamori. He wanted Hinamori to die since he realized that she couldn't live without him but he couldn't kill her himself. He tried to have her killed by either Kira or Hitsugaya but in the end, he had to kill her himself. Aizen tells Renji that the Aizen that he knew never existed in the first place. Renji attacks Aizen with his shikai which he was able to stop very easily with one hand. Aizen tells Renji that he was certain that he could use Kira, Hinamori, and Renji in his plans which he had them joined the 5th squad once they graduated from the academy. He realized that Renji would be the most troublesome and transfer him to another squad and had Kira and Hinamori as their vice-captains. Aizen was about to kill Renji when Ichigo blocked Aizen's sword with his bankai.

Renji tried to apologize to Ichigo for unable to protect Rukia but they ended up getting into an argument while Rukia punched Renji for almost suffocating her. They both realized that they can't run away from them and decided to fight them. Renji uses Higa Zekkou which allows him to control the seperate pieces of his sword to distract Aizen while Ichigo attacks him. Ichigo's attack was blocked by Aizen's finger and got stabbed. Then Aizen slashes at Renji and goes down. Rukia could not run away from Aizen as his spirit force made her unable to move. Aizen tells Ichigo that he knew that he and the others would come from West Rukongai which he had Gin covering that part. He wanted them to use the cannon to get into the Court so he could divert everyone's attention to them while Aizen's "death" didn't raised much suspicion. Ichigo asked how he knew that they would end up in West Rukongai which Aizen thought it was an odd question to ask. He tells him that West Rukongai is Urahara's power base which the Senkai Gate he created ends up at West Rukongai. Aizen thought they came to get Rukia under Urahara's orders but that wasn't the case so he explained the reason for his actions. He mentions the four techinques of combat in Soul Society: cutting techniques, barehanded attacks, step methods, and demon magic but there's a limit to them by the wall of soul power from being a Death god. So Aizen wondered if there was a way to break that barrier which was a Hollowization of a Death god or a Death Godification of a Hollow. Aizen tried various experiments with Death Godifications of Hollows like ones with the ability to conceal their spirit force, the ability to destroy a soul slayer, or the ability to possess a Death god. Aizen was disappointed in those results but Urahara did find the way which he created the Hougyoku which has the ability to erase the line between Hollow and Death god. Urahara realized the danger of the Hougyoku and tried to destroy but could not. Instead, he decided to hide it by putting a protective barrier around it and buried it deep inside of a soul. The hiding place of the Hougyoku is Rukia herself which he realized after she gone missing in the living world. Then he mentions about a spirit substance that no spirit particles which Urahara used for a faux body in order to make it impossible to track and thus was exiled from Soul Society but that's wasn't the only reason. That faux body eats up the spirit power of a Death god inside it to the point which they couldn't recover its power and make them human. A few months later, he heard that Rukia was seen in the living world and went to the Gotei 46 but before he could continue with his speech, Komamura shows up and attacks Aizen.

Aizen's grand plan was mostly revealed as he wanted more power than he already has. He setup the entire series of events in order to get the Hougyoku inside of Rukia. I really loved those plans where everything was setup by him to achieve his ultimate goal. It's not good for the good guys as Ichigo and Renji were defeated very easily by Aizen. Before I go on to the next episode, it's coming close to the end of the Soul Society. The next arc is not even being close to be complete in the manga. So in the next few episodes, the anime will go in two possible directions: the first will be continuing on with the manga storyline and having a completely different ending to the manga or have a filler arc in order for the manga to create a gap for the anime and once the filler arc ends, it will continue the manga storyline. The next episode will have Aizen continuing with his plans along with the aftermath of Aizen's appearance had on everyone.


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