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Sunday, December 25, 2005

Mai Otome 10

Nagi suggests to Sergey that he should go out in search for her which is a pretense to actually investigate a ruin from the 12 Kingdoms War. Sergey sees Arika falling off the cliff which Lumen notices him and decides to summon a monster called Ketos to finish them off. Ketos manages to destroy Sergey's boat while John Smith watches from nearby. Nina and Tomoe were about to setup camp for tonight when Chie showed up to tell them that the exam has been cancelled because of the disappearance of Erstin and Arika. Yukariko found Erstin but Arika still hasn't found along with Sergey who went to search for her. Sergey manages to find shelter for him and Arika after they emerged from the water. Lumen tells the other Black Valley members about Arika finding them which Midori had Dyne switched with Lumen for guard duty. Nina looks at the ocean praying for Sergey's safety while Mashiro wanted the Trias and Yukariko to find Arika. Yohko tells Irina and the other students that Erstin will be alright and tells Natsuki that something went wrong with the catalyst along with a non-Robe materialization near the last know location of Sergey. Nina overheads this conversation and tries to search for him when she was stopped by Shizuru. She slaps Nina and tells her that they will find him as she cries for him. Sergey needed to keep Arika warm as she dreams of her grandmother but he couldn't risk starting a fire. Instead, he takes off his shirt along with Arika's clothes and puts the shirt over Arika while embracing her. Akane and Chie found the remains of Sergey's boat along with Dyne guarding the ruin. Nagi asks about the ruin which Yukino tells him and the others that it's a research lab created during the emigrant era but their investigations found nothing a few years ago. Mashiro wanted them to find Arika now but Natsuki or Yuniko couldn't do anything as Garderobe cannot interfere with a country's business without the consent of the council but if three or more members come to a consensus, a special resolution can be passed. Mashiro and Nina managed to convince Nagi to agree on the resolution.

Arika wakes up to see that she was leaning on Sergey and tries to attack him after realizing that she was nearly undress. He tells her that to go easy on him because of his wound along with that he didn't do anything to her. The Black Valley is getting deeper in the lab until they have to bypass a door. Sergey and Arika are trying to find their way back which he tells her to call him Sergey instead of Wang-san along with her telling him her dreams. Sergey and Arika sees the Black Valley and hiding from them. He tells Arika that the Black Valley belong to no country as they believe in Earthen science which is technology before the emigrant era. Their cover is blown by John Smith who shoots his gun near them. The Black Valley tried to kill Arika and Sergey when Haruka shows up and tries to engage them but she falls face first on the rocks because Yukino didn't do the cerification yet. The Black Valley tries to kill them but Nina and Shizuru were there to block their attacks. Natsuki demands what they were doing here which Midori mentions that Garderobe monopolizes science and distorts the world. Haruka finally manages to materialize and engages Midori who has nano-machines of her own. She manages to block Haruka's attack easily with just one hand. John Smith steals the item that Midori took from the lab which she orders the others to chase after him. Midori engages Shizuru and Haruka with her monster, Gakutenou. Shizuru manages to handle herself well against Midori while Haruka got beat pretty easily. Midori's gem breaks and retreats from the battle which Yokho calls out her name. The exam ended up being retaken while the Black Valley didn't captured John Smith in the end. Nagi talks to Sergey about how he shouldn't cross him and knows that Sergey is planning something as well.

It seems that it was Tomoe who sabotaged Erstin and Arika's equipment while putting up a caring face to the others. I think the Black Valley can summon Childs which isn't like Slaves at all and even Midori's Child is the same from Hime. Even the relationship between Yohko and Midori in Hime continues on in Otome which they knew each other in childhood. The tensions between Nagi and Sergey are getting to new heights with the recent events. Arika and Sergey's relationship goes up to another step with Sergey protecting Arika earlier and that Arika calls Sergey by his first name. I think Nina is getting a little jealous of Arika for getting closer to Sergey. I really think that Nina wants Sergey all to herself which I really hated those characters as they are the most selfish of characters (another example, Elis in Canvas 2). Mashiro as a character is almost Suzuka like as she has a tough skin towards Arika but she does care for her (even though I really think that she doesn't want her to die because she will die as well but that could change though). The next episode seems to be a Nina episode as they chased down some kid along with the appearance of Mai's brother, Takumi.


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