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Friday, December 02, 2005

Mai Otome 8

Natsuki was shocked about the Harmonium being under the castle for centuries without being discovered. Both Natsuki and Shizuru realizes that Arika and Mashiro have a contract together which Natsuki doesn't want to nullify the contract while Shizuru tries to find more information on the Harmonium from Arika and Mashiro while worrying about outside influences. Arika cleans Fumi's grave for punishment for skipping performance class and cannot remove the GEM from her earring. Nina, Erstin, and Irina met up with Arika for some lunch while Erstin notices that Arika and Mashiro are becoming close friends. In a flashback, Sergey tells Nina about the contract between Arika and Mashiro and wants her to investigate. Irina shows Arika a huge pink machine which will supposely cleans but it explodes soon after it was activated. Irina and Erstin are worried about Arika's grades because there's an exam coming up and if she gets the lowest grade for a second time in a row would mean she would get expelled. Arika was in the library trying to figure out a way to nullify the contract when Shizuru suddenly appeared. Tomoe and her lackeys were watching Shizuru helping Arika to study while she asked Arika about the sound from the Harmonium. Arika encounters a dark figure while Irina returns Erstin's father's book on AI to her. The dark figure was Miyu which Arika seems to know in the past which Alyssa was actually a bird on Miyu's right shoulder. The last time that Miyu has seen Arika was six months before her grandmother's death which Arika asks Miyu if there was a way to nullify the contract. Mashiro suddenly shows up and gets hostile at Arika for talking about the contract with Miyu. Miyu manages to remove the GEM from Arika even though she couldn't do it earlier as well and also removes Mashiro's gem as well. Miyu tells them that they are still bound by the contract which she suggests to go to Fumi's grave for help.

Arika tells Erstin, Nina, and Irina that she wants to sneak into the Forbidden Library which has books about lost technology and the history of the planet. All three of them decided to go with Arika to the Forbidden Library which Nina has an idea to get in. During the night, Arika and the others showed up at the Forbidden Library which Nao shows up with an item. Meanwhile, Nagi goes to a bar and meets up with a guy who suggest that Nagi should fight with a Slave. Nao tells Arika and Nina that they have to help out with her job later for doing this as she puts in the key which somehow Arika manages to open it up. They discovered a databank which they couldn't get anything useful from it before it disappeared. They discovered another room which is a graveyard for previous Otomes. Maria suddenly appears and wonders why they are even though most people aren't allowed to come here as she was here to pay respects for her room attendent, Monica Julen who died in the Dragon King War 50 years ago. During that time, Otome were promoted to Meister without even graduating and Monica lost to her best friend who was number two Trias. Arika wondered why they didn't battle each other which Maria tells her that they respected their Masters so much that their friendship didn't matter. Nina said she could fight a friend which Arika said she couldn't which Maria told her to leave the academy but Arika said that she will make sure that no wars are even fought. Maria notices that Arika covered up her earring which contain no GEM which made them to clean the grave as punishment and even Arika and Mashiro got replacement GEMs. Over at the country of Argos, the leader of the country has the last members of the Black Valley, the Asward to get the Harmonium.

It seems that Arika knew Miyu in the past as she travels all of the world for reasons unknown. It was shocking to see Alyssa as a bird but at least they are together though. Then there was the whole part where Arika's hair was glowing gold. I wonder what was that was about along with if Miyu ever return the gems to Arika and Mashiro. Then you have Natsuki and Shizuru who wants Arika and Mashiro to not to nullify the contract at all as they want to use her in the future. It has been revealed that Midori is the person in the cloak in episode 3 and acts as the leader of the Asward which their goals are to return to space. It seems that the Hime karma of battling your friends carries over to Otome as friend fight friend in war but the difference between the two was that the Otome are bound to their Master's order while Hime girls were more independant and could decide not to fight at all. Then there is Nagi who tries to find ways to increase his military power and Sergey using Nina to get information about the contract. The next episode is the beach episode where Erstin becomes sick during this episode.


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