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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The Law of Ueki 32

God, his assistant, and a random girl are watching the battle which God is enjoying Pekol and Ueki being chased by the fruits. They managed to hide but Pekol took some picture of a worm in an apple which attracted the attention of the fruits. Pekol uses his power to change pictures into sculptures which he placed the worm sculptures on the fruits to make them run away. Ueki ask Pekol why he's on Gurano's team which he said that he was weak. There's a flashback of Pekol's friend, Mepple was getting beat up by a couple of kids while he was hiding by a building scared. Pekol tries to help Mepple which he tells him that he's not his friend as he doesn't understand anything. Soon after, he met Gurano which he told him that he can be strong by joining him. Gurano's helicopter with Mori showed up which Gurano made his appearance to Ueki. Pekol tries to stand up to Gurano as he doesn't want to help Gurano anymore but Gurano forces Pekol to help with talk about he's weak and all. Pekol uses his power to make Gurano a sculpture which Gurano uses his power to make it real which is a giant robot. Ueki tries to summon his own robot called Mazin X but he doesn't have a robot and gets punched by Mori for it. He can control it with his Level 2 ability but he can carry so many sculptures but with Pekol, he's very powerful. Gurano fires his Proton Cannon at Ueki which he managed to divert the shot with Kurogane towards a mountain which completely destroys it. Ueki uses Raika to get behind the robot but the cannon can move behind the robot as well. Ueki continues to run circles around the robot but the robot's foot hits Ueki into a tree. Pekol thinks that Ueki has to give up now from Gunano's strength but Ueki won't give up at all.

Ueki uses the Wave Flower and Ranma to make the robot fall down. Then he uses Kurogane and Ressen to destroy both arms of the robot. Ueki mentions that he was afraid of Gurano's power but he won't lose to his fear and surrender as he wants to save Kobasen. Gurano makes Pekol to use his power again to make a more powerful robot. Ueki tries to get behind of the robot again but this time, Gurano gets him with the foot. Then he uses Wave Flower and Ressen to knock down the robot but it was no use. Ueki continues to attack even though his attacks weren't working at all which gave Pekol time to realize the meaning of Mepple and Ueki's words. Pekol attacks Gurano while saying that Ueki was strong because he decided to be strong from the bottom of his heart. He realized that he can't lose to his fear and didn't matter if you get beat up as along you tried. Gurano throws Pekol out of the robot which Ueki saves him with Raika. Gurano tries to use the Proton Cannon on Ueki which he use Ressen as a jump platform and got behind of the platform. Gurano tries to shoot Ueki by rotating the cannon but Ueki put two limbs into the holes so he couldn't rotate it to the back. Gurano blows himself with the cannon but he's still kicking as he uses his power to make a Ueki clone. He tries to use the Ueki clone to defeat Ueki but his justice is so strong that Gurano couldn't control the clone and they both defeat Gurano with a double Kurogane. With Gurano defeated, they got the location of the treasure which they managed to find and achieve victory with. The treasure contained pictures of God which they think that it isn't a treasure. Meanwhile, Hirou has decided to make sure that Ueki doesn't go on to the next round.

This episode ends Ueki's battle against the Gurano team as Ueki defeats Gurano. The next episode has Ueki and the others facing off against the Marylin Team who beat the Caption team very easily along with Rihou who challenges Ueki to a battle. Maybe we get to see Rihou's true power as he didn't use it when they fought the first time.


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