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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Suzuka 22

Yamato sits alone thinking about Suzuka and if he should confess to her again. He remembers about Kazuki and how Suzuka adore him even now in death. Hattori shows up and talks to Yamato about observing girls. He notices that Yamato isn't really happy right now even though being pick for the relay team and gets him to admit that he likes Suzuka. Miyomoto shows up and tells Yamato to get ready soon along with that Kazuki should have been captain instead of him if he was alive. He goes on saying that Kazuki was stupid, overconfident, and irresponsible but he was serious about track while fighting with Suzuka all the time. He set the national junior high record in the 100-meter dash in his last tournament. Hattori realizes that Suzuka liked Kazuki which Miyomoto confirms and tells that she still clings on him even now. Hattori tells Yamato that he thinks Kazuki is superior to him which Yamato shouts out shut-up which everyone stares at him except for Suzuka who didn't notice it at first until a few seconds which she became embarrassed by him. He tells Hattori that he's going to become the number one athlete in Japan in order to win Suzuka's heart. The former captain begins to choke out Yamato to make sure that he's going to race this time. Miyomoto tells Yamato that only 7-8 can run the 100 in the 11-second area and was going to give him some advice but Yamato cuts him off. Yamato passes by Suzuka which she tells him to control himself and not do something embarrassing. Miki overlooks the exchange which Hattori shows up and offers her some chocolate. She's annoyed that Yamato and Suzuka are such good friends again and that she wasted so much energy on them which Hattori tells her that she should have just left them alone. She asks him why he's still here which he said that he wants to see Yamato do something surprising.

Yamato is preparing for the race when he notices Arima is around which Yamato needs to beat in order to become number one. Yamato decides to erase all doubt and going to win with everything he has as he came in first with a time of 10.81 seconds which was faster than Kazuki. Yamato heads over with everyone to tell them his time but they weren't pleased with it as Suzuka tells him that he should have control himself in order to save energy for the semi-finals and the relay. Arima wins his heat with a time of 11.09 while Yamato is worried that he can't overcome the difference between their best times that quickly. Sakurai talks to Yamato if he wanted a drink which he already has one and tells him to do his best. She notices that they are so far away each other now. Miyomoto tells Yamato that the finals are just a timed race as the top eight in the semi-finals move on to the metropolitan tournament which basically the semi-final is the finals. Sasaki, one of Yamato's teammates in the relay, is like Suzuka that he hates people who aren't serious about track. Yamato tells Sasaki that he may not have anything left for the relay as he wants to beat Arima in the race. Miki tells Suzuka that Yamato ran a 10.68 and is currently in first place and also broke Arima's recond at Inter High. Suzuka talks to Yamato which she wonders why he's depressed since he was in first place. He shows her a piece of paper which Arima beat him with a time of 10.51. She tries to tell him that he did very well coming in second and qualified for the Metropolitan tournament. Yamato says that getting second is pointless as he wants to be first and begins to ask Suzuka on how to improve his speed which she can't help with it. Yamato runs off while Suzuka wonders why he got so serious all of a sudden.

This episode gave Yamato a goal to be the number one athlete in Japan in order to win Suzuka's heart. Once again, he's using track in order to win Suzuka's heart which he went through this route before. The difference this time is that he's more serious about track and has a desire to win. Suzuka is now trying to figure out why Yamato is so serious all of a sudden which might take her a while to figure out as she's dense to the matters of the heart. Sakurai made an appearance and two in this episode which the distance between her and Yamato is rather wide now even though they were so close not too long ago. Somehow, this goal will backfire on Yamato as Suzuka doesn't want him to do this to impress her. I really think that Yamato is trying to be Kazuki which he cannot ever be but doesn't realize that he should be himself mostly and maybe some improvements in his denseness. The next episode has Yamato doing some self-training with Miki to improve his time which seems to annoy Suzuka as he doesn't cheer for her lately.


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