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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Gundam Seed Destiny 49

The Archangel and Eternal are making their way towards the primary relay station for the Requiem while Destiny and Legend make their way to Messiah along with Orb's fleet heading towards the Requiem cannon itself. Dullindal has the Minerva along with half the fleet to the relay station with the rest protecting the Requiem. Lacus opens a channel tellling everyone that they are going to remove the Requiem because it's unnecessary. Freedom and Justice with their Meteor attachments attack the ZAFT defense fleet around the relay station while Yzak is annoyed that they didn't tell him about the party at the relay. Rey and Dullindal use their natural charisma on Shinn as they convinced him that ORB took the Requiem as a pretext to take it out and they would rather have a world with chaos than peace. The Minerva finally joins the battle at the Relay Station as Shinn remembers Rey's conversation about how he was brought into existance for Kira's sake along with meaning of life for clones like Rey and Kruz and accepts the Destiny Plan.

The Akatsuki and the Doms head out as the battle is taken to another level with the appearance of the Minerva. Yzak and Dearka also launched while telling his ship to stay behind or otherwise they get killed. Talia remembers the conversation that she had with Murrue before engaging the Archangel and sending out Impluse. Dullindal isn't worry about Station One falling because they had replacements. Lunamaria was about to attack the Eternal when Meyrin speaks to her as she asks why she's fighting and not able to tell who's the real Lacus. The Dom team manages to keep Impluse distracted as the Minerva fires its positron cannon at the Archangel. Neo blocks the shot and manages to survive the shot as he takes out the cannon along with his memory returning. Yzak and Dearka decides to help Kira and Athrun to take down the Station One. Rey updates Shinn on the current situation with the Archangel heading towards Messiah including the Minerva chasing after them. The ORB fleet tries to destroy Requiem but it's protected by a set of force fields. The Messiah fires the Neo-Genesis at the ORB fleet and destroys a good portion of it. Destiny and Legend are launched to protect the Messiah while it recharges for a second shot. Destiny engages Justice while Legend faces off against Freedom.

The final battle is now set as the Archangel, Eternal, and the remaining ORB fleet will try to take down the Messiah along with the Requiem cannon. It seems that Rey has a personal grudge with Kira while Dullindal has a strong hatred for Lacus. I love the Yzak moments as he complains about being left out and is now on the side of good. The final episode may resolve everything as Shinn and Athrun fight each other along with Rey and Kira fight against each other in a final battle for the future of humanity.


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