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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Yakitate Japan 50

Azuma realizes that he needs to make a bread that must send to Pierrot to Heaven or otherwise he won't be able to beat Shadow's Gopan. He asks Pierrot if he can collect any ingredient he wants which he can do as Azuma is going to make his latest Japan creation, Cannabis Japan which is number 61. Kawachi goes nuts with Azuma as he thinks that he's going to make something illegal but Azuma tells him that cannabis is used in shichimi spice mix. Kawachi points to Subawara and Pierrot who he thought were surprised but they were not as Subawara wonders if it's going to be good in bread while Pierrot acted surprised because he's a clown. Pierrot tells Kawachi that cannabis seeds are legal as along as that they been processed so that they can't sprout. Also, people can cultivate them for foodstuffs with the proper license which Azuma can confirmed since one of his grandpa's friends cultivates them on their farm. Pierrot goes on saying that there's a restaurant in Japan called Asa (means cannabis in Japanese) that specializes in cannabis dishes. Back at the hotel, Kuro-yan insults Kawachi for his lack of common sense about Cannabis since he's a baker and should know any better. Kuro-yan explains the history of Cannabis in Japan which has been around since the Joumon era. There might be fields of cannabis today if the influence of Westerners didn't make it a bad thing. Also, cannabis has essential amino acids, can strength the immune system, and has exceptional flavor. Kawachi thinks Azuma can beat Shadow easily but Kuro-yan tells them about Shadow's true abilities from Kid. He tells Kuro-yan that Shadow is a world-class pantomimer that he can stand toe to toe with Marcel Marceau who's the best pantomimer in history as he could imitate anything from life to death. Kawachi thinks Kuro-yan's warning about Shadow as a joke which Kuro-yan insults him for it. He tells them about how pantomimers can imitate any movement with lots of hard work which Kawachi brings up Kinoshita as an example of someone who can copy well. Kuro-yan doesn't remember Kinoshita which they pan to him being crap on by a bird. Kawachi realizes that the person that pantomimer needs to copy needs to be very good and thinks that Shadow could copy from either Spencer or Monica but once again, Kuro-yan corrects him. He tells them that the person Shadow copied from was the owner of St. Pierre himself, Kirisaki. Shadow continues to copy Kirisaki as he's only at 98% with his copying of his abilities but his body is at the near point of exhustion. Kirisaki gets Shadow to continue with the words that he will be number one in the world.

Shadow remembers his past which begins when he was a child which he can copy the pose of number one atheltes like Barry Bonds which he thought he could use to become number one in the world but there was one problem. He didn't have the skills to back up the copied pose as he struck out while using Barry Bonds's swing. The kids turned against him and eventually no one would talk to him. He wanted to find something that only uses his ability to copy while doesn't require speed or strength. He found it in pantomine which he could be number one in the world which he locked himself in his room and watch videos of Marcel Marceau. He copied Marcel's movements perfectly in a few years but one day, his mother came into the room and he copied her movements on instinct which he didn't mean to do. He had to roll his eyes in order to stop copying everything on sight. Shadow was famous for pantomine for a short time until his dream was crushed by a network president who tells him that his mine has no soul. Shadow spent his time in bars until one day he met Kirisaki who gives him a chance to become number one in the world in baking. He tells him to copy from him which doesn't require special hands and follows a recipe. Back at the present, Shadow asks Kirisaki why he wants to crush Azuma even though he looks at an idiot. He tells him that he's a genius in what he does and names off famous geniuses who had their flaws but able to concentrate insanely on their thing that they were good at. Kirisaki tells him that if Shadow able to copy his Gopan perfectly, he can send Pierrot to the stars. Kuro-yan tells Team Japan about Kirisaki's Gopan being able to send people to the stars but Kawachi thinks that being sent to Heaven is better than the stars. Kuro-yan tells them that Azuma's Japan #44 was able to send him to heaven because his sensitivity but the Gopan was able to send regular people to the stars. He tells Azuma that he's not facing Shadow but Kirisaki himself in the match. It's one day before the finals which the Manager is planning his next vacation spot if Azuma loses which everyone suggests an idea on where to go. Kawachi decides to leave the room which Tsukino follows him to tell him the conversation she had with the Manager earlier about Azuma. The Manager asks her what's the most important thing when making bread which she said it's the person you're making it for. He tells her that helping Azuma would only confuse him as he has his goal for making the bread for Pierrot. He makes her to look into Azuma's eyes which she sees a determined Azuma. She tells Kawachi to focus on cheering for him tomorrow. The next day, Kawachi and the others are trapped in the crowd since everyone wants to see Pierrot since he's the Miracle Prince. Pierrot shows up in a helichopper and drops the ladder on Kawachi's head. Everyone boards the chopper which Kawachi notices that Azuma is very calm even though he's facing Kirisaki's clone. Azuma tells Pierrot that he will send Pierrot to heaven which makes him cry and tells them that Shadow will send Pierrot to the stars to meet with his mother. Everyone else is shocked by this development except for Azuma who justs basically says, "Bring it on!"

Poor Kawachi, he manages to get a great victory in the finals but he's back to being the baldy clown who doesn't know any better especially with the cannabis seeds. I just really love Azuma's attitude towards his match which he's just like, "I don't care what my opponent is going to bring out. I'll do my thing and just kick some ass. Just BRING IT ON!" Azuma has a hard task going up with Shadow Kirisaki whose bread will make Pierrot go to the stars. The manga differences this time are small omissions like Pierrot explaining about the cannabis field he has in the palace. Also, Kuro-yan's history of cannabis in Japan was actually a reply to Kawachi's question about how Azuma's bread relates to the theme. I'm not sure if those parts will be in the upcoming episodes but I just want to mention them now. The next episode has Azuma and Shadow facing off in the rubber match which Pierrot tastes Shadow's bread first.


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