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Friday, January 13, 2006

Mai Otome 12

Akira asks about Mashiro which Aoi tells her that it will be a little bit longer. She leaves the room and asks Sakomizu what should they do since they haven't found Mashiro yet. Arika and Nina showed up which Sakomizu filled them in with what happened along with the punishment for not following proper etiquette. Aoi suggests that they should a switch which Sakomizu doubts they could find someone to match Mashiso's stup... I mean naive innocence. Then everyone except for Arika realized that they could use Arika to be Mashiro for now. Nagi confesses his love to Mashiro which she makes him into a slave but it was all of a dream. She wakes up to see Takumi playing with Mikoto and is hungry. Arika greets Akira as Mashiro which she gets all feverish from a kiss on the hand. Nina elbows Arika for being unlady like and introduces herself as Mashiro's Otome, Arika. Akira mentions that she will be visiting the school and wants them to guide them around the school. Aoi talks to Chie and thanking her for accepting her request. Mashiro asks Takumi where are they which he says that they are somewhere in Windbloom since he comes from a foreign country but she doesn't believe because it's dirty. Then she sees the rebuilt castle which confirms that she's in Windbloom. Takumi gives Mashiro some food which she doesn't want to eat and gives it to Mikoto. A random girl asks her why she wasted food and remembers her seeing her from somewhere before which Mashiro says that she's from Artai. Takumi introduces himself as Akira while Mashiro introduces herself as Nina. She tries to leave the area but she doesn't know how to get out. Arika asks Nina why she's pretending to be her which she replies that she doesn't want to be known as Mashiro's Otome and mentions she knows about the contract that she has with Mashiro. Arika tells Nina to keep it as a secret which in return, she wants her to forgot everything beforehand. Takumi asks Mashiro if she would be okay which she says that Windbloom is like her backyard and decides to reveal her true identity. She points to one of the portraits of her which by the time Takumi looks at it, it has disappeared which Aoi and Sakomizu removed at the last second. Takumi decides to get a flower for Mashiro while Akira is worried about him since he's running out of medicine. Takumi gives the flower to Mashiro as a birthday present which she yells at him for being too kind. Mashiro asks Takumi to escort her back which he accepts as he puts the flower in her hair.

Yukariko tells the students in class about the ruse while Natsuki, Shizuru, Sergey, and Maria greet Akira at the entrance. Arika asks why Sergey is here which he wanted to meet the prince and tells her that she looks good in dress along with a happy birthday. Mashiro and Takumi were having fun and decided to rest on a bench. Takumi takes his last pill which Mashiro asks him why he is here. He tells her that he's searching for a person and wonder what she thought of the city which is his sister. Nao and Akane talked to each other when Akira passed by which Nao would give up her virginity at some point and wants a rich guy to marry and leech off of. She mentions Kazu as a potential target which she tells Akane that she should be careful not to lose it. They watched a performance between two of the Coral students which Irina mentions that Zipangu has no Otome while Yayoi wants to date Akira. Natsuki talks to Shizuru about making Zipangu an ally which Shizuru mentions that there's something odd about Akira. Arika asks Aoi if they found Mashiro which they haven't while Akira asks Iori if they found Takumi which they haven't yet. Akira decides to wash off the sweat which Shizuru shows up suddenly and confirms her theory about Akira being a female. She asks Akira why she's pretending to be Takumi but Arika gives her the distraction to escape from Shizuru. She activates Arika's gem in order to pursue to Akira. Iori tells Akira that they have found Takumi with Mashiro and decides to distract Shizuru while Akira goes after Takumi. Mashiro asks him what Takumi thought about Windbloom. He says it's a nice country but there are some things that she should do before celebrating her birthday and rebuilding her castle like focusuing on the people who don't have jobs. After arguing with Mashiro for a bit, Takumi collaspes due to his condition. Arika fights against Akira and asks if she's an Otome which she says she isn't an Otome and sees Takumi. She tries to attack Mashiro but Nina blocks her attack and takes Mashiro to safety. Akira tells them that he is Takumi which has Nina and Arika bow down. Akira gives Takumi some medicine through mouth to mouth. Iori tells them that Takumi has been weak since he has been borned. Takumi talks to Natsuki about the Otome and how they could make a girl carry the burden of a country along with that everyone covets Otome and mentions about the Fire String Ruby. He decided that Zipangu will not be involved in the western world after what he has seen. Natsuki looks at an old photo of her and Mai back in the day. The next day, Takumi leaves Windbloom which Mashiro doesn't see him off and decides that he may have to come back one day.

This episode really shows Mashiro another side of Windbloom as there are poor people and that they shouldn't be ignored. She has been so caught up in trying to get everyone to pay attention to her that she forgot about the country itself. Her encounter with Takumi may change her for the better. The emergence of Mai is becoming more of a reality as Takumi has been searching for her and that Natsuki even knew her when she was a Coral back in the day. I even notice that Takumi wore the same three fireball triangle symbol that Mai shadow has in the OP. I think that Mai became an Otome for Takumi but somehow happened along the way that made Mai forget about him. It's probably the reason why Zipangu doesn't have any Otome because of what happened to Mai. I really liked the part when Sakomizu admitted that Mashiro is stupid along with Nina kept elbowing Arika for being herself while being Mashiro. The next episode is about Akane who seems to have some problems with Kazu.


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