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Friday, December 09, 2005

Canvas Two 10

After the embrace by Elis, Hiroki tries to play it off with jokes about being a holiday and her height just made Elis cried and ran away after he said that she can be only a sister to him. The next day, Hiroki tries to act the way he usually does to Elis as she just replies back with "Yes." During school, Elis talks to Shouta about how he can nice so easily while she cannot. Hagino was researching some flowers for her novels when Elis shows up and asks if Elis was going to study in France which she doesn't know. During art club, Elis accidently knocks her things over while the other students were jealous of her for being able to go to France which Takeuchi tells them to improve their skills first before becoming jealous. Hiroki and Kiri met up with each other which she asked if anything happened to him which she asked him if he wanted to go fishing with her on Sunday along with lunch. Hiroki accepted her offered and manages to find his fishing rod which all of his stuff falls on him. He tries to find Elis which he could not and tries to give her a call which she left her cellphone on her desk and finds a note saying that she went to see her grandmother. He remembers that she probably went there to observe the death of her mother, Anna (I thought it was her grandmother's name but I was wrong). Elis and her grandmother were at Anna's grave when her grandmother told Elis about the time when she first rode a pony which she was scared and cried but she wanted a horsie after she got home. Hiroki lies to Kiri about why he couldn't go fishing as she made so much food for lunch. He wanted to be home if Elis tries to contact him.

Elis's grandmother remembers the time that Elis made a crown of flowers for Anna's birthday which made her very happy. Kiri sits alone in the park eating the lunches that she made for today when the principal shows up with her dog and joins her for lunch. Elis's grandmother remembers that Anna was calling Elis a genius in art as she saw her drawing on the walls which end up being correct after all. Hiroki called her grandmother to tell her about the concours selection a while ago which he was proud of Elis. Kiri sends a message to Hiroki about her lunch with the principal and that they had Hiroki's favorite food, corn. Then Hiroki sent her a message saying that he's sorry that he couldn't eat her lunch. Elis's grandmother calls Hiroki to tell him that he needs to come over since he doesn't come anymore. Elis remembers the time when she watched her mother teaching a bunch of kids painting which Hiroki was one of the students. She looks at Hiroki's painting and remembers that she began to admire him at that point. Tomoko and Shouta wonders what happened to Elis which Kiri overheards and wonders herself while Hiroki shows up at grandmother's house. He searches for Elis while Kiri sends him messages asking him about Elis's illness and his public examination paperwork. He finds Elis at Anna's grave which she puts a crown of flowers on the grave. Kiri sends another message to Hiroki asking where he was but before he could send a reply, his battery ran out. Elis and Hiroki didn't look at each other on their way back home.

This episode shows that Elis and Hiroki are beginning to drift apart as Elis suddenly decides to take off to her grandmother's house without telling him. Elis remembers that she began to admire Hiroki when he was a student of her mother, Anna who was also a painter. Elis loves her parents so much and that Hiroki and her grandmother are the only connection to her family left. It kinda explains why she has been trying to hold on to Hiroki so much. She needs to learn that Hiroki won't be gone forever if he spends his time with Kiri all the time. The biggest mystery to me is why Hiroki lied to Kiri about Elis going over to her grandmother's house and why he hasn't been over there for years. It's just odd to me why he would lied about that unless he didn't want Kiri to feel bad about it but lying to her is bad as well. The next episode seems to resolve around some PE activity. The previews for Canvas are hard to get any useful info out of.


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