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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Suzuka 23

Miyamoto shows Yamato a few graphs between the best sprinter in the world, Arima, and him which the best sprinter and Arima has nearly identical shapes except for the difference in speed while Yamato's top speed is close to Arima but Yamato reaches it a little bit earlier and loses more speed at the end of the speed compared to Arima who peaks a little bit later but doesn't lose much speed towards the end. Miyamoto suggests that Yamato needs to train to delay his peak and gives him a new training regiment along with the advice that changing your style is very hard to do. Yamato talks to Suzuka who was getting some water and tells her about his new training to change his style but she doubts that he can do it within two weeks. He asks what's wrong with Suzuka but she tells him to shut up and leave her alone as she doesn't care how he runs. Sakurai tries to give Yamato a towel but the former captain chokes him out along with Miki talking to him. Later in the day, Sakurai wonders if Yamato was still training which he was with Miki. Miki asks him what's gotten into him lately which he said that he has a goal now but Miki asks him why he became so serious all of a sudden which she thinks it's because of Suzuka. He confirms Miki's deduction as he wants to become number one for Suzuka which he will tell her his feelings at that point. She thinks that Suzuka wouldn't fall in love with him by doing this which he realizes but he's doing this to satsify himself. She mentions that she doesn't want to drag into his plans unless he treats her to a meal. Miho wonders where Yamato is still training as he hasn't come for dinner yet as Suzuka suddenly leaves the table. She goes to her room and wonders what's going on with Yamato.

Sakurai calls Nana for some advice about Yamato which she heads to her place immediately. They talked about Yamato which Sakurai tells her that she thinks that Yamato and Suzuka like each other and that's there's no place for her anymore. Nana tells her to forget about Yamato and find another guy who cares about her. Yamato continues his training day and night which Hattori is impressed with his determination even though he doesn't like the motive for it. Miyamoto shows Yamato that his graph shape is becoming more like Arima which Yamato tells Suzuka the news about it. She tells him that even though he's getting better in practice, it may backfire on him in an actual race. Miyamoto asks Yamato if he wanted to get something to eat which he decides to train some more. He talks to Suzuka again which she basically tells him that he doesn't have time to tell her good luck on her training. Later in the day, Suzuka tells him to go home since he ran so much today and doesn't trust him which makes Yamato angry at her and asks her what she doesn't like about him. He decides to walk away which makes Suzuka grab his shirt and apologizes to him along with good luck in the tournament tomorrow before running off herself. It is the day of the tournament which Miki and Hattori talked to each other which Hattori tells her that she needs to improve her skills in order to run for the tournament. Yamato and Suzuka are busy preparing themselves for their events which Yamato is very ready for the race.

This episode shows that Sakurai is becoming more distant between Suzuka and Yamato which Nana tells her to find another guy and forget about Yamato which she should have said instead of telling her that she needs more confidence. Miki realizes Yamato's true intentions and decides to help him improve as along she gets a free meal out of it (a friend who's willing to do anything for food that's such a great friend to have or not). The interaction between Suzuka and Yamato was mostly Yamato bragging about his recent accomplishments and Suzuka playing Devil's Advocate which she retains her attitude while talking to him. She finally shows a crack in her emotional armor when Yamato became angry with Suzuka's Devil's Advocate act and shows a little bit of her true feelings for Yamato. Somehow, it's hard for her to just praise Yamato instead giving him criticism all the time. The next episode seems to have Yamato confessing to Suzuka once again along with the results of his training when he faces off against Arima once again.


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