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Friday, January 13, 2006

Canvas Two 13

Elis wants Hiroki to come home with her but he has something to do and tells her to go home first. She tells him to hurry up and heads off. Hiroki talks to the principal about his upcoming exam along with her offer to become a teacher once he passes the exam which he will think about it. She mentions that there's a special instructor coming to the school and wants to look at the art club. Hiroki begins to think about the past which Kiri was playing basketball. Afterwards, she quickly runs off with a lunch which the other girls asked her where's she going. They asked her about Hiroki and some other childhood friend named Shin and wonder which one she's going to pick. Kiri gets annoyed at him and enters the art club which Hiroki and Shin was painting. Shin stop his work and ate some of Kiri's sandwiches while Hiroki initially continued working, took a sandwich without turning around, and continue working while eating. She asks Shin about his painting which it isn't finished for the National Rookie Art Exposition. Hiroki is having a hard time doing his painting along with the other members as they went to the mountains or the sea for ideas. Kiri suggests that they should go to the mountains or the sea for ideas which Shin agreed to it right away but it took Hiroki some convincing to go. Shin and Kiri was waiting for Hiroki which he was late because Elis wanted to go. Shin manages to convince Elis to stay behind with gifts. Hiroki and Shin are painting which Hiroki is having a hard time with ideas while Shin is doing well. Shin wants to get an award for the NRAE. Kiri is having fun in the field and playing around with flowers which managed to get Hiroki going on his drawing. During the night, Shin wakes up and talks to Kiri who was still up and sitting by the riverside. They talked about how Kiri is going to a national university to be a PE teacher while Shin wants to go to Tokyo. Then they talked about how they will be seperated after graduation and wondered where they will be in a few years. Shin says that they will still be friends even after we went their seperate paths. Hiroki remembers that the time they spent together will last forever but something usually happens when a statement like that is said.

The scene is shifted to the confession scene which has been played out before but this time, it reveals that Shin was watching them. Kiri and Hiroki passed each other in the hallway but there was an awkwardness between them. Hiroki enters the art club room where the advisor tells him that Shin's painting was finished. It's a painting of Kiri which could get him a scholarship to Tokyo's art university but Hiroki was shocked by it. Hiroki was working on his drawing and left the room but Shin saw it what he was drawing and decided to steal it. Shin asks why Hiroki didn't mention that he stole his painting to the advisor but he leaves the room without saying anything. Shin ends up getting many awards and getting the scholarship while Hiroki becomes annoys with him. Kiri asks Hiroki about why he didn't submit anything which he says angrily that he missed the deadline. Shin tells Hiroki that he needed that scholarship because his family doesn't have the money to support him. He realized that Hiroki would beat him with his drawing and decided to steal it to get the award. Hiroki tells him that he won't mention it the theft and that he shouldn't either. Shin decides to take Kiri for himself and will do anything to keep Hiroki away from her. Hiroki didn't show up for the graduation ceremony as he draws a painting for the NRAE. He worked so hard on his painting that he didn't care to cut his hair. He tries to see Kiri who's working at a cafe but he sees Shin and decides to give up painting at that point after seeing that. The scene goes back to the present as Elis passes by Shin. Kiri sees Hiroki sitting on a bench which Shin appears and greets Hiroki.

After watching the preview for episode 13 from the previous episode, I knew this episode was going to be good but I didn't know it would be this great. We know why Hiroki decided to stop painting as his friend Shin stole Kiri from him as he stole his drawing for her. Shin was mentioned in episode 2 but it's the first time that he has appeared in the series. I really think that Shin could have been the guy that Hiroki mentioned in episode 7 when he tells Elis that Kiri deserve a better man. With the appearance of Shin, it makes a love triangle between Kiri, Hiroki, and him which has been renewed with his appearance as a special instructor to the school. I could see Elis trying to help Shin to get Kiri so she can have Hiroki to herself. I know it's evil but Elis we are talking about here. She will do anything to get Hiroki for herself and always hated Kiri for trying to get Hiroki. This episode really ups the ante for the series as now we get a love rival for Kiri. The next episode probably focused on how Kiri, Shin, and Hiroki interacted with each other after all these years at the school. I'll bet there will be some blood boiling between Shin and Hiroki.


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