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Monday, December 19, 2005

Ichigo 100% Special

Yui begins to clean out Junpei's room so she can live in it which she finds a porn video. She finishes up cleaning and goes back to her home to get her luggage while leaving Junpei to clean up the mess. A few days later, Junpei notices that Yui hasn't come back yet and receives a letter from her which says to pick up her from home. Suddenly, his mother busts into his room to tell him that Yui's father called to tell them that Yui will not stay at Junpei's place ever again. Junpei decides to go pick up Yui at her home and takes the train overnight to where Yui lives. Junpei speaks to her father which he won't allow to go to Oumi Academy and going to a local high school instead as he doesn't want her to stay with Junpei because he's a man. Yui's mother speaks to Junpei which she tells him that Yui ran away after having a huge fight with her father along with waking up yesterday without any clothes on which her father wasn't pleased at all. Yui's mother believes that Junpei wouldn't do anything to Yui while in the state and tells him that she's staying over with a friend from middle school. Junpei decides to bring Yui back home which her mother gave him the address and map to her house. He shows up the place where Yui was staying at and tries to bring her back home. They arrived at the train station which Yui tries to ditch Junpei on a train going the opposite direction which Junpei chases after her. She manages to convince Junpei not head back home for tonight.

After getting off the train, they tried to look for a hotel. They found this cheap hotel which they wanted to see if anything is better but the hostress of the hotel makes them stay there instead. They both take a bath which they are connected through a small vent which Yui puts her leg through and manages to get stuck. Junpei heads to Yui's bath to help her but she lied to him and splash water on him. Junpei calls Yui's parents to tell them where they are at for the night. The hostress gave them two matresses stitched together into one. Yui lights up some sparklers while Junpei tapes her doing it which she begins to talk about how it might be their last night together. Junpei tells her that he will bring her to his place regardless of what happens. Junpei tries to sleep but due to Yui's presense and the hostress banging in telling them that Yui's father has collasped. Junpei takes Yui back home because she's concerned about her father. When they arrived at the house, her father didn't really collasped as he tricked them to get them back home. He slaps Junpei for lying to him about bringing Yui back home. Yui defends Junpei but he tells them that he wanted Yui to stay at his place and that he will move out if she does as he wants her to attend Oumi Academy. After saying that, Junpei collasped due to lack of sleep for the last couple of days. Yui's mother explained to Junpei what happened afterwards as her father apologizes for slapping him and accepts Yui moving in with Junpei but Yui has other plans. She has decided to live alone instead as other students from Oumi are living alone which her parents aren't too happy about. Junpei goes back home desiring to see Yui's mature side a little bit more.

From what I have gathered, this special is actually a previously unaired episode that came with the R2 Ichigo TV DVDs. This story is actually from the manga but with a few changes. The first change is actually when the story took place. The episode supposely took place before Yui went off to Oumi but this actually presents a continuity error as Yui stayed with Junpei for her first year at Oumi. The story really takes place between Yui's first and second years of Oumi which was in the manga. The other change was with the hostress which Junpei wonder if they were the same person as he encountered her (I don't remember if it's the same person or her twin sister) when he was doing filming for the movie in his first year of high school. The special didn't relied on much fanservice which was a good thing and had some nice moments with Yui and Junpei. I still annoyed how the anime version of Ichigo turned out compared from the manga but oh well. At least, I managed to see Ichigo in anime form for one last time (or maybe not).


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