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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Sousei no Aquarion 21

Sirius has a dream where he walks on rose petals in the sky and tries to touch a rose which a pair of hands bloomed out of the rose. Ortha asks Toma what's he going to do with the dark Kelbrim which he says that he's going to build a road. During the night, Sirius was in the rose garden when Apollo mentions to him that he smells something sweet which he describes a red road that extends to the moon which calls him. Sirius meets with Lihua which she describes a dream that the Shadow Angel's feathers were tormenting him to death. He asks her what she would do if a Shadow Angel was hidden among her friends which she replied with that she would fight them regardless if they were a friend. Sirius leaves her and goes to back to his room which Silvia comes in. She tells him that she had a dream which she dreamt of the Wings of the Sin from 12,000 years ago and feels that Sirius may go to a far away place soon. He tells her that he will be with her forever and then they talked about how they were in the beginning which they spent most of their time together and away from the others. They exited the room to notice Apollo with a bunch of bread which they tell him how distasteful to eat all the time. Sirius asks him how he would smell now but he retracts the question and walks away. Later in the night, he has the same dream again and tries to figure whose hands were those. The next day, Sophia tells the Commander about the crimson road that Apollo smell last night. The Commander makes a narrow crimson road connecting on a cliff as Rena explains that the crimson road was the way that the Wings of the Sun went to Heaven which he created by his own blood. The Commander has Apollo and Sirius fenced on the road which Apollo almost falls off. Sirius points his sword at the hanging Apollo until the enemy attacked.

Sirius, Silvia, and Apollo head off to engage the enemy which it's very powerful. The enemy pasts by the Vectors which the defense grid engages the enemy but does no damage to the Dark Kelbrim. The Vectors engage the Kelbrim as Mars Aquarion in double sword combat which Mars is having a hard time against it. Sirius realizes that Toma is calling out to him in the dream along with him controlling the Kelbrim. Silvia and Apollo wonders going on with Sirius as he's acting weird which Aquarion command realizes that the Shadow Angels are inviting the Wings of the Sun to Heaven as the Dark Kelbrim acts as the guide of the Crimson Road. Silvia begins to scream in pain from remembering the dream that she had last night which the Commander has Silvia replaced with Lihua. Sirius manages to regain his composture and fights the Kelbrim once again only to get beat by it as Toma continues to call out to him. Sirius tells Apollo and Lihua that the number of humans and angels died shouldn't matter at all as he fights for a Holy Genesis without conflict which is a beautiful idea to him. Sirius continues to fight against the Dark Kelbrim until they stabbed each other in the shoulder. The Dark Kelbrim's blood makes a crimson road into the Shadow Angels' world which Sirius chases after the Kelbrim. Lihua almost manages to get Sirius away from the road until she sees Sirius's wing coming out and pulls back for a moment. When she tries to reach Sirius again, he pulls back as he wanted to believe in Lihua. He follows Toma into their world and soon after the road disappeared. Sirius realizes that the white hands belong to Toma and that they are in Atlantis.

This episode brings the doubt that Apollo is the Wings of the Sun as Toma was calling Sirius instead to the Crimson Road to Atlantis. Sirius seems to weigh many human lives is nearly equal to one life of a Shadow Angel which makes somewhat sense as life should be equal but it's really not. Lihua's reaction towards the discovery that Sirius was a Shadow Angel was interesting as she would fight him regardless her friendship towards him. She initially pull back her hand only to extend it out again which she had doubts about what to do. The questions currently are the following: What really happened 12,000 years ago?; Who's the true Wings of the Sun, Apollo or Sirius?; and What are the origins of Sirius and Silivia being Shadow Angels? The next episode probably deals with the aftermath of Sirius's disappearance into Atlantis along with the next move on both sides. I finally glad that the story is moving along because things are going to get very interesting.


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