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Friday, January 27, 2006

Rozen Maiden Traumend 3

Jun was packing some books when the dolls begin their complaining to him and ask why they are treating his room as their own. Shinku tells him that everything belongs to her since he's her servant. Meanwhile, another doll named Kanaria with a floating light named Pizzicato is spying on them to order to take their Roza Mystica. After falling off the roof, she continues her spying which she notices that Nori and Jun are locking the windows. Jun wants the windows locked because of Shinku and the others and what they might do thieves. Kanaria tries sneak into the house through the front door which she's unable to do so because it closes so fast when Jun and Nori left the house. Nori trips and loses her glasses which Kanaria gives them to her before disappearing. Then Kanaria tries the doorbell to open the front door but with no success which makes her press the button multiple times. Hina wanted to open the door but Shinku tells her not do while it drives Suisei nuts. The guy who loves Nori stops over the house and tries the doorbell as well who gets water splashed on him from Suisei. Pizzicato tells Kanaria about the bathroom window and before she could enter the room, Hina and Sousei entered the room and closed the window. Pizzicato was hiding in the toilet and allowed Kanaria to enter the house which she begins her plan to steal the Mystica.

Shinku and the others except for Suisei were watching Kunkun which he was being chased by the Cat Thief while Kanaria was wondering what they were watching. They noticed a door being opened which Suisei thinks it's the Cat Thief. They realized that someone else is in the house and decided to investigate. Jun is studying in the library which Tomoe sees that he's been improving in math along with what the dolls did to his bag. Back at the home, Shinku dons the Kunkun outfit and begins to look for the intruder. Kanaria is in Jun's room which Shinku and the others entered the room first. Sousei uses Kunkun's motto which makes Shinku feel so bad and they leave the room. They couldn't find any clues to the intruder which Hina decides to boil some water when they heard a loud noise. They went to the source of noise and found nothing at all. They continued to try to find Kanaria but she manages to keep hiding from them. Jun and Tomoe stop by Enju's place which he had a Cat Thief doll and tells him to have some fun while studying. Kanaria had Pizzicato acting as bait while she was going to setup a trap but ends up trying to put out a fire from the teapot that Hina left going. Suisei manages to put out the fire which they finally found Kanaria. Shinku uses her power to restore the room to its original state. Shinku and the others don't remember Kanaria at first while Hina calls her Kanimiso. Jun enters the house and was worried about Shinku since he felt her using her power and notices Kanaria which he wasn't pleased at all. Shinku mentions that the dolls all have appeared which begins the real Alice Game now.

This episode introduces Kanaria as the last Rozen Maiden to be introduced in the series. I guess she acts as a comedic element to counteract the seriousness between Shinku, Sousei, and Bara. Nothing much really happens in the episode as this one was to just introduce Kanaria and how she acts. The next episode is a Suisei episode mostly with Sousei fighting Bara.


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