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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Rozen Maiden Traumend 4

Nori tells Hina and Suisei that they need to have Jun to order lunch for them since she won't be coming back until after dark because of lacrosse practice. Suisei tells Hina that lacrosse is a deadly game of survival which scares Hina into cheering for Nori. Jun sees Shinku reading a German book and tries to read one as well but couldn't. She tells him that it's possible to read German if he focuses enough because he shares her power. Jun tries this and fails because she lied to him. Suisei and Sousei spies on Shinku and Jun arguing as they think Shinku wants to cover up the fact that the dolls are united now because that starts the Alice Game. Suisei doesn't want to fight in the Alice Game because she likes Shinku and the others and doesn't want to take away Sousei's Rosa Mystica. She wants to protect Sousei from Bara and decides that they need to find a master immediately. They go to their other home as the old man gives Suisei an umbrella. She tells them goodbye which the old couple said it isn't farewell. Sousei suggests that she should ask Jun to be her master which she was in shock from the idea. Suisei tries the phone book to find a master with no success when Sousei asks her to go to Jun's room which she agrees to do so. Suisei plays with Hina while waiting for Jun to leave the bathroom and decides to go after him. She meets with Jun after exiting the room which he heards the others talking about how Suisei wanted to ask Jun to be her master. She decides to kick Jun and leaves because she was embarrassed about the whole thing. Kanaria spies on Hina and Shinku when she sees Bara emerging from a puddle. Suisei and Sousei were taking cover in the rain trying to figure what she should do when they see Jun without an umbrella. He heards them talking from above which Suisei gives him the umbrella but her pride causes them to have an agrument. She runs off leaving the umbrella with Jun. Suisei hides in a doghouse when she hears Kanaria talking about Bara. Sousei tells Jun about how Suisei helps the old woman at the house when Suisei appears with Kanaria telling them about Bara. Meanwhile, Hina and Shinku sees Bara outside of the house and makes her move.

Jun and the others got back to the house to see a dark house along with a messed up living room. They noticed the glowing puddle and entered the puddle to go into the N-World. They are reunited with Shinku and Hina in a room that looks like a small stage. The White Rabbit appears and tells them that the Alice Game has officially begun before disappearing. Suddenly, fakes of the Rozen Maiden dolls appear on the stage which the fake Shinku kills the other fakes. This display freaks Shinku out along with the others. Bara decides to start the Alice Game now by attacking everyone. The others tried to fight back against her but they weren't powerful enough or in Shinku's case, too shocked to fight as she's still tramuaized from Suigintou's death. Sousei tries to attack Bara directly but unable to do so and was thrown back. Jun sees Shinku unable to do anything and decides to make a contract with Suisei to turn things around. Suisei manages to trap Bara which gives them time to leave the N-World. Suisei tells Sousei about some chores at the old couple's house before she leaves. Sousei promises her that she will come back to Jun's house tomorrow. Jun wakes up middle in the night to see Suisei trying to read a math book because she need to something to read to put her to sleep. Jun reads her the math book which makes her happy while Kanaria is stuck in the puddle.

First off, I never realized that Sousei was a girl. The Japanese tend to have characters that looks and sounds like a guy but are actually girls. The Alice Game officially begins with Shinku still being unable to fight because of her experience with Suigintou. Suisei and Jun have a new found understanding between each other as he is now Suisei's new master. I guess one person can be multiple masters. Suisei really likes Jun after all but her pride basically denies it all this time just like Shinku. The next episode is a little bit odd which I think it really tries to break the serious mood at the moment with a little comedy.


  • At 5:44 PM, Anonymous Mohammad said…

    Suiseseki is the best doll ever!! I love it when she starts laughing like a madman after making a contract with Jun. Her evil behaviour is unique and likable but in the end, she is a very kind and considerate character deep within and a joy to watch. The last scene where she listens to Jun reading a Math book was really sweet and funny (^_^)


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