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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Kasimasi ~Girl Meets Girl~ 2

It's been a week since Hazumu has transformed into a girl which he has been put under many tests. Ayuki and Asuta visited him at the hospital while Tomari did not as she tries to deal with his change. Hazumu's parents were happy about the change as his mother wanted a girl while his father wanted him to take a bath with him. Tomari and the others showed up at Hazumu's house and see him in a girl's school uniform. Everyone is in shock from it especially Tomari and when they tried to leave, there was a bunch of reporters waiting for him. Tomari takes Hazumu and began to make a mad dash towards the school. Namiko helps Tomari and Hazumu escape from the press even though she knocked into a hole for her efforts. While at class, Tomari was annoyed by all the guys outside of the class looking at Hazumu and shuts the door only to see him flapping his skirt around. She gets mad at him while he writes it down since he doesn't know much about girls. They have PE for first period so he went into the girls' changing room to change which Tomari has concerns about his change. He says that he maybe different phyiscally but he's still Hazumu. During English class, Tomari dreams of Hazumu liking other guys which she has an outburst from it causing Namiko to fall off the building. Ayuki talks to Tomari about Hazumu's change which he is trying to find Tomari right now with the help of Asuta. They talked about the change which Asuta doesn't mind about the change even though he has to control himself at times. He asks about his chest size which Hazumu was about to allow him to see them which Asuta gets a kick from Tomari. She decides to help Hazumu to become the perfect girl.

Tomari teaches Hazumu the things that he has to carry to be a girl like tissues and a pouch. She teaches him to cover up his skirt while going up stairs while Ayuki teaches him tea practices. Tomari continues to teach Hazumu to be a girl which she gets a little pushy with him and kicks Asuta after mentioning that she's more a like a guy. Hazumu meets up with Yasuna which she tells him that it must be tough which he agrees before disappearing. Tomari and the others take Hazumu to the department store for bra and panty shopping which he asked Asuta to take his measurements. Asuta's efforts got him a kick from Tomari and got regulated to hanging around the arcade. Hazumu's breasts are bigger than Tomari's which she gets mad at him for peeking out of the dressing room. She helps him to put on a bra which she finally realizes that he has finally turned into a girl and leaves the store. Tomari is overlooking at a bridge and remembers the time where she protected him from a bunch of bullies until Ayuki tells her that Hazumu is in trouble. He's currently surrounded by the press which Asuta can't get break through until Tomari shows up to save the day. He apologizes to Tomari for bringing trouble to her which he did before in the past. His actions made her realized that he's still Hazumu even though he's in a girl's body now. Hazumu returns back home and rejects his dad's offer to take a bath with each other. He enters his room to see a guy and a girl inside which the girl glomps on Hazumu.

This episode has Hazumu adjusted to the life of a girl under the guidance of Tomari who had some problems with the change. She realizes that Hazumu is still the same person that he was before the change which was her primary concern after the accident as she avoided him for a week. Not much on the Yasuna side of things as she appears here and there for the episode. It seems that she has some trouble dealing with this change as well. The next episode will seem to cover Yasuna's side of things along with who are the two people at the end of this episode.


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