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Monday, January 16, 2006

Kasimasi ~Girl Meets Girl~ 1

A girl is sitting alone in the classroom as another girl enters the room. You could see them talking but can't hear anything. The two girls kissed each other when another girl drops her things from seeing it. An alien ship orbits around Earth while a guy is in the mountains looking at flowers. A girl who dropped her things earlier named Tomari ran a good time while the other girl is watering some plants and becomes sad by it. A girl named Ayuki is overlooking a bridge when a guy named Asuta asks her if she has seen Hazumu which she hasn't and asks him if something happened to him. The guy named Hazumu remembers the time when he first met the second girl named Yasuna which he fell on her while collecting plants for the Gardening Club while she got lost from her parents while collecting Butterbar spouts. He helps her to collect some while she mentions that he's very feminine which he gets a lot. Asuta talks to Tomari if she knows where Hazumu was which she doesn't and asks him why he needs to find him. He tells her that he needs to give him something. She suggests to him that he should try Yasuna's place as they have been close recently. Tomari had to go back to practicing which Asuta remembers talking to Hazumu about asking out Yasuna. Then Tomari tells him to confess to Yasuna as well. Hazumu remembers the time when he talked to Ayuki who tells him to think about it before making a decision along with being able to stand the pain. Yasuna walks alone as she remembers the time when Hazumu confessed to her which she rejected his confession. Hazumu is walking in the mountains to get over the pain of rejection. Tomari and Ayuki talked to each other in a cafe which they mentioned that Asuta talked to them both. Then they see him outside and ask him if he found Hazumu which he didn't and tries to run off but Ayuki stops him. She takes the bag that he had and as he tries to get it back, he slaps it away from them. The contents in the bag revealed to be ecchi magazines and DVDs which Tomari gets mad at him and kicks him in the face while Ayuki looks at them. She says that Hazumu hates them but Asuta says that he's depressed because he got rejected by Yasuna.

The alien ship has an engine malfunction and tries to make sure that they don't crash on Earth. Asuta, Ayuki, and Tomari visits Hazumu's parents who are very worried about him and overreacted about the current situation. Hazumu's teacher, Namiko shows up to offer her help to find him which she ends up falling into a hole which Hazumu wanted to plant a tree there. Yasuna remembers the day where she and Hazumu took some primula from the mountain and planted them at the school. Now, she took the primula from the school and planted it back in the mountain. Asuta and the others continued to find Hazumu which they realized that he could be at the mountains. Tomari yells at Asuta for being inconsiderate of Hazumu's feelings as she feels bad for making him confess to Yasuna. NASA detects the alien ship and knows that the ship is going to crash in Japan. Hazumu sees a shooting star and makes wishes on it but he doesn't realized it's the alien ship and crashes into him. The aliens restored Hazumu's body and hovers over Japan as Asuta and the others noticed the ship. The head alien talks to the world and shows Hazumu's face all over the world. The alien tells them that they were studying humans and accidently crashed on Earth which they injured Hazumu. They had to tell them this because of the Law for the Protection of Planetary Beings. He tells them that Hazumu is now female which most people are shocked except for his parents because he's okay. The aliens transported Hazumu down which Yasuna and Tomari both arrived to get him and leave soon afterwards. Tomari and Yasuna can't believe that Hazumu is a girl as he doesn't know about the sex change.

Well, it's quite bad that some aliens change your sex but it's even worse that they announced it to the entire world. I would rather have some people know about than the entire world to know about it. Anyway, this show is quite funny at times especially with Hazumu's parents. I was expecting one of them to say, "I always wanted a daughter anyway." I could imagine the mother be all excited to buy clothes for him and such. I really liked the music and the animation is pretty good. I think this series has potential and I'm going to blog it. The next episode has Hazumu adjusting to his new life as a girl and has the other girls to help him to learn the ways of the girl.


  • At 4:08 PM, Anonymous flou said…

    Actually you'll see the parents' reaction next episode, since they followed the first chp of the manga really closely.


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