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Monday, December 05, 2005

The Law of Ueki 30

Sano and Rinko are trying to achieve to level two but they aren't able to do it before God's Assistant shows up with a set of ten popsicles. Before Mori and the others could choose a popsicle, Ueki chose the biggest popsicle which the stick said Miss which meant they failed. Team Ueki were going nuts until God's Assistant said that they moved on to the third round which they are flyed in his hat to the location of the third round. They arrived at Heaven which they meet the other teams: Caption, Barou, Maririn, and Gurono. A kid from the Gurono team takes a picture of Ueki. One of the members named Kuwahara pushed his head down to make him apologize to Ueki. God shows up and talks about the five teams along with two others who passed the second round who are Anon (who looks like Robert) and Rihou which they will be in a team by themselves and don't have to fight in the third round. Sano and Rinko mention that they can't tell the others about Anon as no one would believe him while Ueki tells them about Hirou who he fought earlier (watch episode 3-4 for Hirou). God tells them that the person who gets the Blank Zai will be the one who's the most powerful on the winning them while the successor of God will be voted by the winning team. The third round is a league battle which all teams will fight each other. They won't lose their powers via knockout but when the battle is over, any losing team will lose their powers along with a penalty. The penalty is written on the popsicle stick which Team Ueki has death to all members while a couple others are like you won't fall in love until you're 40 or become bald early. Mori and Souya are mad about the death penalty but Sano tells them that they have to win no matter what especially for Kobasan, Nero, and Inomaru. The first battle in the third round is Ueki vs. Gurono and takes place on Sleeping Fruits Island. The objective of the battle is to find a splendid treasure on the island which they have a treasure map that requires them to beat the members of the team to complete the map. The other members of Gurano's team are Muunin, Pastello, Gitaar, and Pekol who took Ueki's picture early. Both teams are transported to random spots of the island via a giant pachinko. Ueki and Mori are together along with Gitaar and Pekol but Pekol doesn't seem want to fight.

Ueki tells Mori to run away as she puts on a show that she doesn't feel like fighting against him since he's so weak but Ueki mentions that she doesn't know what her power is. Gitaar has Pekol attacked Mori while he fights Ueki who uses Galipaa in combination with Ressen but the attack didn't work. Gitaar says that he's body is invincible that he was born with. Ueki tries to use Kurogane on him but he destroys the ball before it could reach him. Mori throws a rock at him which scares Pekol. Gitaar uses his power to turn his voice into shock waves on Ueki by singing karaoke. Ueki tries to block the attack with Fuudou but with no avail. Gitaar notices Mori and slaps Pekol for being useless. Mori and Ueki feel sad for Pekol as they believe that the strong should be the ones who want to serve others not the other way around. Ueki tries to attack Gitaar with Ranma and Ressen but they failed and receives another shock wave. Even Mori tries to attack him but she misses completely which surprises Pekol as she doesn't even know her power. Gitaar was about to attack Mori when Ueki used Ressen again which had no effect on him which he uses another shock wave on Ueki. He uses Kurogane on Gitaar which doesn't work but it made Pekol realized that Ueki's true strength is the desire to protect people. Ueki mentions that he changed the color of Gitaar's body hair and dare him to check it which he refused to take off his clothes to even look. At that point, Ueki realized that Gitaar's true power is to change his clothes into a barrier which the sound waves are a part of his level two power which he changed Ueki's clothes into a barrier and attack him from inside of the barrier. The reason he didn't attack Mori and Ueki at the same time since he can only sent shockwaves from inside of the barrier. Tenko distracts Gitaar while Ueki uses his Eight-Star Treasure, Wave Flower to target his head. Gitaar thought he blocked Ueki's Wave Flower but Ueki could control it by his mind and knocks out Gitaar in the head. Pekol wants to be strong like Ueki and Mori.

Ueki had his moments with the popsicle along with him telling Gitaar about Mori doesn't know her power. Hirou makes his return after being gone for 26 episodes. I think the evilest team is the one with the fancy clothes but the truly evil is Anon of course who appears to be Robert. The next episode will have Sano and Rinko teaming up against Muunin and Pastello who have great teamwork while Sano and Rinko not so much.


  • At 1:27 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    ah..... i reli have nothin 2 say eventualli but ..... at least i do know more about the law of ueki!i just wonder.... how do u find all this information?

  • At 9:34 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    i really need 2 know how ya get all these info and not 2 mention how cute ueki is in da pics i looooooooooooooooooove him and i want u do put another one lyk this again!!!!

  • At 9:39 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    ok itz me again but i really need 2 comment again but i seariously need 2 see another one of these and put beta pics but in not saying dat their bad or anything!!! i just need to c more pics of ueki cause u know i have a major crush on him but well put another one 4 me pleaze!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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