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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Canvas Two 9

Elis is painting a picture of outer space with planets for the concours when Hiroki came in with snacks and suggested that she should use red. Hiroki was doing dishes when Kiri called him which she tells him about a book of practice questions for the test. He suggested that he could come over which Kiri's light suddenly went out and had no replacements for it. They decided to meet at a family restraurant to exchange the book and light bulbs. Elis decided to get some more snacks when Hiroki came back from the restraurant which she thought he went there to study but didn't mention about meeting Kiri there. The new semester is starting as Elis and Tageuchi were observing Elis's painting and giving comments about it. During class, Elis was sleeping which she was embarrassed by the teacher and Tomoko. Hiroki talks to the principal about his future with the school as she wants to him to become an apprentice teacher which might lead to a full-time job after he graduates. During lunch time, Elis, Tomoko, and Hagino were having lunch with Hiroki and Kiri which she brought kakuni since he wanted some last night. Elis became angry and ran away from them which Hiroki stops her for a second which she calls him a liar before running off again. Tomoko finds Elis sitting on a bench and tells her that she's an idiot because she doesn't know what she's truly feeling.

Hiroki and Kiri talked about the offer that the principal made to him which Kiri would be happy if he would take the offer. Meanwhile, Elis sees Kiri and Hiroki talking to each other and runs away from the scene. While sitting back on a tree, Elis talks to the visiting Sumire which she tells her that he likes Hiroki and doesn't want Kiri to be around. Sumire tells her that she needs to be telling this to the person who matters. Elis went to a bookstore to figure out how to express her feelings when Hagino suggested her book and forces her to buy the book. Elis gives the book to Hiroki to read and asks him to give comments afterwards. While at school, Elis and Hagino talk about the book which Elis felt sad when the main character told the guy about her feelings towards him which she didn't realize her feelings in the beginning. Later that night, Elis asks Hiroki's opinion about the book which he felt that the girl should have confess earlier and that a girl telling her feelings before a guy is a good quality to have. Elis decides to sleep next to Hiroki which he asks about the painting which she already submitted as he wanted to look at it. After Hiroki looks her face to face, Elis decides to leave and wonders if she can tell him about her feelings if she wins an award. The next day, the principal tells Elis and Tageuchi that their pieces were both selected to win awards and for Elis, she can study aboard in the Paris School of Art. Hiroki calls Elis to tell her congradulations which she will be able to study where her mother was born and that her grandmother would be happy for her. Elis arrives at home which Hiroki and Kiri setup a dinner party for her winning the award. Elis wasn't pleased about the whole idea as she tells Kiri to leave. Kiri leaves the apartment with Hiroki escorting her out with her looking all sad. Hiroki tells Elis to eat as she wonders if Kiri would come over every night once she leaves for Paris. She asks him if Kiri is more important than her and doesn't want to be seperate from him which made her glomped him and says that she likes her.

Elis is being a selfish brat with her forcing out Kiri even though she was there to congraduate her on her painting. She's willing to give up a chance of a lifetime so she can stay with Hiroki which there's no chance of being together. She doesn't get any love from me from her selfish ways as she pleases her happiness instead of thinking about Hiroki's feelings at all. The next episode has Elis and Hiroki going to their grandmother while Kiri has a talk with the principal.


  • At 4:41 AM, Blogger Mentar said…

    You really have no shred of compassion for her? The girl's in love, and she feels the one he loves - the most important person in her life - slip away from her. That's gotta hurt, BIGTIME.

    Before you get me wrong, I'm rooting for Kiri, who seems to be the better match. Nevertheless, I hope that Hiroki will find a soft landing spot for Elis. Somehow.

  • At 3:20 PM, Blogger Phoenix512 said…

    As I said before, Elis is just being selfish at this point. She's ignoring Hiroki's feelings as she tries to get Kiri out of Hiroki's life. If you were in love with someone else, wouldn't their feelings come first before yours? If Hiroki likes Kiri, shouldn't Elis just step down and be supportive of him instead of the other way around?


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