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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Shuffle 18

While at school, Asa tells Rin that she's making a Three-Color Cookie while Sia and Nerine watched them from above and thinks that Rin likes Asa but they haven't confessed yet. While cleaning, Sia and Nerine suggests that Rin should go out on a date with Asa as they are tired to see him not realizing his feelings along with that they wanted to know their rivals in love. Midoriba takes Rin, Mayumi, Sia, and Nerine to a secret hideout to plan out Rin's date with Asa while Kaede is teaching cooking to Primula who tells her that they're planning a date. Midoriba has the date all set with Rin taking Asa to Cupid Land which is designed for couples to have fun. Rin wanted to have a normal date but Midoriba wants Rin to have an intense confession. The next day, Rin tells Asa about the date along with Kareha who has her naughty glowing moment. Later that night, Rin and Kaede talk about the date with Asa as she is planning to take Primula shopping on Sunday. Meanwhile, Asa is having a hard time choosing her outfit for the date. Sia, Nerine, Midoriba, and Mayumi are spying on Rin and Asa as they noticed that Asa showed up first which Midoriba was disappointed at Rin. Rin and Asa were about to go on the Love Carrousel when Midoriba and Mayumi pushed Rin to it During the ride, Rin felt very uncomfortable on the ride while Asa was enjoying herself. While on the spinning cup ride, Nerine decided to spin up the ride to get them closer but the ride continues to spin too fast.

Asa and Rin were sitting a bench after their experience on the spinning cup ride. Rin was looking over a map that Midoriba gave him for where to go on the date but Asa derail his plan as they went to the swan boats. He looks at the map again to figure out where to go but Asa decide to drive the go-carts instead. Then they went to a couple of other rides which Rin was afraid while Asa was having fun. They also got their pictures taken at a booth and ate some lunch which Midoriba suggested the Pasta House for lunch but went to some other place. Asa notices that Rin is uncomfortable as things aren't going to plan. They went to the Ferris Wheel which Mayumi and Midoriba wanted to follow them but Sia and Nerine told them to stay here and not bother them. While on the Ferris Wheel, Asa decided to give Rin a cookie by having a part of it in her mouth which Rin takes a bite but before Rin could take a bite, the ride was over. Asa knows that Rin had something to say but realizes that Sia and the others were nearby. She realizes this when Rin kept looking at the map which Rin told her that they were the ones who wanted him to date her. Asa slaps Rin for that the date wasn't his idea in the first place. She hopes that Rin would ask her out on his own intentions. Rin realizes that he needs to make a move otherwise he would just hurt others in the process. He comes back home to see that Kaede made dinner for him even though he told her earlier that he didn't need dinner and makes her to put away the dinner.

I got to say that Rin is being like Yamato as he just goes with the flow on his date with Asa. He tries to follow the plan that Midoriba gave him which only backfires as Asa took him places that she wanted to go and made him uncomfortable which she caught on when he keep looking at the map. Then there is Kaede who makes Rin dinner even though he said that he didn't want any dinner for tonight. She's probably feeling lonely right now as Rin has been hanging out with Asa so much lately. It seems that the next episode will bring Kaede to the forefront along with Asa's mysterious illness.


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