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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Ginban Kaleidoscope 3

Tazusa keeps falling onto the ice which Pete kept saying "Ouch!" everytime she falls which she begins to annoy at him for it. She talks to Pete which concerns Takashima and Mishiro since she may have cracked under the pressure of the upcoming HNK tournament. Takashima talks Tazusa about her talking to Pete which once again she tells him to be quiet even though it wasn't directed to him but to Pete. Later that night, Tazusa begins to study her exams which she wonder how Pete could speak fluent Japanese which his parents had jobs in Japan so he spent some time in Japan. Tazusa decides to use Pete's smarts to help her pass her exams. After dozing off, Tazusa wakes up as she's concerned about the HNK tournament as she messed up before twice and believes that she will messed up a third time. The next day, Pete helps her through her exams which she begins talking out aloud. After the exam was over, Misuzu was concerned about her behavior during the exam and tells her to get some sleep. Later that night, Tazusa was thinking about the HNK tournament again and was during image training which she can't see what happens after the jump. Tazusa got a first place in English along with a third in World History which was her weakest subject. Once again, her agrument with Pete manages to get her into trouble with everyone. During practice, Mishiro tells Tazusa that the tournament is tomorrow and that she's right after Shitoh in the short program.

Tazusa tries her image training once again but she cannot see the result of her triple flip. Pete asks her if skating against Shitoh worries her which she does as she has a no-miss performance. He wants to support Tazusa's skating like he did with tests but she says that she will make it on her own strength. It is the day of the HNK tournament and the reporters were waiting for her to answer some questions about being Shitoh and her previous results. Tazusa begins to stretch out while talking to Pete. The tournament begins with a performance from Gabriella Papi Pozzo who gives an excellent performance while Tazusa eats some tomatoes in order to get Pete to shutup. She waits in the green room while Shitoh gives her performance and manages to rub Takashima the wrong way again as she was talking to Pete again. Shitoh also delivers a grand performance which Tazusa has to stand up against. Tazusa begins her performance and it goes well in the beginning but she tries to do the triple flip and fails at it. The results for the short program were Gabriella Papi Pozzo in first, Olga Motokova in second, and Shitoh in third while Tazusa got seventh place. Pete says to Tazusa that the third bad thing is over and that something good will happen soon which makes Tazusa a little bit happy.

It seems that Tazusa is a pretty lonely girl and wants to do things with own strength but she's beginning to warm up to Pete though as he helps her on her exams and comforting her after her bad performance in the short program. The next episode has Tazusa doing the free program in the HNK tournament.


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