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Friday, December 09, 2005

GaiKing 1

A reporter is covering a high school track race when a couple of boys was passing by and one of them was racing with them. The boy managed to outrace all of them including the national record holder of the 100 m in high school. The reporter noticed that the boy even had a bag with him and running uphill which she asked the sprinters about him. They told her that he's called the Monster Kid as he saw monsters when he and his father went to sea which the father died in sea. The Monster Kid mentions to his friend that it has been five years since the monsters appeared and that they will return once again. In the Indian Ocean, a couple of monsters destroyed a few oil rigs. While Daiya aka Monster Kid was getting his lunch, Naoto talks to Daiya's mother about the monsters which he believes that Daiya imagined them. Daiya believes that his father isn't dead but kidnapped and has being training to save his father. One of Daiya's teachers tries to make Daiya to stop telling everyone about the monsters. Naoto was rejected by a girl because his association with Daiya. Naoto was timing Daiya's dive and didn't noticed that Daiya saved a girl from drowning. Daiya and Naoto were talking on a rock face which Daiya shows a circular thing to Naoto that has no seams at all which supposely proves the existance of monsters. Then Daiya drew in the sand of a dragon that fought against the monsters which the crew of the dragon saved him. A girl appear to him who gave him the object and told him that he will fight against the monsters one day before leaving. Naoto used to believe some of it but now, he doesn't believe him. The object suddenly became hot along with a green-black flame appeared in the sea just like the day where Daiya's father disappeared and two monsters emerge from the flame.

The monsters make their way to the city and begin destroying everything in sight. Daiya went home to get his harpoon to fight off the monsters. He sees the girl from five years ago and tries to speak to her from far away. She sees a flame from the location that Daiya was at and the dragon that saved him five years ago emerges and fights the monsters. The girl speaks to Daiya through the object and tells him to run away which he ignores her and stabs the left eye of the turtle. He was almost swallowed by the turtle when the dragon swallow him instead. Suddenly, his hair became red along with a suit. The head of the dragon came off and launches two other vehicles as well. The head and the other two vehicles merged together into one robot which Daiya was the pilot. The girl tells Daiya that someone named Maryu chose him to have the power of the Giant of Fire and control at will. Daiya throws the green monster into the sea and chased after it with the turtle in pursuit. After the green monster got thrashed around a bit, it teamed up with the turtle monster. Daiya attacks the green monster while on the turtle monster only to become wrapped by the turtle's tenacles. Two ships helped Daiya to free himself while the girl tells him to use Despair Sight which destroys the green monster. The turtle tries to eat Daiya which Daiya asks the girl what's the strongest weapon which is Hydro Blazer. He uses it to destroy the turtle monster and the girl calls the robot, GaiKing. Daiya steps out the robot and sees the dragon along with people on it.

GaiKing is actually a remake of the 1979 series of the same name. It appears to be the same formula of shows of the similar type but with updated animation, it should be interesting to watch. If I was Daiya, I would be like "I told you so. For five years, you didn't believe me that monsters existed. Well here they are. Now some of you owed me some money for losing the bet." I think an interesting ascept of the series is Daiya's father who's either dead or with the monsters. I could see Daiya fighting his father in the monster's version of GaiKing. I won't be blogging this series but I will continue watching it. The next episode will have Daiya meeting the crew of the dragon.


  • At 3:52 PM, Blogger KT Kore said…

    I'm glad someone finally subbed it. I thought it would be left behind.

    It'd be nice if someone would sub the original series as well. I'd really like to see it.


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