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Thursday, December 29, 2005

School Rumble OVA 1

The episode basically consisted of five short side stories at various points of the series. The first one consisted of a student named Yoshidayama who wanted to rule high school as a bully after experiencing three years of misery in middle school but he ended up in the same high school has Harima in it. The second story involved how Yamiko and Sarah became friends as Sarah saved Yamiko from a rabid dog while protecting Iori the cat. The third story involves Tenma's attempts to sit next to Karasuma during seat changing day along with Harima's own attempts to sit with Tenma. The next one is a little bit odd as it involves Yamiko again as she encounters a spirit after art class one day. The final story occurs after the camping trip which the girls and the guys went to a hot springs. The ending credits have Kamasuma and Tenma on a train via Galaxy Express 999 along with a short between them. Basically, the animation for this OVA is done very well and had some funny moments especially during the hot springs moments. I probably do a more typical entry on the second episode as it might be interesting as the cast in cave gear. Also, I heard there might a second season of School Rumble. So there might be a true ending after all.


  • At 7:48 AM, Anonymous Mohammad said…

    The OAV was hilarious. It covered some short chapters that usually appear at the end of the School Rumble manga volumes (chapters B18 in volume 6, chapter B4 in volume 2 and chapter B3 in volume 2). Sarah and Yakumo rock.

    Yes, there will be a second season but wither that season gives a real conclusion to the story or not depends on wither the manga author concludes his manga before the new season is aired or not. I wouldn’t hold my breath for a good ending if the manga is not finished by then.


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