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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Ah! My Goddess 25

Belldandy uses her power to fix the city and her house after her battle against the Lord of Terror before sealing her power once again. Before Keiichi and Belldandy could relax, Urd uses her powers against Skuld. They see that Urd has been shrunk to a child while Skuld is just enjoying the moment. Urd misses her breasts (this reminds me of an omake in Ichigo 100% with Sasaki) while Belldandy explains that they need energy from Yggdrasil to live on Earth. Since the system crashed during the Lord of Terror incident, it has made Urd into a child and if she continues to use her powers, she will shrink even more. There's an alternate source of energy that they have for emergencies. Belldandy suddenly collasped while Skuld is unaffected because she doesn't use her powers. Keiichi was about to figure out where to get some clothes for Urd when Belldandy shows up in her Mini-Goddess form in order to reduce energy consumption. After getting some clothes, Urd decides to go out while Belldandy receives a message from God. At a playground, a kid was playing with a game when a police officer was approaching him. He tries to explain himself but he's not the reason why the police officer approached him but it was Urd since she was drinking sake. She tries to convince him that she isn't a kid and tells him that her parents have free rein. The officer tries to take Urd to the station but she runs away after throwing the bottle at the kid. He catches up to Urd and gives her back the sake. She asks him what he was doing earlier and wants to play the game was playing with earlier. She manages to beat the game pretty easily and plays a few more. Urd was walking off when the kid said that his name is Yoshida Shohei and asks her name. She tells him her name before leaving him. He takes the sake bottle before going off to cram school which she realizes that she forgot it when she got back home. Keiichi and Belldandy mentions that they were contacted by God and that they should use moon rocks as the alternate source of energy but Urd asks how they were going to get some. Keiichi says that they're going to make some at the university but Urd tells them that she isn't in a hurry as she's having fun as a kid.

The next day, Urd meets with Shohei in the park which he thought she was going to play more video games but they run around instead. Keiichi explains to Belldandy about the composition of moon rocks which are mostly made of basalt. She thanks him for doing this but he says it's the only thing that he can do. Urd tries to make Shohei to buy some sake but he refuses since he isn't an adult. She ends up getting some sake in a vending machine and continues to run around with him. They rolled down hills and climb trees but he falls a tree and makes Urd save him but she shrunk once again. Shohei apologizes for being unable to buy sake for her and decides to head for cram school since it starts earlier today. Urd tells him if he thinks that he can't do something regardless how simple it is, you won't be able to do it. She drags him to a construction site so they could climb it. Urd makes him cross a beam which he doesn't want to fall but she mentions about bringing the sake from yesterday. He manages to cross the beam with no problem at all. They looked at the sunset from the building which Urd wonders if she intervened too far with him. They go their seperate ways as he has cram school which she tells him she isn't a kid when he asked where she lived. Urd comes back home to see that Keiichi and Belldandy finished with the moon rocks but Urd doesn't want to be back to herself until tomorrow. Urd sees Shohei while she was sitting on the roof. She tells Belldandy that she has to turn back to normal in order to correct her mistake with him. Fully grown Urd talks to Shohei and tells him that child Urd has returned to her home and apologizes to him. He asks her to return sake and to tell her thank you and will try his best for now on along with to meet her again when he grows up. Urd tells him that she promised and gives him a kiss on the forehead. The next day, Skuld wakes up to an adult body.

This episode is from the last volume of the R2 DVD release which this is the first of two DVD-exclusive episodes. They both occured after the Lord of Terror incident which I understand from watching this episode why they weren't aired on TV. This would be a great way to start Season 2 which will aired sometime in this spring. I really enjoyed this episode which had a great line from Belldandy in the beginning when Urd was using her powers on Skuld. Urd was the star of the episode as she show some compassion to Shohei and maybe even a feeling of love towards him. I really loved the face that Keiichi made when he sees Urd kissing Shohei's forehead. It was priceless. If you thought Mini-Belldandy and kid Urd was great, adult Skuld should be interesting. I'll bet she would get some revenge on all those kid jokes that Urd made on her. The animation is very great especially for being a DVD episode. Also, I liked the music when Shohei crossed the beam with. It was very catchy. Episode 26 will deal with Skuld and her new adult body. If this was the beginning, I can't wait for the new season of AMG to air. It's going to be great.


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