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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Jigoku Shoujo 3

A bunch of high school girls and scouts are watching the baseball team practice because of the star right handed pitcher named Hanagasa. Later that day, Hanagasa used a metal bat against the stomach of a younger teammate named Muroi and tells Muroi's friend, Iwashita to take him home along with an excuse that they were playing around and Muroi fell off the mound. Iwashita wanted to attack Hanagasa but Muroi tells him not to along with not telling the teacher as it would remove the team from the tournament. Muroi doesn't even know why he was attacked by Hanagasa. Iwashita managed to get Muroi home and told his mother the excuse that Hanagasa made up but it would be the last time that he would see him alive as he died a few days later from the injury he received that made his insides swollen. Iwashita confronted Hanagasa about Muroi's death which he didn't care about his death and that he told Iwashita that he should worry about himself. During the funeral, Iwashita was confronted by some inspectors as they realized that Muroi's injuries was due to a baseball bat not by falling off the mound. Muroi's mother began calling Iwashita a murderer as she tells him the pain that Muroi felt while he was dying while saying "It's not his fault!" Hanagasa made a fake promise that he will try hard in the pros for Muroi's sake. Iwashita became mad at him and tried to punch him but his father attack him instead as his mother made a plea to Muroi's family to forgive them. Everyone turned on Iwashita which made him run away from everyone. Back at the school, Iwashita awaited for Hell Correspondance to come online and entered Hanagasa's name for revenge. Ai received the request via her grandmother and visited Iwashita who wondered what happened to the website. She gives him the doll for revenge and tells him the conditions and rules for revenge. Of course like the previous people who desired revenge, he didn't like the idea of losing his soul to Hell.

The baseball team is practicing even though they aren't going to be in the tournament while Hanagasa is talking to the girls. He notices that Ai was looking at him and ask her to come closer but she disappears a few seconds later. He gets a call from Iwashita to meet him where he hit Muroi with the bat. Iwashita tries to make him to tell the truth to the police but he refuses as nobody believes Iwashita anyway. Hanagasa tells him that he didn't thought that Muroi would died from the injury. Iwashita wanted to attack Hanagasa again but he brings up a point that it would only lead to more suffering on him and his family. Then he thanks Iwashita and Muroi for the team not being in the tournament as the scouts didn't want him to injure his arm for them. After hearing that piece of news, Iwashita decides to go through the revenge as Hanagasa doesn't feel one shred of sadness for Muroi's death. Once again, Ai sets off to execute the revenge for Iwashita. Later in the night, Hanagasa was pitching for some scouts which they promised him to be the first pick in the draft. He goes to back to the mound to clean up when the lights suddenly came on and hears his name being cheered at first which then switches to murderer. One of Ai's helpers comes up to him and gives him a baseball that looks like an eye. Wanyuudou playing as an umpire tells him that out means kill which Iwashita is batting. Hanagasa throws a pitch at Iwashita which hits his body and the ball comes back to him. He throws it to the first baseman who turns into a skeleton and falls apart. Wanyuudou tells Hanagasa to get Iwashita out which he tries to use a baseball bat. The bat turns his right arm into stone and shatters as Iwashita slides into home plate safe. The helpers tried to make Hanagasa to realize his sins but he thinks that Iwashita and Muroi should be grateful for sacrificing themselves to him as he has such great skills. Ai ferries Hanagasa to Hell as he sees baseballs with Muroi's face on them then a bunch of Muroi grab onto Hanagasa making him to play baseball with him forever. The next day, everyone knows that Hanagasa was responsible for Muroi's death with Iwashita moving to another town.

This episode shows the first time that the revenge wasn't used for just himself but for another person as well eventhough he was dead now. It was rather sad that everyone turned on Iwashita and didn't even tried to hear his explaination as they saw Hanagasa's act in the funeral. It just shows that the people who have talent believe that they could do anything and get away with it (which Hanagasa almost did). The good thing was that Iwashita's name was cleared for any wrongdoing and managed to avenge the death of Muroi. The next episode has a girl named Kanno Junko who wants revenge on a vet for the death of her dog along with the suffering of other animals.


  • At 2:09 PM, Blogger Willu said…

    great summery :)... theres still no overall sense of plot is there :(

    I hope this and mushishi stop being such segmented episodic shows... They're great, but if they have a story, i think it would be even better!


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