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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Suzuka 24

Suzuka manages to make her jump which gets her into the Kantou tournament while Yamato gets ready mentally to beat Arima. Hattori and Miki were talking about how Yamato has move up in the track world. The former captain and Miyomoto talk to Yamato about the race which he said not to worry and left. They talked about how Yamato hasn't reached his personal best since the last tournament but his shape of the graph is improving. They continued to talk about how athletes worried that they take too much time to reach their top speed while Yamato worries that he reaches his top speed too quickly. They know that Yamato has the potential to be great and the change of running style will help him in the long run. Yamato and Arima face off in the first qualtifying race which they were neck to neck until Yamato starts to lose speed and eventually coming next to last in the race. Everyone is disappointed in Yamato's performance including Yamato himself.

Yamato tells Miyamoto that he panicked during the race as people were passing him by along with a bad performance in the relay with a late start and drop the baton. He thinks that his senpais are mad at him which Miyamoto tells him that they are too focused on their events to worry about it. Ayano is concerned for Yamato as he didn't want her breakfast and dinner while Suzuka showed no concern about Yamato during dinner. Yamato goes through the comments that Mikii and Hattori said to him after losing the race along with being unable to face Suzuka right now with his disappointing performance. He hears his doorbell ring which it was Suzuka. She stopped by to make some boiled eggs as she brought too many eggs at the store. He wonders why she's here right now until she tells him about how she didn't make it out of the prefectural meets for the first three years that she did track along with that she thought about irrevelant things and pressure. Then she managed to focus without giving up which allow her to get an excellent record in her last meet in junior high. Yamato thanks her for worrying about him and cheering him up which Suzuka told him that she's just here to get rid of some eggs. She decides to leave which at that point he confessed to Suzuka and tells her that she doesn't need to give an answer right now along with that he will practiced harder and run faster than before. She remembers the time that Kazuki confessed to her which it was the same way that Yamato is confessing right now and tells Yamato to stop it and runs away. Yamato acts like a baby when he got rejected this time and answers his door which he thought it was Suzuka but it was actually Miho. She asks Yamato where Suzuka was since she wanted her to help her with her math homework which he tells her that she's on an errand. It's been two hours since Suzuka left his room and Yamato begins to worry. So he begins to find Suzuka which he calls Miki to see if she had stop by her place which she didn't. Miki decides to search for her as well while Suzuka is sitting along crying.

This episode has Yamato losing badly to Arima and doesn't make it past the qualifying race. He was going to confess to Suzuka after beating Arima but he decided to do it anyway when she was making boiled eggs for him. I really wonder why Suzuka keeps putting up her tough exterior when Yamato catches on her true motives. It seems that Suzuka doesn't want to remind of Kazuki which he remembles Yamato a lot. When Yamato confessed to Suzuka this time around, he had no idea that he was acting like Kazuki did when he made his confession to Suzuka just before he died. I think Suzuka needs to tell Yamato about what Kazuki meant to her along with the reason why she ran away when he confessed again. The next episode has Yamato searching for Suzuka along with a confrontation between Sakurai and Suzuka. I wonder if Sakurai may tried to do some misdirection with Yamato when he asks her about Suzuka.


  • At 4:06 AM, Anonymous Problematic said…

    I wonder if Sakurai may tried to do some misdirection with Yamato when he asks her about Suzuka.

    I highly doubt it since Honoka isn't the type to pull a stunt like that. She loves Yamato, and wishes nothing, but happiness for him. LOL, and it would be a good lesson for her as she tries to overcome her feelings for him.

    Yea you are absolutely right! Suzuka does need to reveal her true feelings because sooner or later, Yamato will get sick of it. Her games are confuzzlingness is getting tiresome for everyone. Like I said before, I really question if she does like Yamato, because her feelings for her former senpai have not been resolved yet.


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