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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Canvas Two 12

Elis asks Hiroki what he wants for dinner which he says that he wants some meat so she suggests sukiyaki. She decided to clean the house which she has problems with the vacuum and goes out shopping for food. She comes back and forgot to get the meat and wanted to go back but Hiroki decides to get it instead as he wants her to prepare the rice. While being seperated, they both say that they are tired. After dinner, the phone rings and Hiroki answers the phone. It was Shouko who's Hiroki's cousin from his father's side. She wanted them to babysit her kid, Haruna who's five years old for Saturday as she has to go to a friend's wedding and her husband was out of town. They hoped that Haruna will be able to break the awkward mood between them. Shouko came to Hiroki's place with Haruna who wanted to read by herself. Hiroki didn't mind that Haruna was reading alone since it would make his job much easier. Then he ate some Zashiki Warashi that Shouko brought with her which she told him that her parents were worried about his career path. Elis tries to get Haruna to go somewhere special which Hiroki didn't want her to do that. Haruna want to go to the keep of Suttamundajampu Castle which is from Gandhara's Magic Staff. Elis remembers reading this book which she made Hiroki read it to her when she was a kid. Haruna made Elis and Hiroki play along as she's Princess Gandhara, Elis's Chao, and Hiroki is Brahman. They begin their quest with the sunset ritual which is the ritual to save Gandhara's imprisoned soul. Their first task is going to the Eastern Forest (the park) and steal the spell that the witch is saying (a couple of mothers were the witches). Elis and Hiroki went behind them which they noticed and were quite embarrassed by it. Their next task is to find the egg of the lamenting gold bird. Hiroki didn't want to do seven challenges and wanted to do three instead.

In order to the golden egg, they went to the arcade and played the Gachagacha machine. Haruna wanted to keep playing the machine until she gets a yellow egg but Hiroki didn't want to spend the money until she gets a yellow egg because the contents of the same. Then he remembers the time that Elis did the exact same thing that Haruna was doing now. Haruna manages to get a yellow egg. Hiroki was going to the book to figure out the next task which both Haruna and Elis says it at the same time which was to project your face onto the blue water and smile three times. So they go to a restrauant and do it there which Hiroki got coffee while Elis and Haruna got water drinks. They made Hiroki climbed a light post and do a karate chop on the Southern Cross. He karate chops the post which it was timed perfectly with the turning on of the lights. Then they stepped on the white parts of the crosswalk pretending it's a hanging bridge. Hiroki pretends that he's falling off the bridge which Haruna and Elis ignore him. The last challenge was to climb a hill which Hiroki carried Haruna to the top of the hill as she was tired. He was reminded of the time when Elis did this with him. They woke up Haruna to see the city which they released the princess's imprisoned soul which revealed the full moon. Then Haruna wanted Elis and Hiroki to kiss each other but Hiroki had other plans as picked up Haruna and they both kissed her on the cheeks. The next day, Shouko picked up Haruna which Elis said that babysitting her was fun. After Shouko and Haruna left, Elis tells Hiroki that she's sorry about making him worried recently.

Nothing major happened in this episode as Elis and Hiroki had an uneventful day babysitting Haruna. I was surprised that they didn't have any of other characters showing up. This was probably the first episode just to have Elis and Hiroki as the only main characters for the entire episode. I guess this episode was to have a calm before the storm as the next episode will be focusing on Kiri and Hiroki's past relationship.


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