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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Sousei no Aquarion 23

The Commander talks to Apollo near a waterfall and writes the kanji for dream. He tells him that humans shouldn't lose their dreams since without them, life has no meaning and that it's hard to live by their dream. When you combined person with dream, it becomes transient. The Commander says to Apollo that both he and Sirius are transient and that only his hand has the ability to choose their dream. Glen's abilities were increased ten times because of the feather implantation which also increased his senses to the point that it drove him mad. To counter this effect, they put a sensitivity inhibitor on him. The other Elements were shocked and appuladed by Glen's sudden change except for the Vice-Commander who thinks it's a good thing as it allows only one pilot to control the Assualt Aquarion with two unmanned units. Glen and Sirius began to fight which Glen shows that he can seperate easily and reunited under 0.2 seconds. Lihua wonders why Glen and Sirius has to fight since they were friends at one point. Glen gives a very powerful blast to Sirius which produce a mushroom cloud. Ortha cries on Toma as she realizes that the humans used Futaba's feathers on Glen and licks Toma's own tears. Glen emerges from the rubble which the Vice-Commander thinks with ten of them that they can win the battle but the Commander thinks otherwise. Sirius is still alive with most of the Kelbeim destroyed and tries to reach out to Silvia. She somehow activiates the teleport change and switches with one of the unmanned units. She takes control of one of the Assault Vectors and heads towards Sirius.

The Vice-Commander orders Glen to shoot down Silvia while Orthu asks Toma if Sirius can back Silvia which he said he will. Sirius manages to disable Glen along with the other unmanned Assault Vector. Apollo manages to get Sol Vector repaired and forces an Emergency Union with Lihua and Silvia to become Angel Aquarion. Sirius manages to get another Kelbeim soldier to become Mars Kelbeim again. He pleads with Silvia to come with him once again while Apollo and Lihua tried to make her stay with them. He forces Silvia's feathers to come out which everyone else sees and shocks the Vice-Commander as he thought they weren't Shadow Angels. The Commander mentions that dreams is the only thing that can surpass fate itself. Sirius extends his hand to Silvia who almost takes it but Apollo stops her. Apollo tells them that he can grasp his dream without flying which Sirius calls him a fool for saying that. Silvia pulls her left hand back as she realizes that her right hand is not for Sirius but for her most important person. Sirius charges at Silvia which she decides to fight in order to get him to understand each other once again. Silvia uses the Angel Sword of Sorrow attack to defeat Sirius who retreats soon afterwards. Jun examines the unmanned pod and sees Futaba's feather as the control center. Sirius talks to Toma who says that he will get Silvia to come with him next time they meet.

So even with Glen's newfound power, it wasn't enough to defeat Sirius as Silvia's interference cost him the battle. Silvia stays with Apollo and the others as she sees Sirius lost his way and considers humans to be trash. She even admits her love to Apollo during the battle which was nice and about time. It seems that the next episode will step back for a little bit before the final two episodes as it deals with Tsugumi.

Rozen Maiden Traumend 4

Nori tells Hina and Suisei that they need to have Jun to order lunch for them since she won't be coming back until after dark because of lacrosse practice. Suisei tells Hina that lacrosse is a deadly game of survival which scares Hina into cheering for Nori. Jun sees Shinku reading a German book and tries to read one as well but couldn't. She tells him that it's possible to read German if he focuses enough because he shares her power. Jun tries this and fails because she lied to him. Suisei and Sousei spies on Shinku and Jun arguing as they think Shinku wants to cover up the fact that the dolls are united now because that starts the Alice Game. Suisei doesn't want to fight in the Alice Game because she likes Shinku and the others and doesn't want to take away Sousei's Rosa Mystica. She wants to protect Sousei from Bara and decides that they need to find a master immediately. They go to their other home as the old man gives Suisei an umbrella. She tells them goodbye which the old couple said it isn't farewell. Sousei suggests that she should ask Jun to be her master which she was in shock from the idea. Suisei tries the phone book to find a master with no success when Sousei asks her to go to Jun's room which she agrees to do so. Suisei plays with Hina while waiting for Jun to leave the bathroom and decides to go after him. She meets with Jun after exiting the room which he heards the others talking about how Suisei wanted to ask Jun to be her master. She decides to kick Jun and leaves because she was embarrassed about the whole thing. Kanaria spies on Hina and Shinku when she sees Bara emerging from a puddle. Suisei and Sousei were taking cover in the rain trying to figure what she should do when they see Jun without an umbrella. He heards them talking from above which Suisei gives him the umbrella but her pride causes them to have an agrument. She runs off leaving the umbrella with Jun. Suisei hides in a doghouse when she hears Kanaria talking about Bara. Sousei tells Jun about how Suisei helps the old woman at the house when Suisei appears with Kanaria telling them about Bara. Meanwhile, Hina and Shinku sees Bara outside of the house and makes her move.

Jun and the others got back to the house to see a dark house along with a messed up living room. They noticed the glowing puddle and entered the puddle to go into the N-World. They are reunited with Shinku and Hina in a room that looks like a small stage. The White Rabbit appears and tells them that the Alice Game has officially begun before disappearing. Suddenly, fakes of the Rozen Maiden dolls appear on the stage which the fake Shinku kills the other fakes. This display freaks Shinku out along with the others. Bara decides to start the Alice Game now by attacking everyone. The others tried to fight back against her but they weren't powerful enough or in Shinku's case, too shocked to fight as she's still tramuaized from Suigintou's death. Sousei tries to attack Bara directly but unable to do so and was thrown back. Jun sees Shinku unable to do anything and decides to make a contract with Suisei to turn things around. Suisei manages to trap Bara which gives them time to leave the N-World. Suisei tells Sousei about some chores at the old couple's house before she leaves. Sousei promises her that she will come back to Jun's house tomorrow. Jun wakes up middle in the night to see Suisei trying to read a math book because she need to something to read to put her to sleep. Jun reads her the math book which makes her happy while Kanaria is stuck in the puddle.

First off, I never realized that Sousei was a girl. The Japanese tend to have characters that looks and sounds like a guy but are actually girls. The Alice Game officially begins with Shinku still being unable to fight because of her experience with Suigintou. Suisei and Jun have a new found understanding between each other as he is now Suisei's new master. I guess one person can be multiple masters. Suisei really likes Jun after all but her pride basically denies it all this time just like Shinku. The next episode is a little bit odd which I think it really tries to break the serious mood at the moment with a little comedy.

Canvas Two 14

Kiri meets up with Shin and Hiroki which she wanted to surprise Shin. He was surprised that Hiroki is an art teacher though. Hiroki wants Shin to treat him to a meal sometime because he's rich and has to leave because of Elis. Shin remembers Elis which Kiri mentions that she's a student at the school. Hiroki runs off after he tells Shin that he will see him at the art club tomorrow. Shin asks Kiri about Hiroki's goal to become an artist which she tells him that he has put that on hold to become a teacher. She tells him that Hiroki is a good teacher which he mentions that Hiroki and Kiri are still good friends. Hiroki watches the washing machine when Elis comes into the room and asks him about Shin. She remembers Shin as a person who looks harmless but is actually a suspicious person. The prinicipal introduces Shin to the entire staff and student body which he gives a speech. Tomoko and Elis see Hagino, Takeuchi, and Hikari talking about Shin's stolen drawing of Kiri which Elis is shaken up by it. During lunchtime, Elis asks Hiroki why he's eating sweets which he was lazy to chose when Kiri and Shin sat down with them. Shin remembers Elis and praises her beauty while Kiri mentions that she's having a reunion party back at her house tonight. Hiroki didn't seem want to go but decides to go anyway along with Elis. Shin helps out with the art club by giving advice to the students with Hiroki watching which he leaves soon after. Shin tells Elis that her style is like Hiroki and tries to give her some advice but she refuses as she's going to use Hiroki's advice. Hikari tries to apologize for Elis's actions but Shin allows her to do her thing. Elis mentions to Hiroki that Shin has the suspicious person look which he asks why she has a grudge against him. She tells him it isn't a grudge when suddenly Hiroki forgot to get presents for the gathering and tells her to go on ahead.

Elis tells Kiri and Shin to start the gathering without Hiroki but she didn't want to. Shin remembers the class reunion which Hiroki didn't showed up and that Kiri made sure that nobody ate Hiroki's share of the food. Elis asks Shin about his drawing of Kiri which makes Shin asks Kiri if she liked the drawing which she did and tells her that he took it from Hiroki. Currently, Hiroki sits alone in a park while Shin tells Kiri the entire truth. Kiri answers her phone which was Hiroki who tells her that something came up and couldn't come to the party. Elis mentions that Hiroki doesn't want to see Shin and decides to go home by herself. Shin thinks Kiri is digusted at him but she's digusted at herself as she never accepted Hiroki being a teacher. She tells him that she never thought about Hiroki's feelings and just forced her feelings onto him. Shin tries to comfort her but he stops. Elis sees Hiroki at home which she knows that he has been lying to everyone including himself. She asks him if drawing is so worthless to him and wanted an answer but he was unable to give her an answer. The next day, Hiroki passes by Kiri which they have an awkward encounter before heading off to their seperate paths. Hiroki and Shin meet up in the art room which Shin tells him that without his drawing that he won't be here today. He even admits that if Hiroki did finished his drawing it would have been much better as their feelings are strong for each other. He tells him that he wants to see more of his drawings before leaving. Hiroki tries to start drawing once again but was unable to and tells Shin that it wasn't his fault that he stopped drawing. He tells Shin to come back again which they will drink together. Kiri meets with Shin and tells him thanks for telling her the truth along with that Hiroki only knows his true feelings. She also mentions if he knew that Shin was feeling bad because of it that it would make Hiroki more sad along with that he should have more confidence in himself.

It seems that Hiroki and Shin have managed to patch up their relationship along with Elis being useful for once instead of being a problem in the past. Kiri seems to be trying to back off of Hiroki as she might be the reason why Hiroki stopped drawing. Kiri and Hiroki's relationship have taken a couple steps back as they might be close to having it but with Shin's appearance, it seems to be put on hold. The next episode looks like it's about the prinicipal as she might try to have a relationship with Hiroki.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Kasimasi ~Girl Meets Girl~ 2

It's been a week since Hazumu has transformed into a girl which he has been put under many tests. Ayuki and Asuta visited him at the hospital while Tomari did not as she tries to deal with his change. Hazumu's parents were happy about the change as his mother wanted a girl while his father wanted him to take a bath with him. Tomari and the others showed up at Hazumu's house and see him in a girl's school uniform. Everyone is in shock from it especially Tomari and when they tried to leave, there was a bunch of reporters waiting for him. Tomari takes Hazumu and began to make a mad dash towards the school. Namiko helps Tomari and Hazumu escape from the press even though she knocked into a hole for her efforts. While at class, Tomari was annoyed by all the guys outside of the class looking at Hazumu and shuts the door only to see him flapping his skirt around. She gets mad at him while he writes it down since he doesn't know much about girls. They have PE for first period so he went into the girls' changing room to change which Tomari has concerns about his change. He says that he maybe different phyiscally but he's still Hazumu. During English class, Tomari dreams of Hazumu liking other guys which she has an outburst from it causing Namiko to fall off the building. Ayuki talks to Tomari about Hazumu's change which he is trying to find Tomari right now with the help of Asuta. They talked about the change which Asuta doesn't mind about the change even though he has to control himself at times. He asks about his chest size which Hazumu was about to allow him to see them which Asuta gets a kick from Tomari. She decides to help Hazumu to become the perfect girl.

Tomari teaches Hazumu the things that he has to carry to be a girl like tissues and a pouch. She teaches him to cover up his skirt while going up stairs while Ayuki teaches him tea practices. Tomari continues to teach Hazumu to be a girl which she gets a little pushy with him and kicks Asuta after mentioning that she's more a like a guy. Hazumu meets up with Yasuna which she tells him that it must be tough which he agrees before disappearing. Tomari and the others take Hazumu to the department store for bra and panty shopping which he asked Asuta to take his measurements. Asuta's efforts got him a kick from Tomari and got regulated to hanging around the arcade. Hazumu's breasts are bigger than Tomari's which she gets mad at him for peeking out of the dressing room. She helps him to put on a bra which she finally realizes that he has finally turned into a girl and leaves the store. Tomari is overlooking at a bridge and remembers the time where she protected him from a bunch of bullies until Ayuki tells her that Hazumu is in trouble. He's currently surrounded by the press which Asuta can't get break through until Tomari shows up to save the day. He apologizes to Tomari for bringing trouble to her which he did before in the past. His actions made her realized that he's still Hazumu even though he's in a girl's body now. Hazumu returns back home and rejects his dad's offer to take a bath with each other. He enters his room to see a guy and a girl inside which the girl glomps on Hazumu.

This episode has Hazumu adjusted to the life of a girl under the guidance of Tomari who had some problems with the change. She realizes that Hazumu is still the same person that he was before the change which was her primary concern after the accident as she avoided him for a week. Not much on the Yasuna side of things as she appears here and there for the episode. It seems that she has some trouble dealing with this change as well. The next episode will seem to cover Yasuna's side of things along with who are the two people at the end of this episode.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Rozen Maiden Traumend 3

Jun was packing some books when the dolls begin their complaining to him and ask why they are treating his room as their own. Shinku tells him that everything belongs to her since he's her servant. Meanwhile, another doll named Kanaria with a floating light named Pizzicato is spying on them to order to take their Roza Mystica. After falling off the roof, she continues her spying which she notices that Nori and Jun are locking the windows. Jun wants the windows locked because of Shinku and the others and what they might do thieves. Kanaria tries sneak into the house through the front door which she's unable to do so because it closes so fast when Jun and Nori left the house. Nori trips and loses her glasses which Kanaria gives them to her before disappearing. Then Kanaria tries the doorbell to open the front door but with no success which makes her press the button multiple times. Hina wanted to open the door but Shinku tells her not do while it drives Suisei nuts. The guy who loves Nori stops over the house and tries the doorbell as well who gets water splashed on him from Suisei. Pizzicato tells Kanaria about the bathroom window and before she could enter the room, Hina and Sousei entered the room and closed the window. Pizzicato was hiding in the toilet and allowed Kanaria to enter the house which she begins her plan to steal the Mystica.

Shinku and the others except for Suisei were watching Kunkun which he was being chased by the Cat Thief while Kanaria was wondering what they were watching. They noticed a door being opened which Suisei thinks it's the Cat Thief. They realized that someone else is in the house and decided to investigate. Jun is studying in the library which Tomoe sees that he's been improving in math along with what the dolls did to his bag. Back at the home, Shinku dons the Kunkun outfit and begins to look for the intruder. Kanaria is in Jun's room which Shinku and the others entered the room first. Sousei uses Kunkun's motto which makes Shinku feel so bad and they leave the room. They couldn't find any clues to the intruder which Hina decides to boil some water when they heard a loud noise. They went to the source of noise and found nothing at all. They continued to try to find Kanaria but she manages to keep hiding from them. Jun and Tomoe stop by Enju's place which he had a Cat Thief doll and tells him to have some fun while studying. Kanaria had Pizzicato acting as bait while she was going to setup a trap but ends up trying to put out a fire from the teapot that Hina left going. Suisei manages to put out the fire which they finally found Kanaria. Shinku uses her power to restore the room to its original state. Shinku and the others don't remember Kanaria at first while Hina calls her Kanimiso. Jun enters the house and was worried about Shinku since he felt her using her power and notices Kanaria which he wasn't pleased at all. Shinku mentions that the dolls all have appeared which begins the real Alice Game now.

This episode introduces Kanaria as the last Rozen Maiden to be introduced in the series. I guess she acts as a comedic element to counteract the seriousness between Shinku, Sousei, and Bara. Nothing much really happens in the episode as this one was to just introduce Kanaria and how she acts. The next episode is a Suisei episode mostly with Sousei fighting Bara.

Yakitate Japan 53

Manga Chapters 123-127

The Pantasia crew has a celebration dinner for Team Japan's victory in the Monaco Cup but Subawara is depressed though. Kawachi thinks that he's depressed because he will miss Monica but Subawara tries to deny that he's in love as Monica jumps on him. She wanted to join them but Kawachi wouldn't allow it as she's a part of St. Pierre and to get her and Subawara alone together. She tells them that St. Pierre and Pantasia have merged together with Kirisaki in charge of management. Team Japan talked about the merger on a beach and thinks that Yuniko will be the new president of Pantasia and how to use the 12 billion yen. Azuma decides to cheer up Tsukino by giving her the ring and puts it on her left hand (that's where you put it if it was a wedding ring). He decided to return the favor as she gave him the hairband back in the day but she was all embarrassed by it. Kanmuri mentions that the ring can summoned the legendary hero Pierrot. Yuniko is mad at Kirisaki for not being Pantasia president which she doesn't allow him to explain fully that she's going to be St. Pierre's president instead. He has decided to retire from all official managerial positions and names Tsukino as the new president of Pantasia. Kanmuri thinks that Kirisaki wants them to be over at his side instead becoming his enemies. Kawachi tries to convince Tsukino to not accept the offer when Kirisaki suddenly shows up. Kirisaki issues them a challenge which if they win that he would hand them all of his stock in Pantasia and that this battle will be broadcast over the Greater Tokyo TV but they have to pay for the televising and production fees. Kirisaki's stock is worth 10 times more than their current assets. The Manager wants to know the conditions of the battle which Kirisaki calls the battle, Yakitate 9. There are no restriction of number or age of the contestants except that Azuma must do every battle because he's so popular over the world. The battles consist of nine cities with speciality products spread on a 3x3 panel which they have to fight for squares. Kawachi asks Kirisaki a question about the cities with speciality products which he gives the city of Kitakata as an example. Kitakata is famous their ramen and doesn't have a speciality bread which Kirisaki explains that the popularity of bread hasn't grown in Japan is because there's no exclusive breads between city to city compared to ramen. He wants Azuma to create various Japans that uses the speciality foods of each city. Then he shows his latest creation, Gopan #104 and has everyone tried a piece of it. The reaction for this bread is a parody of the first episode of Yakitate Japan called Takitate Gohan where an American boy named Tom Crusoe who has the North Pole Hands to create the American rice called Gohan (along with the Seed of Knowledge as well). Kirisaki mentions that there are many great bakers out there which Azuma wants to fight them but he doesn't want to make the decision. Tsukino sees this and decides to accept his offer which everyone decides to go with Tsukino and fight Kirisaki.

On the airplane ride back to Japan, Kuro-yan tells them to not ruin the reputation of Pantasia which he directed especially to Kawachi as he shouldn't wear something like an afro wig whcih gets the attention of the Manager. They have an argument across the idles until Kuro-yan was summoned into first class by Kirisaki. Kuro-yan thinks that Kirisaki wanted to recruit him but that's not the case as he wants him to be a full-time food critic and be the host and judge of the Yakitate 9. Kuro-yan suggests that he might side with Azuma every time but Kirisaki knows that he cannot lie about the taste of something regardless of his personal preference. Kuro-yan doesn't want to give up being a baker and food-chemist which he will give him time to think about it. Kirisaki mentions that he should choose a single path to be successful in life. Azuma and the others asks the manager about the bad blood between him and Kuro-yan. He says that he harassed Kuro-yan all the time when he was an apprentice which started on his first day where he noticed that he got the exact ingredients and baking times and temperatures just from a single piece. The Manager wanted him to not be a baker but a professional food critic instead which harassment was the only way he could get him to understand his intentions. Kawachi believes that Kuro-yan wanted the Manager to leave him alone which he was correct. The Manager knows that only certain people can be at the top of anything and saw Kuro-yan could be at the top of the food-critic world which he couldn't ignore it. Kawachi thinks that he's the Manager's second apprentice which he's not but he tells him to tell the truth to him along calling him a caveman. Kuro-yan decided to accept Kirisaki's offer to be the judge and host of the Yakitate 9 which Azuma, Kanmuri, and Kawachi face off against a member of CMAP named Tsubodzuka Takumi.

Well, let's just say that there are some changes from the manga to the anime version. There was a money prize in the Monaco Cup which there was a little thing with Kawachi's family about that. During the celebration dinner, Kanmuri wanted Azuma to give him some of the cannibas oil so he can study it. He explains about trans-fat in oils which I won't go into and just read the manga for details. Yuniko and Kirisaki's conversation was a lot longer as he explains about his plan in more detail like to have St. Pierre and Pantasia being seperate companies even though they are merged so they would compete with each other. The whole Takitate Gohan thing was actually an omake but it did not occurred there at that point. A major change is the whole Yakitate 9 which in the manga is called the Yakitate 25. I don't want to explain the rules of the Yakitate 25 which are somewhat complex compared to the Yakitate 9 which there are some questions about with the complete rules. I think this change of the format might be easier for kids to understand or going a different way with this arc. Also, I mentioned in a previous post about something that was omitted in the anime which would have foreshadow something in this arc. Kuro-yan's full time status as a food-critic was this thing which it was mentioned before the finals of the Monaco Cup. Also, there was a scene of Team Pantasia arriving at the TV station before the show started which might be in the next episode. Speaking of the next episode, it will covered Team Pantasia's battle with a single member of CMAP.