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Friday, December 16, 2005

Yakitate Japan 48-49

Spencer's Alexandria sends out a fragrance while it's being baked which is the smell of kodaimai-miso. Azuma explains to the others about kodaimai-miso since his family grew rice for living which dumb-founded the others. Spencer finishes Alexandria and feeds a piece for Pierrot to judge. Kawachi notices that everyone but him and a detective kid named Tonegawa Conan appear to be frozen. Conan points out to Kawachi that he's in a dimension that Pierrot created and the only way out is to deduce the answer that Pierrot seeks. He points out an old man about to kill his wife with his left hand even though he's right-handed. Then he starts to read the thoughts of Tsukino, Kuro-yan, the Manager, and Kinoshita even though Conan just look at the guy. Conan starts to become cocky which Kawachi tells him to stop being so cocky. Conan has Kawachi to repeat what he said as "Conan was singing his own praises!" which the phrase 'singing your own praises' in Japanese is similar to kodoaimai-miso. Conan transforms into Pierrot and everyone is moving again. Pierrot had some prizes for Kawachi which he refused them and suddenly, Pierrot collaspes from being stabbed in the back.

Kuro-yan accuses Kawachi of stabbing Pierrot which Pierrot gets Kawachi to almost confess to the stabbing. Pierrot explains to Kawachi that his skills as a world-class clown allows him to avoid many attempts on his life. Kawachi's Victory bread is finished and wants Pierrot to judge it. Pierrot takes a bite into the bread and starts a story just after he became ringmaster of Quedam. They became so rich from the Paris performance that everyone became lazy and had to do a charity performance in Libya. Pierrot tries to make the performers to go through the works of Martin Luther King which didn't seem to work at first until he was about to leave by himself and everybody join him to go to Libya. Pierrot goes on for four hours about his experiences in Libya until Kawachi decides to argue with Pierrot about he's not judging his bread. Pierrot explains that it isn't a stupid story but it's about "Libya and me" as he falls on Kawachi and begins to bleed from his back. Pierrot keeps repeating Libya and me which Kawachi realizes that it actually meant "BokutoLibya" or "VikutoRi(bya)" aka Victory. Kawachi is declared as the winner of the second match which Kuro-yan explains how Kawachi won the match. The first part was the dattan sobayu which Kawachi mixed into the dough as a liquid. The second part is the bread mold which is shaped like a V. Usually, you can't make the mold too wide without collasping in on itself but the last part to the bread make it so it won't collaspe. The croissant dough made it possible which Subawara explains that Kawachi was trying to find the maximum angle for his mold so it wouldn't collasped. The dough also contain black pig lard which is sweet and low in cholesterol. Kuro-yan explains that the bread was so revolutionary that Pierrot was willing to risk his life for it. The ambulence shows up as Kawachi asks Pierrot why he did such a stupid thing at the cost of his life. Pierrot tells him that he wants to meet his father as his bread was delicous worth his father's dreams.

At the meantime, Pierrot decides to have fun with the nurse which makes him collasped. Back at the arena, an emergency broadcast comes up which Pierrot needs Bombay blood in order to survive. Kanmuri explains that Bombay is a rare blood type which only 1 out of 10 million people have it and cannot receive any other type of blood (and yes, it is a real blood type). Azuma decides to search for a person with Bombay blood and Kawachi was about to give up when he realizes that he has changed and begins to assign people to look for a person with Bombay blood but it wasn't necessary as the King of Monaco has Bombay blood. Kuro-yan tells the others that Bombay Blood requires both parents to have the gene and usually have close relatives marrying each other like royal families for instance. He suggests that the King of Monaco is Pierrot's father. Pierrot was laying on the operating table and wonders about his parents as everything he did was in vain. The next thing he sees is the Cabaret Club in Heaven which he explains to one of the girls that he lost his life while judging bread which she was reminded of Kuro-yan. He sees the King of Monaco across from him which he asked Pierrot to set next to him along with how long it's been since his parents abandoned him. The King realizes that Pierrot could be his son and asks him how he feels if his parents were nearby right now. Pierrot tells him that he doesn't care as he's the most famous clown in the world and that he would have been found long ago if his parents cared. The King tells him if there maybe some events that prevented them to finding him. The King tries to tell him that he's his father but Pierrot doesn't want to hear it. Back in the real world, the doctors tells the others that the King is refusing to stop the transfusion and allowing his life on the brink of death.

Kuro-yan confirms his deduction that the King is Pierrot's father as nobody would give all his blood to save a complete stranger. Pharaoh shows up and explains to them about the custom of sending their children to a common middle class family to experience the hardships of the people. But 23 years ago, the King wanted to stop the custom as he want to send his newly born son, Prince Leol to a middle class family right away. He explains to Pharaoh that he doesn't want his son to experience the hardships that he experienced when he was a baker for five years as he was a prince and suddenly became a baker in a second. He managed to get through the experience through Kirisaki. Leol was given to a middle class family but the family took him along with the money and tried to fled from Monaco. The soldiers found the couple but they have commited suicide and Leol was missing. They thought that Leol was killed but it wasn't the case at all. Back at Heaven, Pierrot continues to badmouth his parents as the King tells him that he won't allow Pierrot to die along with that he's his son. The King continues to refuse the doctors to stop the transfusion. Pierrot thinks that the King was joking but he wasn't as he tells him that his blood is flowing to him in order to save him. Pierrot finally realizes that the King is his father and realizes that he's slowly dying. The girls take the King into Heaven while Pierrot fades away back to the living world. Pierrot tries to call out to the King but his voice grows weak as he remembers his times with the circus trying to get his parents to notice him. He calls the King father before fading away back to the real world as the King dies in the living world. Team Japan looks for Pierrot in order to cheer him up but they find that Pierrot is throwing a party which he is drunk. Team Japan manages to get Pierrot's senses back and cancels the party. He tells them about his experience in Heaven and meeting his father. Azuma promises Pierrot that he will help Pierrot to go into Heaven which Kawachi suggests Japan #44 but he doesn't have the petalite board to make it. Azuma will just make an even more amazing bread to do it.

These two episodes finished off the second final match with a victory to Team Japan but that victory was overshadowed by Pierrot's near fatal reaction as the King of Monaco gave his life to save Pierrot along with the revealation that the King was Pierrot's father. The episodes followed the manga with some things omitted or rearranged like the Manager explaining Spencer's determination to beat Azuma by going to every rice farm in Japan for the kodaimai-miso. During the Victory reaction, Kuro-yan realized that Pierrot wanted Kawachi to interrupt him instead of Kawachi doing it himself. Also, Kuro-yan didn't explain Kawachi's bread during the match but afterwards when Spencer demamded to know how he lost after seeing Kawachi's crying and realized that Kawachi was truly revolutionary. Then the last change occured at the end when they cut out the scene between Team Japan and Kuro-yan along one other change which it's going to happen in the next episode. The third match is going to revolve around Pierrot trying to meet his parents and both breads are going to have out of this world reactions. The next episode seems to be the build up for the third final match.


  • At 3:27 AM, Anonymous Problematic said…

    Whoa that was totally unexpected. I would've never guessed that the KIng was actually his father. When they were explaining the rarity of bombay blood...I thought the King of Monaco was Pierre's brother or cousin.

    Also was this the suicide thing you were talking about Phoenix? But this time, they probably twisted it around by changing the plot or am I wrong? Haha I should really read the manga!

  • At 4:06 PM, Blogger Phoenix512 said…

    The suicide thing was with Ran which in the anime version, he ran away after the whole deal with the island and the cave incidient with Team Japan.

    I should mention that I was worried that Conan wouldn't show up due to copyright issues. It was good that he was there because I love that part in the manga and also, a huge Conan fan.

    It seems that the anime version cut out any parts that shows character development for Spencer which is weird.


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