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Monday, December 05, 2005

Shuffle 19

Rin dreams of the time when he and Kaede were facing each other in the rain while they were kids. An angry Kaede tells Rin that he should be dead for some reason. Rin wakes up and thought he was going to late but it was a holiday today. Kaede was going to make some breakfast but he had plans with Asa and went off to her house. Kaede decides to clean the house along with some laundry as Primula shows some concern about her. The scene shifts to eight years ago when Rin and Kaede at the funeral for Rin's parents and Kaede's mother which they died in a car accident. Kaede remembers the last time she saw them before their death and collaspes at the funeral. She became catontic from losing her mother as the doctors tell her father and Rin that she needs a reason to live in order to come out of it. One night, Rin goes into Kaede's room and tells her that he was the reason for the accident as he wanted them to come back early for her sake. Kaede comes out of the catontic state which her father was very happy for it but Rin was nearly choke to death by her after telling her that. Rin moves into Kaede's home which his room was destroyed by Kaede. While going to school, Kaede acted nice to Rin but once her father didn't see them, she became mean to him and distance herself from him. One time, she made Rin pick up her pencil box and dropped a knife on Rin which scratched his left eye. One night in the rain, Rin couldn't get into the house while it was raining and Kaede didn't let him in. He was walking in the streets when Kaede asked him why he still alive while her mother is dead. While in middle school, she breaks Rin's model ship and notices the postcard with Rin's parents and her mother. The postcard explains that Kaede's illness was becoming worse and Rin and her father was worried about her. So he called her mother to come back for her. Kaede asks Rin why he lied to her about her mother's death being her fault. Rin didn't answered which made Kaede run away and almost got run over by a truck which Rin saved her at the last moment. Then Kaede told Rin that she was sorry many times over. For that reason, she decided to devote herself to Rin forever.

Asa and Rin went to Kahera's cafe on a date which she wanted them to have the Tropical Love Juice but they said no and she left disappointed. Rin was wondering if coming to the cafe would start rumors but she doesn't care about it and suddenly felt ill and collasped. Rin came back home early because Asa wasn't feeling well and played a game with Primula while Kaede makes dinner. Meanwhile, Asa is fighting off her illness while Ama gives her some medicine. Kaede asks Rin if he wanted to go shopping Kaede and Primula tomorrow but Asa calls and asks Rin if he wants to go out with her tomorrow which he said yes. Kaede was disappointed by this and didn't tell Rin how disappointed she was. The next day, Kaede wanted to make dinner but Rin tells not to and heads off. Primula asks her if they were going shopping but she decided not to go. Later that night, Primula asked Kaede if she was ok if Rin was happy regardless if he's with her or not which she answered yes but her eyes were evil looking when she said that. Kaede answers the phone which Rin told her that he was having dinner over at Asa's house and Primula notices that Kaede was stirring nothing in the pot. The next day, Rin goes out with Asa while Kaede tends to the house and cried during cleaning. Primula tries to find Kaede to apologize for asking her a weird question which she went into Rin's room and notices that she black out Asa's face on the pictures with Rin. Kaede answers the door which Rin came home with Asa and tells Asa to go home. Then she attacks Asa and demands that she returns Rin to her. Rin pulls Kaede off of Asa as she was having an attack and collaspes due to her illness.

This episode explains one of the mysteries from earlier in the series with young Rin and Kaede in the rain. Kaede was rather scary as a kid with her trying to ruin Rin's life by breaking his stuff to the extreme point which was dropping a knife from the stairs. Her eyes were just devoid of any happiness and full of anger and sadness. In a way, I feel sorry for her as she couldn't deal with the loss of her mother and now, she dealing with another type of loss. Rin doesn't even realize the problems with Kaede as he's out with Asa all the time. I think Primula tried to tell Rin about Kaede but he misunderstood her for that she wanted to play with him. The next episode is going to be with the aftermath of Kaede's madness along Asa's collaspe at the house.


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