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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Bleach 62

Aizen blocks Komamura's attack with one hand as Komamura would not forgive him or Tousen for what they have done. The scene goes to a flashback when Komamura and Tousen first met and then when they met again when they were a part of the 5th Squad when Aizen was a vice-captain at the time. Komamura tells Tousen that he became a Death god because it was to repay a debt who saved his life but the scene cuts off when Tousen was about to explain his reason. Komamuru continues to attack Aizen and asks Tousen why he joined with Aizen but gets no answer from him. He tries to summon his bankai but Aizen surprises him with a 90 level Way of Destruction spell which manages to defeat him easily. Aizen says that he didn't even get a third of the destructive power of the spell. Before Aizen could continue his story, Orihime and the others arrived but they couldn't move because of Gin's spirit force. Aizen explains that he killed the Gotei 46 after hearing about Rukia's location. Then he use his complete hypnosis ability on the office so he could make it appear that they continue with the meetings and such. At least Gin, Tousen, or Aizen was in the Office at all times. He had Byakuya and Renji on the apprehension team to make sure that Rukia was arrested. He ordered the destruction of the faux body so he can cut off contact with the humans and ordered the execution via Soukyoku to evaporate the soul. The only times they weren't in the Office was during captain's meetings which Aizen soon faked his death in order to be in the Office all the time along with searching another way to get the Hougyoku if the execution failed. There are two ways to remove an object from a person's soul: the first way was evaporating the soul via an ultra high-temperature destructive force like the Soukyoku and the second way is going directly into the soul structure and removing it by force. Since the first method failed, he found out the second method through Urahara's research notes and got the technology to remove the Hougyoku which he uses on Rukia. After getting the Hougyoku, he decides to allow Gin to kill Rukia but Byakuya saves Rukia even though he gets stabbed by Gin's attack. Aizen was about to finish the job when Jidanbou with Kuukaku showed up as she used Way of Destruction 63 on Aizen. Then Yoruichi and Sui Fong stopped Aizen from drawing his sword.

Gin tries to help Aizen but Matsumoto manages to stop Gin from doing anything. The other captains and vice captians showed up thinking that they managed to capture Aizen, Gin, and Tousen but they got backup from the Menos Grandes. The Menos transported Gin, Tousen, and Aizen out of Soul Society as the others can't penerate the light surrounding them called Negacion. Komamura wonders why Tousen became a Death god as he thought he has betrayed his dead friend and justice but Tousen tells him that he's always had his justice as he's following the road with the least bloodshed. Utitake asks Aizen why he did the things that he did as he mentions that there's no one standing in Heaven as he's going to claim the Throne of Heaven. He slicks his hair back and destroys his glasses before he disappeared with Gin, Tousen, and the Menos. The 4th Squad is focusing on healing the various people who were injured by the chaos while Orihime heals Ichigo to health. Unohana shows up and tells the others that Hitsugaya and Hinamori are ok at the moment and tends to Byakuya's injuries. Byakuya tells Rukia that his wife died 50 years ago which Rukia told him the reason why she became a member of the clan but Byakuya tells her the real reason as his wife, Hisana was actually Rukia's older sister. When Hisana died in the living world, she was connected to Rukia who was a baby in Inuzuri but she abandoned her since she couldn't take care of her. After Hisana married Byakuya, she regretted abandoning Rukia and tried to find her but she died before finding her. She asked Byukaya to find Rukia and can't tell her that she's her sister as her final wish. He found Rukia a year after Hisana's death which the members of the house didn't want Rukia into the house as she's a commoner just like Hisana. When he had Rukia and Hisana admitted into the house, he broke his promise to his dead parents about he wouldn't break the rules anymore. He was conflicted on which promises to uphold when Rukia was going to executed. He thanks Ichigo for helping to decide to protect Rukia which apologized for his actions.

This episode has Aizen showing his alliance with the Hollows as they helped him and the others escaped. It also showed Byakuya's human side as he saved Rukia from Gin and explaining his actions to her as he cared for her older sister who was a commoner. Bleach is taking a break until Jan. 10th when it comes back with a hour long special which will wrap up the Soul Society arc which episode 65 will either start a whole new filler arc or the continuing with the manga storyline.


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