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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Canvas Two 11

Elis is staying over at Tomoko's house which she wears a pink night gown while Tomoko has a cat with a pumpkin head. During the night, Elis asks Tomoko why she didn't ask her how long she's going to see which she replied that she can tell her when she feels like it. Hiroki notices that he hasn't changed the calendar for September which he notices that the 27th is Field Day and Elis's birthday which Elis is running anchor while Shouta will cheer for her. Kiri notices that Hiroki is eating alone by himself and decides to talk to him. He tells her that Elis has been living with Tomoko for the past week. Kiri talks to Elis during gym which she asks what she wants for her birthday. Takeuchi talks to Hiroki about the painting for Field Day which she asks Elis to draw the main character. Hiroki tries to give some advice for Elis but she withdraws from him when Hagino and Sumane showed up. They are members of the Field Day Committee which they checking up on the progress of the Art Club. They forced Hiroki to come for Field Day and leave afterwards. Hagino's real intention of visiting the Art Club was to observe Elis and Hiroki which she makes Tomoko her information advisor. During the night, Elis was making dinner when she tries to put some sugar into the eggs since Hiroki like them sweet while Tomoko tells her that she tell Kiri that she wants Hiroki for her birthday present. Hiroki looks through some books and notices a page with a bunch of fairies surrounding a cake. Kiri looks at her phone with the message asking Hiroki where he was which he didn't sent a return message until now. She calls Hiroki at that moment which he tells the truth about going to his grandmother's place with Elis. Kiri was happy that he told her the truth which she smacks her own face.

It's Field Day and Elis manages to get a good handoff while Shouta cheers for Elis. She looks over at Kiri and Hiroki and manages to drop the baton and coming in last place. Hiroki and Kiri asks Elis and Tomoko if they want to eat together for lunch which they accepted the offer. After hearing that Kiri's fried eggs were sweet, she decides to get some drinks in digust while Hiroki doesn't notice Elis's disposition. Elis gives her bentou to Shouta while Hagino, Sumare, and Tomoko have a meeting which Hagino has a sinster idea brewing. Tomoko tells Elis that she's not feeling well which she tells Elis to replace her for the borrowing competition which she really wasn't sick. Shouta became ill from eating Elis's very sweet fried eggs. Elis meets up Kiri who's subbing in for another student (most likely Shouta). Kiri and Elis face off in the competition which Kiri reads Elis's note while Elis grabs Kiri's note instead which reads "Someone who's important to you". Kiri sends Elis towards Hiroki while she beats up Hagino and Sumane for having Elis's note being "Someone she likes". Elis grabs Hiroki and ran through the finish line together. He asks her what the note said which she tells him that it said dumb teacher. Hiroki tells Elis that he has a birthday present for her at home. He gives her birthday present which a huge cake that Elis saw a book when she was a child. Elis enjoyed the cake so much that she decided that she will stay at home for the night.

It seems that Hagino tries to figure out who Elis likes by having her to find the person that she likes which Kiri managed to spot her plan. It seems that Hiroki and Elis's relationship is still a little bit awkward since Elis stayed at Tomoko's house for a week from what happened earlier at their grandmother's house. Elis still has jealousy towards Kiri for being able to be so close to Hiroki along with him loving her in the way that she wants him to love her. The next episode has Elis and Hiroki babysitting a kid.


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