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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Yakitate Japan 51

One of Pierrot's servants show him a painting of his mother, Queen Maetel Leonhart who died soon after giving birth to him 23 years ago. Pierrot notices a book in the painting which the servant said it was her favorite book which was Night on the Galactic Railroad by Miyazawa Kenji. She loved it so much that she was reading it in the original language and wanted to read it to Pierrot. The third match of the finals begins with an introduction from Pierrot who's floating in midair. Shadow shows his superhuman kneading speed which Kanmui realizes that he's making a bagal. Azuma adds some cannabis milk into his dough while Pierrot gives some free adversting to Shimokitazawa Asa which serves cannabis milk. Shadow had his dough covered in some type of rice that Pierrot didn't know what it was which Kuro-yan mocked him for it. Pierrot got angry at Kuro-yan for that and made him explain it. The rice is called metzuru which is sticky and comes from Sakata in the Yamagata prefecture but the people were clueless about it. Also, it's only grown in Sakata because it requires special conditions which only the soil in Sakata can provide. Pierrot brings up that Shadow is supposed to make a bread that expresses his homeland which metzuru isn't an American ingredient but Shadow shows Pierrot an American ingredient called Rice Dream. It's a health drink popular in America (maybe in Yakitate America but not real America). Shadow explains that America is a country of immigrants which doesn't have a long history to fall back on. The bagel does have origins in New York which Pierrot accepts Shadow's bread for the competition. Azuma adds some powder to his dough while Shadow throws his bagel in a pot of boiling tea which is the legendary British tea called Quality Season and considered to be the best in the world. Monica was amazed that Shadow could talk in his own voice while Spencer thought she meant about the tea. Shadow deep-fried his bagel to bring out the flavor of the metzuru. He finished his bagel while Azuma is still baking his bread. Kawachi knows that Shadow's bagel will produced an incredible reaction while Shadow has Pierrot tasted his bread.

Pierrot takes a bite of Shadow's Gopan bagel which he is a kid and mets a Kid lookalike named Campanella who takes him to the train. Campanella recites a page from the Night on the Galactic Railroad while mentioning that isn't the world of 999 but the conductor from 999 shows up. They arrived at Cossack which Maetal is waiting for Pierrot. Pierrot sees many faces of Maetal while in the real world, Pierrot is motionless to everyone. He tells his story to his mother which he had to repeat it since they are 50,000 Maetals or Goman Maetals. Pierrot really likes Shadow's Gopan Bagel which he gives a perfect score. Kawachi wanted to go to Spain but the Manager tells him to stay as Azuma is making his doughnut. Kirisaki calls Yuniko which he tells her to start the plan sooner even though she doesn't understand why though. Azuma deep-fries his doughnut after baking it which is more delicious than the other way around. Azuma is deep-frying it in cannabis oil mixed with sesame to get something healthy. Pierrot thought Azuma's bread was finished but he needs to bake it again which Kirisaki feared. Azuma applied cannabis flour to the doughnut in order to caramelize the doughnut. Caramelization is baking sugar to get a more delicious flavor and fragrance to it. Kanmuri thinks that Shadow's bread is still better because of the ingredients but the Manager tells him that taste doesn't just come from the ingredients. Azuma finishes with his bread and has Pierrot about to taste it.

The episode showed the power of Shadow's Gopan bagel had on Pierrot as he was sent to Cossack to see 50,000 Maetals. There are some changes and removals in this episode from the original manga version (Vol.14 chap. 117-120p111). The first scene with Pierrot seeing a portrait of his mother didn't happened just before Pierrot ate the Gopan. There was a scene where Kinoshita gets into some trouble with the crowd at the match along Azuma and Kawachi having a talk before the match which Kawachi notices that Azuma's hands were oily (I'll explain that in a little bit). Kawachi was more vocal about Shadow's ingredients throughout the match as they weren't American. The reaction was changed because of the copyrights of Galaxy Express 999. Maetal really looked like her counterpart from 999 along with Pierrot's appearance who matches the main character of 999. Also the Gopan was used as a ticket for the train which goes to Planet Maetal. There was a comment that Kanmuri said to Kawachi that Azuma stay quiet during his match which would have been funny. Kawachi realizes Azuma's oily hands came from the cannabis oil that he made at the palace. If you're wondering why I had a page number after 120, that's because the chapter continues with the next episode which I'm not going into detail because it's just something you have to watch.


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    Yakitate is Great!

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