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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Ah! My Goddess 26

Keiichi heards Skuld's screams and sees an adult Skuld in the room but didn't recognize her at first. He along with Urd and Belldandy watched Skuld looking herself which they figured out that when Yggdrasil doesn't have enough energy, she reverts to her future form. Skuld governs the future while Belldandy deals with the present and Urd the past which is why she revert to a child. Skuld is now wearing a red dress which Urd makes fun of Skuld's breasts along with that she will continue to age until she becomes an old lady. Belldandy tells Skuld that Yggdrasil will be restored by tonight along with that Urd knew about the restoration. Skuld has Keiichi to put on a necklace which he asked why she wants to be an adult so bad. She tells him that she has been treated as a kid like when shopping, she's treated as Belldandy or Urd's sister not as a woman. Also, the students at the university buy her ice cream which she doesn't like even though Keiichi sees it that she acts like a kid when given ice cream. She decides that she wants to experience things as an adult for today but before she could do that, she's hungry. So they went to an ice cream shop for Skuld to resupply her energy with ice cream just like Urd with her sake and Belldandy's sleeping. They were about to leave when she notices a couple of guys thinking that she was cute. Then she had Keiichi go to the Motor Club so she flaunted her adult appearance to the other members and making them believe that Keiichi and her are lovers. She notices Megumi's bike and decides to take it after Urd made fun of her being unable to ride it. Keiichi chases after her leaving the other members all confused. Aoshima sees Skuld on the street and asks her for afternoon tea which she gets hungry and makes him to take her to another ice cream place. He tells her that she could eat all the ice cream in the store which she actually does (I'll bet the women will wonder how she can keep her figure after eating all that ice cream). He doesn't believe she actually ate all the ice cream in the store and decides to have his revenge which Skuld decides to run away after noticing the coldness of his hand. He chases after her and manages to corner her. Keiichi was nearby to save Skuld while Urd decides to shock Aoshima again. She realizes that she likes being touched by Keiichi compared with Aoshima and tells him that she wants to go out a little bit more with him.

Keiichi asks her where she wants to go since he would want to go to a junk shop. Urd talks to Belldandy about Skuld taking away Keiichi which she isn't worried at all and Urd is just annoyed at her because of her kindness. Skuld tries on some makeup which makes her an ugly clown. Then she has a hard time walking in high heels and almost makes Keiichi paid for expensive shoes. She was having a hard time with some clothes when she remembers a time when she walked with Keiichi and Belldandy who ignored her for the most point. Skuld comes out in a nice black dress when an employee asks them for a favor. Sayoko was modeling for a wedding when she came down with a stomachache and the employee asks them to model instead. Keiichi and Skuld end up modeling which he was on edge while Skuld was embarrassed by it. The photographer asks them to kiss but they pretend kissed instead. Belldandy is back in her original body which means that the system is restored and Skuld will be a child again. Skuld and Keiichi were watching the sunset when she mentions the time when they along with Belldandy were taking a walk. She tells him that he and Belldandy were absorbed in each other and wonders if they were paid attention if she was an adult but she realizes it wouldn't matter because he would never talk in the same way to her like he does with Belldandy. Then she asks him if he likes Belldandy and forgets about it as she realizes that her current self is a fake. Skuld tries to kiss him before she could change back but she wasn't unable to. Keiichi has Skuld tried riding his motorcycle which she complains about it. Back at home, Skuld wants to be a real adult and sees Belldandy and Keiichi stuck to each other because Urd glued them with superglue in order to make Skuld angry at Keiichi.

Personally, I liked the child Urd story better than the adult Skuld one. Skuld experience things as an adult and even had feelings for Keiichi for a little bit. I think Urd does care about Skuld that she glued Keiichi and Belldandy in order for Skuld to go back to hating Keiichi. I really liked the part when Aoshima is shocked that Skuld actually ate all the ice cream in the shop even though he meant it as a figure of speech. Skuld is usually last compared with Belldandy and Urd because she's too childish and this episode doesn't change my opinion of her though. At least, I got to see some new AMG episodes and be patiently waiting for season 2 in the spring. Until next time, peace out.


  • At 10:42 PM, Anonymous Haesslich said…

    Personally, I liked these episodes the most, out of most of the series episodes - they put enough of a twist on the manga stories to be interesting, while sticking close to the 'feel' of the source... and honestly, they're a lot better than the middle part of the series, IMO.

    It's interesting to see how they tied in "You're So Bad" with the "Trials of Morisato, Part II", and it doesn't do too badly, since I suspect they'd want to keep Skuld from growing too fast (and because her powers really started showing up only after Sentaro appeared in the manga... which came like five years after that part of the manga finished, IIRC), and because the sudden change to an adult body (complete with adult hormones) would probably create that sort of situation for her.

    I like how they took out the whole Urd/Belldandy subplot which was part of the original "You're So Bad" storyline, since they wouldn't have hd time to fit it in, and the episode didn't need THAT much more comedy in it, although I have to agree that it's not as strong as the previous episode.... which itself did well in changing things enough that Shohei seemed to realize who Urd was (in adult form) and she seemed to promise him a date when he grew up. It's a change from the manga ending (where he knew he'd never see Urd again, and somehow failed to recognize child-Urd's features in adult Urd's face), and possibly a better one for that reason. Or, just maybe, I've a bit of a soft spot for Urd.

    But they will end up losing a few storylines in rushing through the Yggdrasil repairs, though. We'll see if Season 2 starts (and continues) stronger than Season 1 did - I honestly found it somewhat boring, and wish these episodes had appeared instead of some of the other ones I can think of.

  • At 11:12 PM, Blogger Phoenix512 said…

    I haven't read any of the manga yet. So I don't know much about the differences. I probably would have like the Urd/Belldandy subplot because it's just them. Skuld doesn't appeal to me much as Urd and Belldandy do. So I don't mind replacing Skuld airtime with Urd and Belldandy. It would be nice to see an adventure with chibi Belldandy like in the Mini-Goddess shorts.

  • At 2:06 AM, Anonymous Haesslich said…

    The Urd/Belldandy subplot basically consisted of Urd being utterly convinced that Skuld was completely in love with Keiichi - and would destroy the Belldandy/Keiichi relationship - while Belldandy thought Skuld might be growing into her power, which would be like a girl's first period, with the resulting emotional storm that can involve, and thus they had chibi-Urd and chibi-Belldandy interfering with one another's actions while neither Skuld or Keiichi noticed. In doing so, it framed the Skuld/Keiichi scenes even more, because it all turned around Skuld, and her reactions to Keiichi during various things.

    In other words, those two plots were Skuld-centric, and there's no way to escape that. They did a nice compromise here in avoiding giving Skuld her powers (which would in turn mean that they'd spend MORE episodes showing her training with them), and in tying the sudden growth spurt with another plot which basically focused around the onset of adolescence.

    I still liked this one better than most of the Skuld-focused episodes, which tend to be weak on her characterization in general (the Robot Wars plot, the 'Skuld power booster', etc). The seiyuu did a good job 'aging' Skuld's voice to be something a little more mature, and Belldandy's confidence in her relationship with Keiichi was a nice change from the manga, where she admitted to being 'just a little worried', although that part happened before the Lord of Terror arc, from what I recall.

    I'm looking forward to seeing a bit of Belldandy's dark side in the second season, to be honest. That development of Belldandy's character was missing from the first season, and it adds a little bit of depth to the otherwise happy-go-lucky-with-a-bit-of-airheadedness Goddess which was sadly lacking in this season. Showing she can get jealous, worried, and even a bit possessive did wonders for her in the manga... and I'm missing that here.


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