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Sunday, December 25, 2005

Mai Otome 11

Sergey asks when Nina's birthday was in a flashback which he suddenly remember that she doesn't know it because she was an orphen. So he decided to make it September 7th because he had a day off so he could throw a birthday party for her. Nina holds the watch that Sergey had in the present while sitting at the desk with the others sleeping. Sergey remembers that he has to find the real princess because she holds the key for ruling the world while doing paperwork. His assistant tells him that Mashiro is passing a tax increase because of the coronation, castle repairs, and her upcoming birthday party. Sergey looks up Mashiro's birthday which is the same day as Nina and another character. Arika has made to the 29th rank in the Coral class because of her record setting time in the transveral exam even though she was alone. Erstin dropped down to 30th because she didn't retake the exam while Nina and Tomoe still have the same ranking as before. Natsuki talks to Shizuru about their recent encounter with Midori as they managed to reach to implant type nanomachines but they cannot materialize Robes yet. They are worried about the item that John Smith took along with the rumors and fears between the countries. Erstin reminds Nina about her birthday which another student mention that it's Mashiro's birthday as well. Maria shows up suddenly as she needs Arika and Nina to do something. Arika and Nina came back to the room with presents as they have to escort a prince from Zipangu which he's going to meet with Mashiro tomorrow. Nina receives a gold chain for her watch as a birthday present from Sergey. Arika gets a bunch of cleaning items and clothes for her birthday sent by Sergey. Nina becomes annoyed when she hears that Arika's birthday is the same day as her birthday and runs away. The next day, Mashiro doesn't want to escort the Prince which Aoi and Sakurai are trying to get her to come because it's actually a matchmaking date which Mashiro overheards them afterwards. Arika and Nina arrived at the station to escort the prince when they noticed a boy sitting with cold eyes. Nina remembers those eyes as she had them when she was little and decides to help the boy. They leaved the boy with an official and walk away. Nina notices that her watch was gone and sees the boy running off with the watch.

Nina and Arika chased after the boy into the same alleyway that they met Mashiro for the first time. They boxed the boy in the alleyway which Arika manages to catch him. Nina tries to get the watch back but the boy throws it into the river but it lands in a boat instead. She tries to chase the boat down to the point where she tried to swim after it. Arika gets Nina to stop chasing after the boat by swimming. While stopping at a traffic light, Mashiro uses this chance to run away from Aoi. Nina and Arika talked to the guy who owned the boat which the watch landed on. He said that a crow took the watch as he was trying to pick it up. Arika climbs up a tree to find the crow which Nina tells her to give up and begins to tell her about how her birthday isn't her real birthday because of some woman's daughter had the same birthday. Nina wanted Sergey's watch as a birthday present back in the day and asks Arika why she had to show up now. She wanted Sergey to paid attention to her only and not anyone else. Mashiro gets into street clothes while Mikoto fights with the crow that took the watch earlier. Mikoto knocks out Mashiro which Takumi drags her into an alleyway while someone picks up the watch. Arika asks Nina if she loves Sergey which she asks the same question to Arika along with what happened between them during the exam. Arika tells her that he just saved her and nothing else while they will find the watch because it's an important item to her. Sergey shows up wondering why they didn't meet with the prince and reveals the watch to them. He tells Nina Happy Birthday along with that it's six years to the day that they first met. He thinks that she doesn't remember this because she was in the hospital for a while. Aoi couldn't find Mashiro when they greet the prince which is Akira.

It's good to see Akira still doing the crossdressing. I guess in what ever universe that Akira lives in, she still does the crossdressing. With Takumi probably being the prince since Akira is a girl, it's good to see them together again (maybe they won't have the tragic fate in Hime). That means that Mai shouldn't be that far behind. Anyway, it seems that the three characters "have" the same birthday. We know that Nina's birthday is false but are Arika and Mashiro's birthdays really on that day? At least Nina admits that she doesn't want Arika to get close with Sergey unlike a certain someone from a different series. Nina showed some other emotions besides anger and annoyed in this episode. The next episode is going to be fun as Arika escorts Akira in a masked ball while Mashiro has a date with Takumi.


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