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Monday, December 05, 2005

Shuffle 20

Asa was taken to the hospital which Rin was near her along with Ama. She tells Rin that she needs to talk to him about something while Primula comforts Kaede after what she did Asa and Rin earlier. Ama asks Rin if he likes Asa but he couldn't give an answer to her. Then she tells him about how she should give Asa an apology for being born. Rin tries to comfort Ama but she tells him to take care of Asa. Rin calls Kaede from the hospital and tells her not to worry about dinner and that Asa is pretty much ok. During the night, Rin was holding Asa's hand even when he was asleep. Primula wakes up to notice that the lights were still on and sees Kaede sitting alone at the table with Rin's dinner. Kaede tells Primula that Rin is coming home and not to turn off the lights because of him. The next day, Rin comes back home and tells Kaede that Asa is ok along with that he's going to rest instead of going to school. Kaede goes to school and decides to come back home once to see that Rin was about to head back to the hospital. She asks why he has to go back which he doesn't answer the question and tells her that she has been acting strange lately. Rin has lunch with Asa and Ama which Asa will be out of the hospital by tomorrow. She even mentions that Rin should study more because he's been missing school because of her. Rin says that he doesn't care which university he goes to as along he gets in. Asa tells him that he should go to the same university as her but he needs to improve greatly if he's going to have a chance of getting in. Back at home, Kaede becomes sad at the fact that Rin isn't with her as much anymore.

Asa and Rin talked outside on a bench which Asa talks about her time in the hosiptal as a child. She thought it was a waste of time being trapped in the hosiptal and decided to work hard for anything she desired. Kaede cries on the pictures of Rin and Asa. Later that night, Rin came back home and tells Kaede that he wasn't hungry and wanted to laid down. Kaede came to Rin's room and asks about Asa which he tells her that she's getting out of the hosiptal tomorrow along with the relationship between her and Ama. Kaede says to him that they are like us and wonders if she should suffered some more before he would noticed. Later that night, Asa has another attack while Kaede decides to embrace Rin while she was naked and tells him that she would take care of him forever as along he would never leave her alone. Rin runs away from her and the house as he remember Midoriba and Asa telling him that his indecesivness would just lead to hurting people. He punches a lightpole many times while letting out his anger. Primula once agains comforts Kaede for what she did to him just now. Kaede wants Rin to stay by his side which Primula tells her that she should tell him that but she feels that she couldn't ask him that because of all the things that she did to him in the past and present. Rin walks alone in the rain as he wonders if he has being going with the flow along with Asa suffering through her illness. Rin comes home the next day which he tells Kaede and Primula that he's moving out which shocks the both of them.

This episode has Rin moving out of the house which I don't understand at all and shocked when I heard of it during the episode. I think Kaede and Rin are to blame for Kaede's current condition as she doesn't voice her concerns to Rin while he doesn't realize that he's been ignoring her lately and thinking everything is ok which it is not. Poor Primula as she watches Rin and Kaede going into a tailspin but she did give Kaede some advice to tell Rin about her feelings which she feels that he doesn't need her to worry about. Asa's illness is becoming worse by the day and seems that no one knows about the severity except for Asa as she hides the truth from everyone. The one thing I was wondering is what's going on with Sia and Nerine as they should show some concern with Asa and Kaede. I think they will come back in the next episode as it would will deal with Rin's decision to move out of the house. The title of the next episode is The Whereabouts of Feelings.


  • At 3:52 PM, Blogger Sibby said…

    I think the leaving was the only thing he COULD have done.
    When he looks at the rain and talks about flow, I realized what he would do before he did it.

    He needed to "break the flow."
    Sure, he could have let the current push him back, went back to Kaede and Primula in this horrendously awkward situation and try to live status quo inside his house day by day, but I think he realized that after what had happened it was just not possible anymore.
    It would be stalling an inevitable again.

    If it doesn't completely break Kaede I think it'll help in the long run...but that's a big 'if.'
    Hers is a personality of extremes (no will to live cause of extreme attachment to mother, extreme hatred, extreme servitude guilt, etc.); the only remote possibility for her not going insane is somehow becoming more subdued as a surrogate mother to Primula.

  • At 10:27 PM, Anonymous Honest_Views said…

    As I saw it he had basicly three choices:

    1. Sacrifice his own life remain Kaede's emotional support. She MIGHT recover, but after all these years it doesn't seem to likely.
    This is NOT an option because he would have to forget about Asa and wreck her and his personal happiness.
    2. Try to get help for Kaede. (shrink)
    Even with that outside help it, it would remain up to Kaede if she wanted to accept, and get better.
    There is a good, real good possibility that she would have denied she had problem as long as Rin was around.
    Thus, it might take a LONG time before she recovers, if she recovers.
    3. Leave home (as he did) and force Kaede to come to terms with her problem ON HER OWN. He probably presumed based on his own experiences she would hurt herself but was emotionally low enough that she would committ suicide.
    Remember Kaede was very productive homemaker, and still has Primula to take care of. If she nelegects on that duty, it will become immediately apparent she has a problem.
    Without Rin around, she at least has Primula to take care of.


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