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Monday, December 05, 2005

School Rumble Review

School Rumble is a love comedy about a love triangle between Tenma Tsukamoto, Karasuma Ooji, and Harima Kenji which the relationships are defined in the following way: Tenma loves Karasuma but he doesn't realize it, Harima loves Tenma but she doesn't realize it, and Harima just hates Karasuma for being Tenma's lover which Karasuma is in his own world. There's also a whole cast of supporting characters who just make things interesting along the way.

I very much loved the animation and music of the series but this series isn't the best in terms of plot. It's mostly based on the situations they get into which is usually funny to begin with. This series had some great moments in comedy like the horse battle in episode 22. The only main character I really liked was Harima even though he misunderstood most of the situations that he went through during the series while Tenma was just too dense and Karasuma once again is just in his own weird world. The supporting characters are really great like Yamuko, Eri, Arika, and Mikoto as they have better personalities than Tenma and Karasuma. The ending was just weird as you try to figure out what was real or not. Basically, there was no real conclusion to School Rumble as the whole love thing wasn't really resolved along with the subplots like Eri and Harima.

Overall, School Rumble is just something funny to watch not for its story and characters. It's a very comedy but not a very good love story. I give School Rumble 3.5 out of 5.


  • At 8:48 AM, Anonymous Mohammad said…

    School Rumble is one of my favourite shows. It has hilarious comedy, lovable characters, interesting music and enjoyable drama. I have one thing to say about Harima: He is the man!! He is one of only a handful male anime characters who I am fond of. The main weakness with the show was the focus at the start on the relationship between Tenma and Karasuma and Harima’s futile attempts to get closer to her. That scenario thankfully changed during the second half of the show but it wasn’t enough. The real drama turning point in the show was when a subtle romance between Harima and both Yakumo and Eri was building up near the end of the show. The TV series didn’t handle it as well as the manga though. If you read volumes 7 and 8 of the manga, you will see how the relationship between Yakumo and Harima was developed very well. This change of heart by the author of the manga was a result of a poll conducted by the magazine that serialized School Rumble which revealed that Eri and Yakumo were the most popular characters of School Rumble. The author decided to go along with the results of the poll and change the plot to a more interesting and exciting one. That why the series ended with no real conclusion (and no real sense to be honest). It’s a way of telling the fans to go read the manga (volumes 9 and above) to see how the story progresses from there. What school rumble needs is a second season to explore this new plotline since it’s far more interesting than the original one (I strongly support Harima pairing with Yakumo but Eri is a very strong contender. May the best girl win) (^_^)

    Final note: I didn’t realize that Yakumo is younger than Tenma until episode 16. What a shock that was.

  • At 8:29 AM, Blogger Wish said…

    SR is the best romantic-comedy of all 2004.

    I think its better that you put the calification over 10.

    Ja ne!


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