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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Canvas Two 14

Kiri meets up with Shin and Hiroki which she wanted to surprise Shin. He was surprised that Hiroki is an art teacher though. Hiroki wants Shin to treat him to a meal sometime because he's rich and has to leave because of Elis. Shin remembers Elis which Kiri mentions that she's a student at the school. Hiroki runs off after he tells Shin that he will see him at the art club tomorrow. Shin asks Kiri about Hiroki's goal to become an artist which she tells him that he has put that on hold to become a teacher. She tells him that Hiroki is a good teacher which he mentions that Hiroki and Kiri are still good friends. Hiroki watches the washing machine when Elis comes into the room and asks him about Shin. She remembers Shin as a person who looks harmless but is actually a suspicious person. The prinicipal introduces Shin to the entire staff and student body which he gives a speech. Tomoko and Elis see Hagino, Takeuchi, and Hikari talking about Shin's stolen drawing of Kiri which Elis is shaken up by it. During lunchtime, Elis asks Hiroki why he's eating sweets which he was lazy to chose when Kiri and Shin sat down with them. Shin remembers Elis and praises her beauty while Kiri mentions that she's having a reunion party back at her house tonight. Hiroki didn't seem want to go but decides to go anyway along with Elis. Shin helps out with the art club by giving advice to the students with Hiroki watching which he leaves soon after. Shin tells Elis that her style is like Hiroki and tries to give her some advice but she refuses as she's going to use Hiroki's advice. Hikari tries to apologize for Elis's actions but Shin allows her to do her thing. Elis mentions to Hiroki that Shin has the suspicious person look which he asks why she has a grudge against him. She tells him it isn't a grudge when suddenly Hiroki forgot to get presents for the gathering and tells her to go on ahead.

Elis tells Kiri and Shin to start the gathering without Hiroki but she didn't want to. Shin remembers the class reunion which Hiroki didn't showed up and that Kiri made sure that nobody ate Hiroki's share of the food. Elis asks Shin about his drawing of Kiri which makes Shin asks Kiri if she liked the drawing which she did and tells her that he took it from Hiroki. Currently, Hiroki sits alone in a park while Shin tells Kiri the entire truth. Kiri answers her phone which was Hiroki who tells her that something came up and couldn't come to the party. Elis mentions that Hiroki doesn't want to see Shin and decides to go home by herself. Shin thinks Kiri is digusted at him but she's digusted at herself as she never accepted Hiroki being a teacher. She tells him that she never thought about Hiroki's feelings and just forced her feelings onto him. Shin tries to comfort her but he stops. Elis sees Hiroki at home which she knows that he has been lying to everyone including himself. She asks him if drawing is so worthless to him and wanted an answer but he was unable to give her an answer. The next day, Hiroki passes by Kiri which they have an awkward encounter before heading off to their seperate paths. Hiroki and Shin meet up in the art room which Shin tells him that without his drawing that he won't be here today. He even admits that if Hiroki did finished his drawing it would have been much better as their feelings are strong for each other. He tells him that he wants to see more of his drawings before leaving. Hiroki tries to start drawing once again but was unable to and tells Shin that it wasn't his fault that he stopped drawing. He tells Shin to come back again which they will drink together. Kiri meets with Shin and tells him thanks for telling her the truth along with that Hiroki only knows his true feelings. She also mentions if he knew that Shin was feeling bad because of it that it would make Hiroki more sad along with that he should have more confidence in himself.

It seems that Hiroki and Shin have managed to patch up their relationship along with Elis being useful for once instead of being a problem in the past. Kiri seems to be trying to back off of Hiroki as she might be the reason why Hiroki stopped drawing. Kiri and Hiroki's relationship have taken a couple steps back as they might be close to having it but with Shin's appearance, it seems to be put on hold. The next episode looks like it's about the prinicipal as she might try to have a relationship with Hiroki.


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