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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Kagihime Monogatari Eikyu Alice Rondo 1

A kid sits in his room writing a story based about Alice and looks at the window to see a girl with bunny ears in the air. He decides to chase after her which she's jumping on rooftop to rooftop and eventually arrives at the school library. He sees the previous girl and another girl fighting each other which the previous girl knocks the other girl into the guy. The previous girl asks him why he is here when the other girl pushes off the guy away from her. The previous girl pludge her keysword into the other girl's chest. After a small chant, a bunch of pages comes out from the other girl's body which became a book. The previous girl tears out a page from the book and the other girl disappears. Before the guy could get any answers to his questions, the girl leaves. The guy comes back home to see his sister, Kiraha waiting for him at the door. She was worried and wondered where he went which he said nothing except for Alice. The guy picks up a couple of books from the library and notices that the books on the floor from last night are put back on the shelves. He sees the girl from last night next to him which she asks him why he was able to enter Merubeyu space which is only accessible by an Alice user. The librarian tells them to be quiet and makes them talk outside. The girl bumps into another girl which that girl knows that she's an Alice user.

She tells him that the Alice users has the power to take away other users' stories which is for the Endless Alice. Basically, the Endless Alice is the rumored third volume of Dodgson's Alice which he has heard but never any information about it. He wants to write his own Endless Alice because of the rumored third volume. She says to him that once all the Alice users' stories are collected that the Endless Alice will be complete. She realizes that he's able to enter Merubeya space because he thinks about Alice all the time. The girl tells the guy her name which is Arisugawa Arisu (Arisu sounds like Alice) which the guy tells her his name is Kirihara Aruto before running off. Kiraha was watching Aruto and Arisu when a girl named Kisa asked her if she wanted any of her cookies (she might be in love with Kiraha) but she refused her request and decides that she wants to go to her house instead. Aruto cleans up his room for Arisu so she can read his Alice. Kiraha comes into the room to get him for shopping but he forgot when Arisu came by to the house. Kiraha was displeased by Arisu and says that she hates him and the Alice story. Aruto mentions that Kiraha was mad about something small but she didn't think it that way and makes Arisu compelled to leave. Aruto chases after Arisu which they entered into Merubeyu space which makes everything stand still in time. She summons her key to fight the Alice user which changes her outfit as well. The other Alice user was Kiraha which they fight each other for their story. Kiraha doesn't want to read the Alice story because she hates it and manages to knock Arisu into a building which Aruto protects her from the fall. Arisu uses this chance to pludge her key into Kiraha's chest. Before she could get the pages out of her, Aruto stops Arisu from taking the pages by pushing Kiraha away from the key. Kiraha wanted the story for Aruto to read which makes Arisu unable to fight her now. They decided to work together to get the other Alice stories. Meanwhile, a couple of twin girls is having tea when a guy asks his servant Riddell (the librarian from earlier) to do something for him.

It seems that the Japanese has lots of interest with Alice in general but this is like the first series that I seen is more based on the actual story of Alice in Wonderland than just the concepts. It seems to be another magicial girl series but with Keyblades but I wished that they would have hold off Kiraha being an Alice user for much later as it would acted a nice twist. Maybe they could get Aruto some powers as well instead of being deadweight. Right now, he's just in the way for the other Alice users while Arisu uses him to get an advantage of the other users. I think has potential has they get closer to completing the Alice story so I will keep watching it but it maybe shorten because it's based off the manga and it's only 13 episodes. So there are concerns right there if the story will turned out ok in the end. I'm not sure about blogging it yet but I'll let you know. The next episode seems to be all about Kisa and her attempts to get Kiraha to fall in love with her.


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