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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The Law of Ueki 31

Ueki and Mori look at the part of the map that has been revealed but it doesn't give the location of the treasure. Mori reads a sign saying don't touch the trees otherwise the fruit will attack you which Pekol was following them and touching a tree while watching them. A giant orange chases after Pekol and eventually Ueki leaving Mori to deal with Souya who was being chased by a tank. Gurano is manning the tank and attacks after Mori and Souya. His power is the ability to transform sculptures into real objects and transforms a model dog to hunt them and going to shoot them with a model machine gun. Souya uses his power to get the dog to sleep while they hide in barrels. Mori tries to leave her barrel when her barrel rolls off a hill which leaves Souya alone again. Sano and Rinko were trying to find Ueki and the others which Sano gets the idea of to climb a tree to find them which a fruit bites Sano's head. Rinko takes her time to think of a way to remove the orange which Sano gets it off by punching it off him. Then the orange bites Rinko's head which Sano quickly smashes it with his power and gives Rinko a big bump on her head. They argued about how Sano is too careless while Rinko is too cautious until Mori gets her backpack trapped on a tree branch on a cliff. Before they could save Mori, Muurin (who speaks in haikus) and Pastello show up and fight with them. Pastello shows a line drawing which Sano insults him for it. Muurin says that "A pig punched you." which is a bad pun. Sano tries to attack Muurin but Pastello uses his power to use pictures as warp tunnels and tickles Sano with his brush. Suddenly a pig appears and punches Sano to the ground. Pastello uses his power on Rinko which Muurin makes a Buddua statue appeared and punches Rinko with it. Muunin's power is the ability to make bad puns into reality but it doesn't take effect until the person laughs. Mori thinks that Sano and Rinko can defeat them easily but their arguing makes Mori doubt the vaildity of that statement. Sano and Rinko tried to avoid the warp tunnels but unable to do so and get hit with a bunch of shoes. They tried to attack them again but unable to.

Sano and Rinko realized that their pride managed to cause injury to each other and tried to fix their flaws but it ended up that they argued once again. Mori tells them that Ueki would be disappointed at them which make them realized that he would use their strengths instead of trying to fix their weaknesses. They begin to use teamwork against them which manages to work for a little bit until Muunin started changing things into wooden clogs which makes them to think up of a plan together. They split into two in order to get an attack in but Muunin sends them to a bathroom. He tries to set the bathroom on fire but couldn't as Sano and Rinko were covered in steel towels so they couldn't be tickled. The bathroom idea was do to plan a strategy without them listening on it. Muunin realizes that the towels limits their mobility which he uses own power to make him a power. Pastello makes Rinko to drop her beads while Muunin knocks down Sano. Then he uses his power to make himself into a taxi which makes them drop the armor. Rinko fires a bead at them which Muunin changes it into a pipe bomb but the pipe drops on him instead and blowing them up as Sano planted a bead on Muunin while he was boxing them. Muunin and Pastello's defeat gives them two more pieces to the map but neither piece has the location of the map. Sano tries to get Mori off the branch but she springs into a helicopter which he and Rinko wonders why a helicopter is here on the island.

This episode didn't have much Ueki but he deserves a break for his victory in the last episode. I loved those oranges early in the episode when they were biting on Sano's and Rinko's head. Also, you got to love these powers even though they are crazy but no their series that has powers like turned bad puns into reality. Well, the next episode has Ueki fighting against Gurano who uses Pekol's power to pictures into sculptures for his own use like making the sculpture as a giant robot.


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