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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Jigoku Shoujo 4

A schoolgirl looks over at her dying dog, Candy and pleads for the vet, Honjou to save him but he is unable to do anything for him which he dies a few moments later. The girl named Junko remembers the first time when she got Candy as a birthday present from her parents. When she was ten, her parents died in an accident which she bonded with Candy after their death. Honjou's assistant, Sekimoto stops him to tell him about a dog's leg being broken by a car and that he's coming here right now. Honjou tells her to take care of it while he takes care of another dog but she has some objections to this as he tells her to leave the bones as they heal themselves. He continues to tell her to give an injection to an actress's poodle. Sekimoto was about to go back into the clinic when she sees Junko nearby as she thanks her for the hard work about Candy. Junko believes that Honjou tried to save her which makes Sekimoto a little bit unease. Later in the day, Sekimoto meets with Junko and tells her what really happened on that day as Honjou was on the phone with a government official and didn't care about the dog. In the end, Candy didn't get any treatment as by the time he could treat her it was too late. She told her this because she couldn't stand being unable to hide the truth from her. Junko runs away soon after and beats herself up for bringing Candy to Honjou's clinic. Then she hears about Hell Correspondance and enters Honjou's name as the person targeted for revenge. Enma visits Junko and tells her about the conditions of revenge. She was about to pull the string until she heard the part about being sent to Hell after she dies.

Junko decides to forego the revenge for now as she decides to get evidence against Honjou with the help of Sekimoto. They break into the clinic at night and tried to find evidence against him like finding variances for medicine but unable to find anything. Honjou shows up and starts insulting the dogs as they cannot speak human language to him. He uses them as a way to get money unlike most people who treat them as family and calls Candy as a filthy dog who shouldn't have come in the first place. He throws Junko and Sekimoto out which at that point, Junko decides to pull the string to accept the contract. Honjou crashes his car to avoid a woman in the middle of the street. His leg is broken and thrown into an ambrlance by Enma's helpers. He sees all three helpers talking about baseball as he was in total pain. They begin to operate him as they don't understand where to operate at. They told him that he shouldn't use pets as money but as family which he said why should he suffered for saving those pets. Honjou was ferried to Hell as he's surrounded with talking pets. The next day, Junko sees off Sekimoto who was going to go back home and going to work with animals. Junko wishes for her dead parents and Candy to see her up in Heaven while she suffers in Hell after she dies.

I really thought this story could have gone another way by having Junko being the girl who couldn't accept the fact that there was nothing that could be done to save Candy and wanted revenge on Honjou. I think that story would have been more interesting unless there will be an episode like that in the future. Also, I'm surprised that Sekimoto didn't take over Honjou's clinic after he died because that would be a better ending for her. There wasn't a real resolution with Junko but oh well. The next episode has a girl named Urano Misato who wants revenge on a girl who bullies everyone at her workplace.


  • At 1:22 AM, Blogger Elyscape said…

    Yeah, I think this is probably the weakest episode of Jigoku Shoujo (at least, of the ones that've been subbed). Episode 3 comes in second place. After that, it heats back up, which is nice and vengeful.

    Also, the next episode is really sweet.


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