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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Sousei no Aquarion 22

Ortha pets a fairy when she notices Sirius and Toma talking together about how Sirius feels like that he feels at ease at Atlantis which makes Ortha mad and squeezes the life out of the fairy. She talks to Johannes about Sirius which he said to let Toma handle it along with that since Futaba is dead that their only hope is to bear the fruit of the Holy Genesis before it's withered away. Silvia is in Sirius's room looking at some pictures when she notices a note on his desk which he talks about the legend of mahapadma which is an elephant that holds the world and that it will dance a beautiful tango. She cries soon afterwards where she bumps into Lihua which she says that she's sorry but she doesn't want to hear it. The Vice-Commander tells Sophia that the Commander maybe removed from his post if he doesn't retieve Vector Mars soon. Everyone is trying to deal with Sirius's disappearance which Jun gets mad at Chloe for saying bad things about it which Silvia heards and runs away. Sophia visits the Commander in his house which she asks him about why the base is on top of the Alisian Kingdom's monastery along with members of the royal family are here and what's under their wristbands. The Commander reveals a hidden staircase to Sophia and tells her to follow him for the truth. Apollo meets with Lihua which she talks about how she caused misfortune to Sirius and Glen but Apollo thinks otherwise as she realizes that Apollo knew Sirius's secret. She asks him how he can talk normally around him which Apollo replies back with was there something special I should have done. Lihua realizes that she chose to be unlucky which makes Apollo take her to somewhere. The Commander shows Sophia the ruins of Shangri-la which it was around 12,000 years ago when Apollonius and Siren founded the city. The city gave the power for humans to fight against the Angels who were like humans and vice versa. The Commander needed its power to activate Aquarion and so he needed to destroy Sirius's royal family. Sirius and Silvia are descendants of Apollonius and Siren who have the feathers of the Shadow Angels.

Apollo shows Lihua a spring which he thinks its pretty as Lihua drinks from it. He recalls something that the Commander said to him, "The spring, though no one find it, flows still." Apollo smells Sirius's presence as he calls out to Silvia through her feathers which he tries to bring her to Atlantis. Apollo manages to stop Sirius from taking Silvia to Atlantis and tells Silvia not to go with him. Ortha tells Toma about her displeasure of having Sirius here but he dismisses her concern as Sirius prepares to attack the others. The Commander asks Lihua if she can pilot the Vector which she says that she won't let go of his hand and heads out. Apollo and Lihua engage Sirius who pilots Vector Mars. Lihua tries to plead with Sirius to come back with them which he decides to forsake humanity as he shoots down Lihua. Sirius merges with a Kelbrim to form Mars Kelbrim and takes down Apollo in three seconds. Sirius begins to try to take down the force field around the base when three unknown ships arrived. He shoots down one of them but they formed a dark Solar Aquarion and engage Sirius. The Vice-Commander tells them that the dark Aquarion is the new Assualt type Aquarion which Glen is the pilot who has feathers.

It seems that Sirius and Silvia are descendants of Apollonius and Siren. So what makes Apollo then? I really think that all three of them are a part of the Wings of the Sun which no one person make up the entire wing. I knew that Glen will return to help out the Aquarion team but it seems that he has feathers now which is probably due to the recent studies of Futaba. It's really becoming intense as Sirius forsakes his humanity and probably the only way to save him will be the combined power of Apollo, Silvia, and Lihua. It seems that the next episode will have Sirius fighting Glen as Apollo and the others sitting on the sidelines watching.


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