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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Fate Stay/Night 1

A huge battle between two people occurs in Fuyuki City which the surrounding battle area is covered with flames. Ten years later, a new battle begins once again which seven magicians will face off with their familiars or servants from seven different classes for the Holy Grail. One girl begins to summon her servant which she summons a white haired guy who appears in the room next to her. A flashback from ten years ago has a kid barely alive and seeing a man who saved him from death along with a sword. The kid named Emiya Shirou wakes up from his dream by a girl named Sakura which he was in the basement fixing a VCR. She tells him that Fujimura Taiga is stopping over for breakfast and change his clothes. Emiya used to sneak into a warehouse when he was a kid and became a secret base to him. His father, Emiya Kiritsuga died five years ago and he inherited his large house even though he was a loner. The transactions were taken care of a Mr. Fujimura (not the same Fujimura from above) who's a big land owner in the neighborhood. He along with Taiga (who's Shirou's guardian) and Sakura eats some breakfast. After breakfast, Shirou and Sakura heard news of another gas spill last night. Sakura is a sister of a friend and an underclassman in school who does his chores after getting injured a year ago. They noticed a squad of police cars as they were going to school. Shirou repairs a stove for the school as he talks to Issei and wants him to leave the room while he does it. Shirou seems to have the ability to see the internal structure of machines which he could easily repair things but he doesn't have the talent to become a magician. Shirou repairs the stove and catches up to Issei which they notice the girl named Tohsaka Rin passing them by. Issei mentions that Shirou wants her which shocks Shirou and basically she's the idol of the male students but Issei doesn't like her.

Taiga arrives late for homeroom which the other students calls her Tiger. She tells the class that curfew is at 6 pm which Gouta mentions it's too early and gets yelled out because he called her tiger. She leaves the classroom which she passes by Kuzuki. Rin asks her servant, Archer about the whereabouts of the other servants but he cannot detect enemies from far away which only Caster has ability to do so. Shirou has lunch with Issei which they talked about the incident this morning which it was a homicide where a family of four was killed by a long, sharp object like a spear or sword. Shirou wanted to know if the suspect was captured which Issei told he wasn't and that the police have no clue about it. A girl from the archery club wanted Shirou to watch them but he ignored her and left the school grounds. He walked in a park and wondered why they don't planted any grass. He remembers talking to his dad about he wants to save everything and wonder why he couldn't do it for everyone when he saved him. Kiritsuga tells him that saving one person means not able to save another. Shirou realizes what he tried to say but he wouldn't accept it. Shriou leaves his part time job which he worked his share and another person's share. He sees a sword suddenly which a woman killed some people in an office building and running away from the scene by jumping from building to building. Shirou continues to walk back home when he sees a small girl walking passed him saying that he will die unless he summons his servant. Taiga lectures Shirou about coming home late which he did the work of two people. He wanted to a protector of justice ever since he was little and still wants to be even now which concerns Taiga. She pulls out a poster saying about a protector of justice school club which he takes and tries to hit her with it but she (5-dan kendo) pulls out another poster and hits him in the head with but it was made of iron. Sakura and Taiga leave the house which Shirou does his ability on the iron poster. He remembers the day when Kiritsuga told him that he was a magician who helped people and was a hero to him. He doesn't have the talent or the mark of a magician but he can do one ability very well. He decided to continue to improve that one skill and be as great as Kiritsuga which told him to practice it, not let others see it, and use it for the sake of others and not for yourself. Rin and Archer are on a roof overlooking the city which he can see how many screws on a bridge from there. She been ready for ten years for this day.

To most people, it's THE anime of the winter season and getting the most hype from various people. To me, I don't see why it should deserve this amount of hype. I really think this hype will hurt it at the end. I just think it is a decent series so far but it hasn't shown anything great so far. It might be that I don't know about Tsukihime or the greatness of Type Moon but I think it doesn't hinder me but actually helps me watching it. I haven't completely decided to blog it or not yet but there are many blogs that are doing it. It would be interesting to blog it to provide an unique viewpoint that I don't have the excitement about the series that they do. The plot seems interesting along with the characters. It's mostly serious with a bit of comedy coming from Taiga mostly. The music was ok at best and didn't mind the OP and ED too much. Let's see where this series goes in. The next episode has Rin and Archer fighting another servant with Shirou getting caught in the middle of it.


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