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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Sousei no Aquarion 20

Futaba messing around with one of Apollonius's feathers which annoys Otoha as it causes fruit to ripe and explode. The other Shadow Angels watched Futaba as they reminded of the times when children would hunt down humans for fun. Apollo was eating lots of food for him along with Baron and the others which the other Elements were concerned about. Apollo was remembering Baron and the others when the Kelbrim begin to attack the city. Apollo, Siruis, and Silvia engage them in Solar Aquarion which they hear a feather soon afterwards. Aquarion command is wondering why the Kelbrim are not harvesting and just killing the people as it seems pointless do so. The other angels weren't pleased at Futaba since he's destroying their livestock of prana. Shiruha is annoyed that Futaba doesn't listen to him as he told him that humans are just need for prana and that they will be happy in the garden but Futaba decides to bring some more humans to the garden. Futaba is messing around with Kelbrims like self-destructing him like fireworks. Apollo and the others hears Futaba's voice while Aquarion command doesn't not hear it. Rena feels Futaba's feelings like destroying things without guilt while Jun sees the feather with a small hand holding it. After disabling a Kelbrim, Solar notices a flare jumping from Kelbrim to Kelbrim which they tried to capture it with Infinitiy Punch. They noticed that the flare is really Futaba. The Vice Commander gets a call that Operation Kagome is ready.

Operation Kagome is a capture system for Shadow Angels which the plane containing it heads off to the battle site. Futaba continues to jump from Kelbrim to Kelbrim which Apollo continues to fight it even though Silvia and Sirius don't want to fight a child. Apollo tells them that he shouldn't be forgiven as the plane with the capture system appears and deploys the emitters. Apollo doesn't want to capture the angel but kill it instead as Silvia and Sirius wants to caputre it. Futaba enters into another Kelbirm as Silvia and Sirius continues to try to convince Apollo to not to kill the angel. Apollo uses Infinite Scolding Slap on the Kelbrim which forces Futaba into the force field and traps him. They transported Futaba to Laguna Base where he will be study alive to get details of the Shadow Angel's biology. The Commander tells Sophia that the Shadow Angels and humans have feelings but the angels believe that humans don't have these feelings for them at all. The Commander talks to Apollo if that was the first time if he scolded a child which Apollo said yes which the Commander tells him to see through it till the end. Silvia hears the cries of Futaba during the night along with Sirius and Apollo as he's been tortured by the military. The other Shadow Angels feel Futaba's pain which Tomo decides to exact revenge by summoning a dark Kelbrim soldier.

This episode of Aquarion marks a major victory of the Aquarion team as they captured a live Shadow Angel but their actions may start something terrible as Tomo prepares for revenge. Also Apollo, Silvia, and Sirius hear Futaba's cries as well making them doubt if capturing him was the right thing to do. The next episode will have Apollo and Sirius doing some training while Tomo attacks with his dark Kelbrim soldier.


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