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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Gundam Seed Destiny 50 and Review

The last episode of Gundam Seed Destiny has some amazing fights as the Archangel, the Eternal, and ORB forces try to take down the Requiem from destroying ORB along with fending off attacks from the Messiah, Minerva, and those two super mobile suits, Legend and Destiny. The ending did managed to tie up most ends except for the whole deal with Talia and Dullindal's son (but that might be covered in the upcoming Conclusion episode airing on Christmas Day for us people on the Western Half of the world.) Anyway, now to review the series as a whole.

I really liked the animation and music throughout the series and even liked all of the OPs and EDs. Most of the battles were great to watch and even managed pull a few surprises along the way. The new characters weren't so great except for Talia even though she wasn't important enough to get a decent backstory and was deemed as the second coming of Natarie Badgiruel without the bitchness. Shinn was annoying, Rey was a less cool version of Raww, Lunamaria was just there and crazy to jump into the arms of the person who almost killed her crush and sister. and Meyrin was there to act as a plot for Athrun and Lunamaria. Also, Meer was just a girl who wanted to become Lacus but I really wished that Meer/Lacus subplot would have gone longer. The old characters from the first series came back and even stole the limelight from the new characters halfway as they were so much better than the other guys.

One thing about Destiny was that they should have reduce the number of clip episodes and not have two of them before the final ten episodes of the series. This time around, the number of sides kept going from two to three and back to two once again. I like it in Seed the sides were at three towards the end instead of two in Destiny's end. Overall, Destiny had great potential at the beginning but clip episodes and weak new characters took it a step down from Seed but it was still enjoyable. I'll give Gundam Seed Destiny a 4 out of 5.


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  • At 2:53 PM, Anonymous GundamFan1 said…

    This episode was the bomb. I liked it alot and i really felt sad at the end when Rey finds out the Captian Gladius was his mom.


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