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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Suzuka 21

Yamato sees Suzuka walking by when she tells him not to talk to her at all. He's been dropping the baton during practice which is getting on the nerves of one of the members of the team. After school, Miki heards about Yamato's troubles and offers him assistance for his problem. She takes him to a park where she begins to strip down to her practice clothes and wants him to do the same. During practice, Yamato drops the baton because he remembers when Suzuka said that he was the worst. Miki runs off to get some juice while Yamato reflects on his decision which he has been going with the flow and the result is came out bad each time. Miki comes back over which she said that he's been regretting what he said to Suzuka about the breakup. He said that he approached the relationship in an irresponsible way which Miki decided to tell Suzuka about the truth. He decided to tell her himself instead of having Miki doing it. The next day, he goes through his mind the conversation between him and Suzuka to Hattori which isn't going well in his mind. Miki comes over and said that she still be willing to talk to Suzuka but before Yamato could give an answer, she argues with Hattori. During practice, Yamato still has problems with the baton as his mind is still thinking about Suzuka.

After school, Yamato was waiting for Suzuka at the steps which she walks past him. Yamato tells her the truth about the breakup which she asks the reason why he lied to her. He tells her that she would have felt guilty about it which she gets mad at him and at that point, he tells her that he doesn't want to argue with her. She goes back to her room which Yamato did soon afterwards as well and thinks that he should have Miki do it after all. Yamato heads out to the laundromat which he sees Suzuka doing her laundry as well. They sit at the table reading magazines which Yamato decides to break the silence with some conversation but she wasn't in the mood. He notices that Suzuka's laundry is done as she does nothing about it. She tells him that she doesn't want to see him taking out her underwear (he couldn't get the subtle hints). Yamato decides to head for the convenience store but Suzuka tells him to leave his croquettes with her since she was hungry. She even convinces Yamato to stay with her since she didn't want to eat the croquette alone after some arguing. After coming back home, Miki calls him to see if he managed to make up with Suzuka which he didn't give a real answer about the problem. After talking to Miki, his phone rings and Suzuka calls him as he falls off his bed. She tells him that she's not angry at him and want him to do well at the race otherwise she doesn't want to be blamed for his crappy performance. Yamato realizes that he still likes Suzuka as he looks at the moon.

With the helpful advice of Miki, Yamato managed to get back to speaking terms with Suzuka even though he almost blew it a couple of times. He has been growing slowly as he realized what he did wrong with his previous relationships by with just going with the flow as he did what they wanted him to do instead of what he wanted but he's still dense as ever with the underwear scene. I don't know if Yamato can try again with Suzuka but he has overcome a lot of bad feelings and past hurdles if he wants to be with Suzuka again. The next episode has the return of Emerson Arima has Yamato wants to beat him for the title of number one atlethe which I suspect that we might see the Kazuki angle coming back again.


  • At 11:44 AM, Blogger Mentar said…

    Yay for Miki!

    As pretty much the only person in the game, she not only "gets it" - even though nobody really tells her in advance, but just by observing and drawing the right conclusions - she also knows when to keep quiet and play along (mostly with Suzuka) and when to confront people and force the truth out (with Yamato). As usual, I can't help but wonder why she hasn't got her own flock of fans ;)

    So, we have a brief dip into sports again, and then let's get set for the dramatic end run...

  • At 3:31 PM, Blogger Phoenix512 said…

    Miki is like Jessica in American Pie who knows the game but doesn't play it. I also find it odd that Sakurai didn't make an appearance in this episode even though she should have been around practice though watching Yamato dropping the baton many times.

  • At 3:38 PM, Anonymous Mohammad said…

    Miki plays an excellent supporting character but since she doesn't go through any romantic trials like Honoka and Suzuka, I doubt she will have much of a fanbase.

    So we’re back to square one (as if we didn’t see that coming) I agree with Yamato on one thing: “Suzuka is really not cute”. She is like a moderate version of Kaname form Full Metal Panic. If I was Yamato, I would make Suzuka pay for all the time he wasted in his romantic trials because of her (payment in cash, credit cards not accepted).

  • At 12:37 AM, Blogger Asakomi said…

    I think Suzuka is cute, she just has issues :-P. LoL, though she is a bit like Kaname isn't she except she beats on Yamato with words instead of with a fan or fists ;-). I got frustrated at Kaname at times, but not so with Suzuka. At least with her we have some back story and some explanation as to why she is the way she is.


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