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Monday, December 12, 2005

Mai Otome 9

Sergey meets with someone who gives him one of Arika's letters along with the information that Nagi was meeting with John Smith, negotiator of Schwarz. Sergey reads the letter which Arika is trying to do her best with exams which consists of written, dancing, Robe combat, PE, piano, and serving drinks and food which she did well in Robe combat and PE but everything else wasn't as good. Arika was tired from the exams but Irina tells her about the main event: the field trip which everyone in the classroom cringes at the fact. Yukariko takes the class to a resort hotel with mountains and a bench for their field trip. Arika runs towards the ocean while undressing her PE clothes to reveal her swimsuit when Yukariko stop her with one of her arrows. Natsuki and Shizuru give their thanks to Yukino and Hakura for providing the site for their exam. Mashiro, Mikoto, and Aoi came with Shizuru and Natsuki which Nagi and Sergey tagged along as well under the impression that Nagi is courting Mashiro. Arika finds out the ugly truth that field trip didn't mean vacation but a long distance hike in the mountians. Yukariko and the Trias explain the field trip to them which they have to traverse 100 km in pairs, cannot use their robes and have no food supplies which they have gather their own food. Their dinners will be graded as they must be able to prepare a nice meal for their Master in extreme situations. They have a marker which the Trias and the staff can track them and can be used as rescue beacons in case of emergency. Youko explains about the syringe which acts as a catalyst for the nano-machines. If one of them retires during the hike, the pair is disqualified. Nagi tells Sergey to take the day off tomorrow which he accepts the offer as Nagi was waiting for John Smith. A mysterious person messes around with Arika and Erstin's equipment during the night as well. The exam begins which Arika promises Erstin that she will even carry her towards the end along with Nina and Tomoe trying to find the best route while Irina and Miyu getting lost already. Shizuru gives Natsuki a massage with Youko nearby the pool which she remembers the time when Natsuki had to retire since her partner got them lost along with Shizuru remembering the position that they were in when she arrived at the scene for rescue. Haruka and Yukino show up which Haruka remembers the time when she and Shizuru took the test which Shizuru made Haruka carry all the stuff and did everything. Mashiro is at the bench with Aoi and got mad at her since Nagi is around but her tune changed when Chie and Yukariko showed up and ask them to play beach volleyball. Shiho was annoyed that she had to tend to the base camp while everyone else was having fun. Akane meets with up Kazuya which Sergey sees them together and notices that Kazuya is the son of one of the three great emperors of Cardair.

Erstin was getting tired when a snake bit her in the right leg. Arika tries to help Erstin but she tries to refuse her help which Arika wouldn't hear of it. Shiho shows up to grade Arika's dinner which was unpleasant to the eyes and tries not to eat it but Arika made her eat it which was terrible. Shizuru had a nice dinner with Tomoe and Nina while Chie had a nice laugh with Irina and Miyu due to the mushrooms. Arika gave Erstin a bath which she noticed that Erstin was sweating so much due to the injection. She was concerned for Erstin's health and wanted to retire but she wouldn't allow it even though their grade on the food was -10%. Erstin tells Arika that she will be an excellent Otome because her dream is so strong while she got in because her grades. She began to cry which Arika calm her with a song. Nina asks Tomoe about her admiration with Shizuru which she gave the standard answers that she's so great. The Black Valley have found their target in the mountains and wanted to arrive there before dawn. The next day, Arika was carrying Erstin's items in the dark clouds and their compass was going crazy when Erstin collasped due to the bite and nano-machines. Arika presses the button on both of their markers but they turned off instead and began to rain. She leaves Erstin in a tree while she tries to find some help. Akane returns back to base camp with no success in finding Arika and Erstin while Mashiro, Aoi, Nagi, and Sergey are worried about them. Arika emerges from a cliff to find a dead solider and a partially destroyed gate. One of the Black Valley appears in front of Arika and attacks her which he notices that she's an Otome student and wants to kill her even more because of Erstin. He manages to knock Arika off the cliff and into the water.

It seems that Sergey is concerned about Nagi's involvement with Schwarz and discovers the relationship between Akane and Kazuya. I wonder how he will handle both of those situations. As for Natsuki's comment about her partner getting her lost during the field trip, somehow I don't think it could be Mai as she doesn't usually get lost. It seems that Tomoe strikes again as she probably made it that the markers will deactivated if turn on along with their syringes so they will produce an unfavorable reaction to them. I really think that Arika stumbled onto the Black Valley by accident as their target was probably beyond the gate that the dead soldier was guarding. The next episode has Sergey rescuing Arika from the ocean while Shizuru and Haruka fight off Midori and the Black Valley.


  • At 5:55 AM, Blogger Phoenix512 said…

    I didn't feel like editing the entry but this came to me earlier. If they are 51 Otomes in the Coral class, wouldn't that mean there would be a three person group unless there was a 52th Otome that show up after Arika joined the school? If there was a three-person group, the combination of Arika-Erstin-Irina or Arika-Erstin-Nina would be interesting to see.

  • At 5:20 AM, Anonymous Washi said…

    > If they are 51 Otomes in the Coral class, wouldn't that mean there would be a three person group

    Good point. I hadn't thought of that, and I didn't see any 3 person groups. You'd think that having 3 people on your group could be somewhat of an advantage.

    AS for the Natsuki's partner thing, You're right, that doesn't sound like Mai. But then, it didn't seem like she was referring to anyone who's been on the show so far, so who does that leave? Unless it was simply a throwaway comment regarding no one important..


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